Saturday, December 30, 2006

So many new adventures are still in store for us

As we begin to explore down new paths

Fears and hesitations subsiding with the tide

As our bodies communicate with each other

With an intensity that cannot be matched

There is heat, there is fire, there is electricity between us

Our bodies become one being when we make love

Both experiencing the others pleasure

Enjoying it as if it were our own

No words will ever describe

The feelings that overcome us

When we surrender into each other


Mind, body and soul

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Bathing in the Liquids of Lust and Desire

Vinyl now a girls best friend as the sheet is placed securely

Blankets and spreads in danger are pushed roughly to the floor

Your cock is placed in the perfect position

You pump me deeply until I shudder

You feel the dam as it begins to break, leaking slowly over your balls

Deeply you plunge into me. My breath catches in my throat

You remove your cock from the depths of me

A spray of liquid lust showers you

Your cock and balls are soaked in my desire for you

Again you plunge me deeply

Again you are rewarded

Over and over, you pump more and more from me

Until I collapse on top of you

The desire pools around us

Pillows are shoved from the bed

Our tongues dance to the rhythm of lust

Our mouths tasting the love

Your cock searching for more as you plunge it back inside me

You build each wave with purposeful strokes

You play me like a well known instrument

Taking from me as I give to you

Over and over until my mind begins to spin

All other sound is blurred

I hear only the splash of the liquids of lust between us

I taste the desire in the wetness of your kiss

As spray after spray of lust is extracted from me

Towels are needed, yet still not enough

As we bath in the liquids of our love and desire

My body giving to you more than ever thought possible

My lips drooling against your cheek

Your cock owning me

Making my pussy give to you

Swimming every wave with me

Until we rest gently in each others arms on the shores of love

As the waves of lust lay pooled around us

Saturday, December 02, 2006

My legs straddle your cock
The back of your neck
Grasped tightly in my hands
Forcing your head forward
Allowing you to watch
As your cock gets pounded by my pussy
Thrusting forward
I ride the length of it with my clit
Fucking you with force
Burying you inside me
My ass bouncing on your thighs
I ride you like a wild stallion
Determined to tame and please you
I rise to my feet
Still straddled above you
I touch myself gentle to the head of your cock
Teasing you with my wetness and warmth
Before plunging down hard
Pushing you deep into myself
Feeling you pulse
My clit hard against your groin
As I grind
Guiding you gently into the spot
Rubbing slowly
Grinding your cock into me
As you pulse with need
You feel the swell
As it begins to break
The liquids of lust come flowing forth
As my body goes limp
Shuddering with every wave
Holding me tightly
You continue to pump
Milking my well of pleasure
Taking more from me than I have ever given
Making me squirt
Bathing you in liquid desire

Sunday, November 26, 2006

We lay on the bed naked
Spooned into one another
Your arms wrapped around me
Your fingers toying with my nipples
Pinching them, twisting them
I feel the hardness of your desire pressed against me
My hips involuntarily move
Into you
You slip easily into my wetness
The pinch on my nipples hardens
Reflecting the pleasure you are taking from me
One hand moves downward
Cupping my ass as you slide yourself in and out
Your cock slipping so freely in the wetness between my cheeks
Every pull and tug on my nipple reflecting your pleasure
Your strokes become firmer
My nipples squeezed tighter
Your cock swelling with the pleasure
The lids of your eyes blaze a brilliance of colors
Blinded by the bliss of desire
You moan aloud
But only feel it, as it leaves your lungs
For all sound it is now burred
As the surge begins to flow through you
Your entire body feels the explosion
Pressed against me
I feel the waves as they roll through you
I hear your moans of pleasure
Breathed hotly into my ear
Taking pleasure from you
As I feel your body cum

Monday, November 20, 2006

You hold my pussy open wide
My clit throbs with pleasure
Swollen and red, it stands erect
You suck it into your lips
My body reacts
Every muscle goes tense
Every nerve is electrified
You release my precious bud
You kiss into me with your tongue
Pressing softly, licking slowly
My body convulses beneath you
The world fades into a brightness of colors
The first of many waves rolls through me
And onto your tongue in the flavor of honey
The kiss becomes more intimate
You dive deeper
Seeking the source of the sweetness
All sound is blurred to me
I hear only the sounds of your feast
The colors in my eyes, intense
My body begins to undulate uncontrollably
You hold me to your lips
Your tongue fucks deep into my hole
As you suck from me
The sweetness of my desire for you
My body goes slack
I fall over the edge again and again
Your fingers now violate my wet hole
My clit is trapped between your lips
Your teeth rake over it lightly
As you suck it viciously
You fingers digging deeper into me
Two or three...I can not tell
As they explore me
Touching me everywhere
You feel me as I contract around you
You fingers twitch inside me
Waves of pleasure roar though me
The liquids of lust flow from my hole
Around your twitching fingers
Onto my ass
You do not stop
You continue to use my pussy
Pleasuring me, to pleasure yourself
Your are on the verge of exploding
You must feel me
Your fleeing fingers leave me empty for but a second
Before your cock buries itself to the hilt
In three short strokes you are cumming
Showering my quivering pussy with your cum
Your limp body falls into mine
And we meld into one another
Lying in a pool of liquid lust

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Kissing you
The softness of it, is amazing
It is never rushed, but savored
Every taste
Every crevice of your lips
I want to taste you as your tongue explores my mouth
In the tenderness of the dance our mouths dance together
So much is expressed
So many thoughts exchanged
As we share the tenderness of love
The sweetness of complete surrender
And the unmistakable flavor of lust
When we make love to one another
With nothing more than a kiss

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Your Fantasy for the Evening

She walked out seductively

Welcomed you to your fantasy

Wearing a silky black dress

Fishnet hose

Elegant heals

Delicate pearls

And a devilish smile

She undressed you with her eyes

She slowly leaned over

Kissed you


Whispering between kisses

The wonderful things in store for you this evening

"I will be yours."

"Completely yours."

"To do with as you wish."

"I will cater to your every need."

"Whether it be naughty or nice."

She then removed your clothing

Drank your body in with her eyes

Touched you with her hands

Kissed you with her lips

She lay back onto the bed

Her dress slowly creeping up her thighs

Revealing just a hint of the delicate white undergarments

Hugging her body underneath her dress

You didn't need to utter a word

Your thoughts she must have read

As her legs slowly parted

And she opened herself to you

Her hand traveled downward

She began touching herself

Offering you the gifts of her orgasm

With the pleasure of watching

You stroked your cock while watching her

You leaned forward and tasted her folds

The wetness covered your lips in desire

As your tongue kissed deeper into her

Her fingers encircled her clit

Her legs tightened

Your cock swelled in your hand

You watched as the waves flowed fluidly though her body

Your cock begged to feel her

Grabbing tightly to her legs

Spreading them wildly

You pushed into her

Her pussy clenched tightly

Squeezing the thickness of your cock

You pushed deeper into her until you reached the spot

The waves rushing through her body became more violent

You plunged your cock roughly into her

Pumping the orgasm from her

Letting it build inside her

Knowing she was begging for final release

Thrusting her deeply once more

You removed your cock

Allowing her release

You watched her body as it exploded

The wetness spraying from her

Coated your thighs in desire

You watched as the liquid lust dripped from her

And a devilish smile spread across your face

For this was only the beginning

She was your to do with what you wish

You gift

Your fantasy for the evening

Sunday, October 29, 2006

He knew from the conversation they held at a local tavern that she would share her bed with him for the night. She was there waiting for him as he rounded the corner into the hallway that led to her private quarters. Captain Jack, knew the minute he saw her, that this was no ordinary wench. The red lace dress only enhanced her nakedness, rather than cover it. The heels on the black boots she wore, sexy yet almost intimidating. The black lace sash she had tied around her waist made her ass look all the more inviting. And he knew immediately that he was going to enjoy the rest of this evening more than he had previously imagined.

She reached for him, with her lips. The fire of instant desire flamed in his breath. When their lips finally parted he followed her to her room. Shadows danced across the bed in a sensual waltz with the candles flames. He watched as she lowered herself onto it. Laying back into the pillows she opened her legs to him. He gazed upon the prize he had stumbled upon for the evening. Her folds glistened with wetness and desire. Her clit hard and showing. He quickly began to shed his clothes. As his gaze followed his shirt to the floor he caught a glimpse of her treasure chest, open to him. Clips and clamps of silver twinkled in the candlelight. Phallic symbols of every shape and size lay lined in a row. His gaze was quickly turned back to her upon hearing her moan. He stared in disbelief as her clit was pinched tightly between two of her fingers and she was working another slowly into her wet cunt. Oh my God, he thought to himself. She is mine for the evening.

The taste of her ran hot and sweet onto his tongue as he lapped at her wet folds. Her fingers still busy as he urged her onward. Flicking at her hard clit. Licking her where her fingers had been. He begged her to cum for him. "Pleasure yourself my sweet wench and let me drink of the rewards." She melted under his words. Sweet cum dripped from her pussy onto his tongue as her body convulsed around him. He pushed his tongue deep inside her searching out every last drop of her sweet lust.

As she lie recovering, he rummaged through her treasures. He found the toy of his liking and dropped quickly back between her trembling legs. It seemed to be a magic wand of sorts, vibrating and tipped with a prickly round nub. He began to kiss her folds. Licking his tongue in and out of her softly as she moaned beneath him. He switched the wand to the on position. The sound of the vibration alone sent a jolt through her body. He was pleased at her reaction. "Yes, my sweet wench, more pleasure awaits you." he said to her as he placed the wand on her begging clit. She stiffened at the sensation then quickly melted into the waves. Her pussy convulsed around his tongue, as he fed on the sweet liquid that drained from deep within her soul.

Helpless to stop him, he lifted her limp legs to his shoulders and impaled her quivering hole with his hard cock. A desperate moan of pleasure followed the breath that escaped her lungs as he bottomed out into her hot cunt. Her body flailed beneath his like a rag doll as he hammered his cock into her. Feeling her tightness, orgasm after orgasm, squeezing his huge erection. Massaging his cock with her pleasure. Sweet liquid came gushing from her as he buried himself into that tender little spot. She moaned in delight as he pumped the liquid from her with each deep and purposeful thrust. Her pussy gripped his cock tighter with each burst of cum until he could no longer take it. He must cum with her. And with three quick deep thrusts he pumped the liquids of lust from both of them. Their bodies crashed together like waves in the rough sea, molding into one another, bathing in the torrent of the storm of lust that had pooled around them.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Your cock is buried deep in my throat

Your balls are being caressed by my lips

My fingers are busy

Strumming my clit

As you assault my face

My hand is thrusting the dildo deep inside me

Rubbing the spot you love so much

Your cock swells deep in my throat

You watch me as I pleasure myself

While pleasuring you

You sense my body as it tenses

You know I am going to cum

My mouth becomes your toy

You want to cum with me

You watch me as I fall over the edge

Cum squirting from my pussy

With your cock throbbing in my throat

Feeding me, all of your desire

While you watch me

Pleasuring myself

Friday, October 27, 2006

Pleasuring You In The Morning

I love when one soft lick can make your whole body shudder.

Slowly kissing the head of your cock as if it were your tongue.

Tasting the flavor of you.

Lightly licking and sucking your balls as you scream into the pillows.

Electricity runs through you as the shivers overtake your veins.

You want to cum.

But the desire to prolong the pleasure wins.

You quickly take your cock from my mouth.

Shivers run through your veins like lightning.

You slowly gain control.

My mouth awaits you

Open and wet.

My tongue waiting to taste you again.

Gently you place the head between my open lips.

And the kiss deepens.

My tongue encircles your cock.

Tracing every vein as I suck.

I feel you swell as you give in.

I hear your pillow muffled cries as the liquid heat pours from you.

Feeding my desires.

Pleasuring you in the morning.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Love is...

My pen is poised
Awaiting the words to write
The thoughts are so clear in my mind
Yet the pen does not move
No words are enough
For none can convey
What my body feels
After all the waves have crested
And only the ripples remain
And our hearts are entwined
As tightly as our arms and legs
When our skin melts together
Blurring the lines
And we breath as one
No word has enough meaning
To cause a stroke of the pen
For none can properly define the feeling of
Love is...

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Maybe in the morning...

I will straddle you
Holding your cock in my hand
I will guide you to my wetness
Slowly I will sink downward.
Engulfing the length of you.
Grinding my hips into you.
I will guide you to the spot.
Pressure and heat will fill me.
The waves will begin to ripple,
Tingling my lower back,
Pooling in my abdomen
Slowly I will grind your cock into me.
My muscles will begin to tense.
I will feel it.
The need to explode.
I will lift off you slightly,
Only to thrust you deeper.
My eyes will go vivid.
All sound will go mute.
I feel myself moan but never do I hear it.
An animal - like lust gushes from within me.
Every nerve in my body
Feels only one thing...

And with your cock,
I will make myself squirt.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

A naughty little office fantasy....

He felt her there before he saw her. He looked up from his computer as she appeared in the office doorway, her long legs standing tall on black strapped heels. Her dress was very short, jet black velvet. A feather trim outlined her bare breasts. Delicate beaded clamps adored each of her nipples, joined together with a sparkling silver chain that dangled between them like a necklace. He stood from his chair. His cock leading him to her. Their lips met as the heat exploded around them. His hands raced over her skin as he guided her into his chair. He quickly sank to the floor between her legs and devoured her. Kissing, licking, nibbling, biting. He sucked her into his mouth. Her clit tingled beneath his expert tongue. Her nipples so sensitive from the clips. Her moans fill the air around them, his cock pulsing from their sound. His fingers begin to explore her. His tongue never leaving her clit. He digs into her deeply with first one finger, then two. Her moans become almost animal like. He continues to pleasure her, explore her. His cock throbbed between his own legs. He reached up and gently tugged the chain dangling from the tight little clamps. Her pussy tightened, gripping his fingers. Her moans became a scream of pleasure as he pressed deeper into her. Paper rustled across the desk as her legs flailed in ecstasy. He holds he there. Captive in his chair. His fingers deep inside her. His tongue flicking at her clit. He makes her cum. Hot liquid gushes from her pussy, coating his face in her juices. Running down onto his chair. Dripping onto the floor. She moaned in delight when he removed his fingers to remove his clothing. He quickly settled back down between her quivering legs in the wet spot on the carpeting. Licking at the glistening juices dripping from her open pussy. His cock hard in his hand. Her moans once again fill the air. His tongue dives deep into her opening. Fucking her with his mouth while his nose ground into her clit. His cock throbbed in his hand as he stoked it with wild abandon. He felt her tighten around his tongue. His mouth was flooded with her juices. His cock showered below her in the liquid heat. He stroked it harder, coating it's entirety with her hot sweetness. He was so close. The head throbbed with need. More of her cum dripped down onto it. The heat searing into him. He bit down on her throbbing clit as the first spurt of cum exploded from his cock. A lustful scream escaped her lips as a mighty flood gushed from within her, showering his cock in a liquid rain of desire. More and more cum spurted from him as she moaned his name with every gush. His face was wet. His stomach was coated in her. His balls dripped with her desire as the final spurt of cum dripped from the head of his cock onto the well stained carpet.

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Brandy has bared her breasts for a good cause.

The fifth annual blogger Boobie-Thon for breast cancer.

Anyone interested in seeing them?

Click on the link below

Friday, September 22, 2006

My first HNT has come and gone.

Thanks for the compliments ladies and gentlemen.

Spirit said...
Very nice first time hun!!!I hope you play some more ...HHNT !!!!
9:17 AM
Leigh said...
Wow! Happy HNT!
9:30 AM
From ABD to a Life said...
wow don't stop something that you seem very good at. your a natural
12:22 PM
Ryder said...
Day Late I am, and all I can think of is "Lick" If it's the first and last, you did hnt very well Brandy.
11:10 AM

Thursday, September 14, 2006

I recieved this email today and it bothered me. Maybe not in the same way that it bothers others. Before I go on, I want to tell you, I am a 30-something, red blooded American woman and mother, with lily white skin and no, I am not Muslim. I find this very racist. Muslims are a group of people of a particular religion. One of the freedoms of this counrty is religion. Saying that all Muslims believe that hate and killing are what their religion represents, is just wrong. Muslim TERRORISTS were responsible for the attacks mentioned in this email, NOT the entire religion of Muslims. To me this is no different than saying that all Catholics think it is ok for priests to play with little boys, because a few did. No more racist than saying all black people are on welfare, crack and will rob you at gunpoint because a few will. No more racist than saying all Germans are bad people because Hitler and his men were. Just because you are Muslim doesn't mean you condone this behavior. Many Muslims were born here in the United States. Grew up here. Wear Levi's and go to football games on Sunday and drink Budweiser. In my opinion, it is not fair to deny an entire religious group a stamp with our US Postal Service because a few assholes have made their religion look bad. Read the email below, with that in mind and tell me if you think I am wrong.
Subject: FW: Boycott this stamp

How ironic is this??!! They don't even believe in Christ and they're getting their own Christmas stamp, but don't dream of posting the ten commandments on federal property?

USPS New Stamp
This one is impossible to believe.

If there is only one thing you forward today.....let it be this!

REMEMBER the MUSLIM bombing of PanAm Flight 103!

REMEMBER the MUSLIM bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993!

REMEMBER the MUSLIM bombing of the Marine Barracks in Lebanon!

REMEMBER the MUSLIM bombing of the military Barracks in Saudi Arabia!

REMEMBER the MUSLIM bombing of the American Embassies in Africa!

REMEMBER the MUSLIM bombing of the USS COLE!

REMEMBER the MUSLIM attack on 9/11/2001!

REMEMBER all the AMERICAN lives that were lost in those vicious MUSLIM attacks!

Now the United States Postal Service REMEMBERS and HONORS the EID MUSLIM holiday season with a commemorative first class Holiday postage stamp.

REMEMBER to adamantly and vocally BOYCOTT this stamp when purchasing your stamps at the post office. To use this stamp would be a slap in the face to all those AMERICANS who died at the hands of those whom this stamp honors.
REMEMBER to pass this along to every patriotic AMERICAN you know

Monday, September 11, 2006

September 11, 2001

I remember where I was.
I remember what I was wearing,
I remember what I was doing.
I remember the words I said.
But most of all, I remember how it felt.

An indescribable fear I hope none of us
will ever have to feel again.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

We lay naked together on the bed.
My body spooned into yours.
Your arms wrap around me, holding me.
Toying with my nipples.
Pinching them, twisting them between your fingers.
The hardness of your desire presses against me.
My hips involuntarily move into you.
You slip into the wetness, feeling my heat.
The pinches on my nipples increase in pressure.
One hand moves downward, cupping my ass,
As you slide yourself in and out.
Your cock slipping freely in the wetness.
Between my legs, between my cheeks.
Every pull and tug on my nipples heightens.
Reflecting the pleasure you take from me.
The strokes become firmer as you cock swells
Preparing for a mighty release.
Your hips bounce against my ass.
You watch as your cock disappears into me.
Your eyes begin to roll.
The lids blaze in colors of red, purple and green.
Your entire body feels the explosion.
You press against me as the waves roll through you.
And I feel your body cumming, for me.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Purple Sheets

My body aches to be with you.
My heart yearns for your embrace.
My soul needs to feel the connection.
My lips want to kiss your face.

My bed, so empty and cold.
My pillows not scented in you.
My body still aching to be held.
My sheets are purple, but I am blue.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Drifting Off To Dreamland

Our naked bodies wrapped slickly together.
Our skin was still wet, glistening with desire.
Perfectly entwined, we lay together, as if meant to be
And I closed my eyes and let my day begin to expire.

Your arms wrapped around me and softly cradled my head.
I felt the light kisses of your lips on my shoulders
My soul was warmed by the comfort of the closeness
While my insides felt the heat of our lust that still smoldered

I was taken to a world where the colors are so bright
Sound is blurred and all sensations are felt to the extreme
Then held in the warmth and comfort of your loving arms
As my body and mind drifted off to the peaceful world of dream.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Making Love In Our Sleep

My mind was barely pulled from dreamland,
As my body became suddenly awake.
My hips involuntarily pressed against you,
Feeling the hardness of your midnight desire.
The wetness echoed into the silence of the sleep soaked room,
As you slowly pressed yourself into my warm depths.
Our bodies moved together in a familiar dance.
Reality and dreamland crossed paths so closely.
Our bodies effortlessly flowed into one another
As if in a dream, we became one, in the night.
Dreaming the same dream.
Making love in our sleep.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

I have time to write today.

Nothing seems to want to flow out.

I have started three poem and discarded them as quickly.

So instead I decided to write something else. Something equally as beautiful.

Warning: If you are here to get off...well today's post probably won't work for you.

I decided to write about my morning.

I woke up this morning in a warm bed in the house I grew up in. I stood up on my own two feet and inhaled the air around me without the help of machines. And then I smiled as my teenage son called down the hall when he heard me stirring and asked if I wanted him to make me coffee. Something he does quite often. I am not quite sure yet if he is just a real sweet kid or if he is afraid of his mother pre-coffee.

Chocolate Silk coffee in hand without having to make the effort to make it, I sat down at the my computer. My son bid me farewell as he rushed of with his friends to see the latest of the teenage tacky movies. Alone with time to write. Nothing flowed.

I can only think of how lucky I am today. I sit here by the bay window. It overlooks our back yard which sits on a riverbank. The sun reflecting off the water is beautiful. The way the beams of light flow through the branches of the Oak tree and filter through the Spanish moss, enticing to the eye. The sky above blue with wispy white clouds. The beauty of nature has always been my natural Prozac.

And I sat and thought as I drank my coffee in this majestic scene, life really is not that bad. I have four million problems that will face me when I finish my coffee and start my day but...
I woke up happy, able to stand on my own two feet. I breathed air into my lungs. I felt the love of a child. I am lucky enough to still have my mother where as many have lost theirs. I called her and wished her happy birthday. And when this last cup of coffee is finished I will tackle my day knowing...I ain't got it so bad after all.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Rhythm of Lust

They dance above you, just inches from your lips.

Two perfect nipples just begging to be touched.

Rosy, pink and standing erect,

They sway before your eyes.

The vision of them blurred at the touch of moist fire

As your cock becomes enveloped in the wetness.

Slowly I start to thrust myself onto you.

Dancing myself into your hips.

The rosy buds keep the beat of lust driven sex,

Grazing your lips as they sway in tune before you.

The dance goes on.

My hips grinding into yours, as the silent music blares

Your teeth suddenly catch one of the buds.

You feel your cock slide into rhythm.

You slowly build the tempo with the instrument in your mouth.

Nibbling it, sucking it, biting it, my moans reflecting the silent tune

My muscles tighten as we waltz into the lust

A mighty wave crashes over us at the final crescendo

Soaking us in rhythm as the music flows over your balls.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Worship them and she will cum

Pink nipples artfully trapped by your lips.

Prisoners to your teeth as you devour them.

Holding them before you, sucking them in unison.

My body feels the intensity shooting through it.

You stop to admire the crimson buds.

One hand cups my wet pussy.

Teeth again regain their captive.

Sucking on it, biting it, devouring it.

Your hand still cupping my pussy.

One finger barely strums my clit.

You feel my body tense with the cresting wave.

And with one sharp bite the river overflows.

Filling your hand.

Streaming through your fingers.

Onto the bed.

Missing you

My pussy moist from the erotic thoughts of you.
My nipples erect with desire.
My body unclothed.
My fingers wander into the wetness.
Spreading the glistening honey.
Coating me in the liquids of lust.
Searching between the silky folds.
Finding the perfection of a rosebud, begging to be plucked.
I encircle it, tracing it slowly.
I feel the ripples beginning to rush through my veins.
I lightly squeeze it, trapping it gently between my fingers.
My breath gasps hotly, forming a moan.
The ripples splash gently into me as the wave approaches.
My pussy screaming to be filled.
The wetness gathers in the emptiness.
I begin to roll the little bud between my clinched fingertips.
It slides through the moisture.
Creating just the right friction, to ignite the fire.
Muscles clenching, I satisfy the screaming emptiness.
Liquid flowing over, I fill the wet void, the lust dripping onto my hand.
A need takes over inside me as I thrust deeply into the tightness.
With waves thundering in my head, I fuck myself as you would.
My mind goes numb to my surroundings.
Only the pleasure exists.
Lighting crashes through me as the lust pours forth in waves.
My body flowing into the tide, coming to rest upon the shore
Completely sated, I lay here alone.
Fingers still feeling the clenches of the aftershock.
Missing you.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Four feather pillows cradle my naked body.

My hair still damp from the hottest of showers.

Where my wet fingers, became yours.

I pinched and pulled at my nipples, so tender still from you.

I plunged them inside my wet cunt.

I came for you.

Insatiable, I now lay amidst the pillows, wanting more.

My tender nipples, pinched tightly in your favorite set of clamps.

My fingers strumming beautiful waves of the music of lust across my clit.

My body feeling the tension as it builds inside me.

I imagine you watching, your cock hard, in your hand.

Soft moans escape my lips, as the first drops of lust trickle through me.

I tug lightly on the silver chain, the clamps begin to pull.

A wave crashes through me, undulating my body

Pouring from me, the liquids of lust,

Gushing over my fingers as they continue to fuck me.

Cumming for you as you watch me.

Giving you all that you desire.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Cum for me, my love.

I want to feel your body quake.

Cum for me, my darling.

I want to soothe your ache.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Naked before you.

My pussy presented to you.

Moist is the sensation as you slid between my folds.

Our moans of delight mingle into the air.

You pleasure only yourself.

Stroke after glorious stroke, you use my pussy.

Your greatest pleasure, my orgasm.

Your cock glides fluidly into the spot.

Thrust after thrust, you build the tension.

Knowing my every sensation.

Nipples sway and are caught.

Your fingers grip them tightly.

You squeeze them as my pussy squeezes you.

A sudden eruption of molten desire drenches you.

Saturating your fantasies, dripping from you, soaking the sheets.

My body is bent to your pleasures.

My hair is wrapped in your fists.

Skin slaps loudly in the wetness.

Ecstasy felt in each showering mist.

Monday, August 14, 2006

I feel you shiver in the morning mist
You skin glows in the early morning light
As the sun burst through the clouds in orange glow
My mouth tasting you, savoring your every flavor
Every sensation as glorious as the sunrise around us.
You begin to feel it deep within you
Glowing as brightly as the rising August sun
It explodes into vivid colors, saturating your vision
As I swallow amidst the climax of the morning
And like the rays of light overtaking the sky
Your body radiates the warmth of sheer delight
As I welcome you to your morning
Amidst the sunrise in the early morning light.
When I Feel Raindrops

I stood outside tonight and felt the raindrops on my skin,
Filtered through the leaves above, dripping from the evening rain,
And once again my fondest memory surfaced from within.

A memory of two lovers, wrapped up in loves embrace.
Taking quiet time together, making love beneath the trees.
In a world shared just by two, devoid of time and space.
And That is Love

It invades the air around you as you deeply breath it in.
Slowly it envelopes you, it permeates your every pore.
It becomes the very breath that you breath into your lungs.
It is love. The undefinable sense, felt deep within your core.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Your mouth is so close to my pussy I can feel your breath.

The heat of it teasing me.

I thrust upward involuntarily.

Needing to feel your kiss.

Our eyes meet, mine begging.

Another hot Breath.

A fire erupts inside me.

I must have you, I must feel you.

I thrust my hips forward as my hands imprison your head.

Your mouth opens, sucking me in.

Your tongue tasting my every fold.

You devour me, feasting on my desire.

No longer do I hold your head prisoner.

It is you now holding me, legs spread wide before you.

Your fingers plunge inside me. Searching.

Your tongue assaults my clit.

You feel the ripples beginning to flow, increasing your want.

Fingers pressed tightly, your teeth sink into my clit, invoking the mighty waves.

You feel it as it is runs through my skin.

You feel it as it runs through my veins.

Your mouth opens to me, as the mighty surge comes crashing forth.

And the lust becomes a liquid wave, drenching you, saturating your very soul.
I was lying on the bed clothed in black feathers and velvet.
The candlelight flickering across the room illuminated my skin.
My fingers were tracing wet circles around my glistening folds.
My back was arched, my legs spread open, inviting the sin.

I knew that you were coming, I heard you at the door.
I wanted you to see the pleasure, to watch this private dance.
I felt your eyes upon me, staring at the scene in awe.
Knowing your were watching, my eyes rolled back in trance.

I was lost in lurid thought as you watched my desire build.
The tempo increased on the dance fingers did across my clit.
White hot, liquid, lust, seeped from my core, dripping onto the sheets,
As soft moans whispered their escape through slightly parted lips.

You watched as my body tightened, bracing itself for the mighty release
All movement seized and the air was silent for an exotic moment in time.
A moan broke the silence, announcing the crashing of the mighty waves.
And knowing that you were watching, pushed me onward, into the sublime.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

It Happened Last Night

The candles fire flickered in the darkness,
Illuminating two bodies entwined in lust.
Skin glistened with the sweats of desire,
Riding the waves together, thrust upon thrust.
Arms entangled, chests heaving together.
Sharing every shiver, every moan, every quake.
Tasting every flavor that lusts mouth will provide,
Amidst tremors of desire, two bodies undulate.
Feeling every wave together, holding on to one another.
Liquid heat flows like molten lava, melding the lust.
Two bodies ride the waves together as one,
Soaked in desire, thrust after liquid thrust

Friday, August 11, 2006

Swimming in Lust

Come swim with me, my love.
Let us bathe in a pool of lust.
Let the ripples of desire splash upon our skin.
Baptizing us in the purest of all passions.
As we wade deeper into the depths of sin.
Let us feel the falls cascading over us.
Quenching our bodies of every thirst.
Come my love and swim with me,
In a pool of lust, completely submersed.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Beneath the August Moon

Every cloud was lined in a silvery dust
The sky was illuminated in a heavenly glow
The ripples on the water shimmered in the moonlight
For a few short hours all the world was aglow

My cheeks were damp with happiness
My heart was so full, content in love.
And an angel held me safely, wrapped in his arms,
As we bathed in the moonlight that shown from above.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

It Happened One Day In The Rain

The rain trickled all around them.
Their bodies entwined, quenching their desires.
The droplets of rain melted into their skin,
Mixing with the lust and the fire.
Creating an inferno of emotions.
The heat of lust, fusing with love.
With the raindrops falling all around them,
Two people fell in love.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I hear sadness in your voice.
I want to fix it.
I hear your heart breaking.
I want to mend it.
My arms want to hold you,
Wrap myself all around you.
Give you a safe place to cry.
Your head on my chest.
Your pillows, my breasts.
I'd try to caress all the pain away.
I'd hold you tightly,
Until your breath became rhythm,
And sang to me sweetly,
As dreams swept all of your cares away.
Protected through the night,
In my arms you would stay,
Until the light of early dawn,
When I'd help you face your new day.

Monday, August 07, 2006

I lit the candles above the bed. Their light shimmered throughout the room, illuminating you. I placed you amidst the pillows, stripped you of your clothing. My kisses were urgent. I wanted more. I trailed my lips down your chest, my tongue tasting your skin. My breath warming your cock as it pulsed with need. It begged to be in my mouth, to feel the wetness. I breathed harder on it. You moaned with urgent desire. Slowly I licked you. From base to tip I trailed my wet tongue, tasting the samples of your pleasure in my mouth. I lean forward and surround you with my breasts. Engulfing you in their warmth. A moan escapes you as I squeeze them around you tightly and pump your cock. My lips kiss gently on the head as my tongue laps at your flavor. You body explodes with need. You thrust upward needing to feel the wetness of my mouth, the tightness of my throat. I begin to suck. Taking all of you, feasting on you. Devouring you. Need wells up. You grasp my head, fingers full of hair, and take me. My mouth surrenders to your need, greedily sucking from you every drop of lust.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

You Watched

You watched as I searched with my fingers.

Diving deeply into the wetness of myself.

Fingers dancing, slow circles of lust.

You watched as I played with myself.
Sweet Slumber

Your arms pillow my head gently.
Your body blankets me, keeping me warm.
I do not feel confine or restriction,
As our bodies mold and conform.
I feel a gentle comfort envelope me,
Peaceful, content and free,
As I slip slowly into dreamland,
Your arms still holding me.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Velvet Petals of Lace

To appreciate a rose, you hold her with your heart.
To appreciate the rose, you love her every part.

The deepness of the green in her pointed leaves.
The sheer sharpness of her many thorns.
The sturdiness of her ridged stem standing straight
Every petal made of deep, red, delicate, lace.
The fragrance of her that surrounds you,
That engulfs your every sense.
The want, to look at her, to smell her,
To feel her delicate petals against your face.
To see the dew beading on her skin.

To love a rose, to appreciate a rose,
You must love her every part.
To love a rose, to appreciate a rose,
You must hold her with your heart.
A woman doesn't want to be needed. She knows she is needed. A woman wants to be wanted. And when you want her, you need her, as she does you. Need is the sexual part. A need to have you inside me. A need to feel your skin next to me. A need to taste you in my mouth, breath you into my lungs. Need is sexual. Need is human.

Want is all the rest...

Do you want to spend your life with me? Sit together with me at meals. Read the morning paper with me over grouchy pre-coffee conversation. Lounge on the sofa with me on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Do you want to crawl in bed with me and lay your head down next to mine and need me? Do you want to spend your life with me?

Friday, August 04, 2006

The Unknown Destination

Years ago our lives entwined.
Two paths merged into one.
Two travelers approached a journey,
Heading East into the sun.

Their destination completely unknown.
They cautiously took their first steps.
Unaware of what was lurking ahead.
Both willing to forgo the maps.

The journey soon became a ride.
Relishing in the thrill of exploration.
The fantasies of discovering wonderful new things.
Enjoying pleasures beyond expectation.

And somewhere along the journey,
Amid the heat of the summer's sun.
Two souls melted into one another.
And two travelers became one.

One, in the love of the journey.
One, in the awe of the exploration.
Two hearts content in what they've found.
For love, was the unknown destination.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

This room emits your scent.

The pillows aroma, that of you.

The scent of you is everywhere.

The bedclothes are perfumed in you.

The towel still damp, heaped on the floor.
The scent of your skin, showered and clean.

The sheets still bathed in the fragrance of desire
Leaving my mind reliving the erotic scene.

Our bodies entwined, wet with lust
We rode each wave as one.

The scent of it still lingers in the air,
Warmed by the light of the morning sun.

So alone I lay here, not wanting to wake,
Intoxicated by the romantic incense of air.

For this room emits the scents of you,
The fragrance of you is everywhere.
2 AM

Our bodies entwine amidst the disheveled bedding.
I feel you nudge me.
My nipple pinched between sleepy fingers.
I feel you hard, pressed against me,
As I wake from the state of dream.

Our bodies flow together effortlessly.
So familiar is the touch of lust.
Sleep surrenders to desire in waves,
Crashing upon us with every thrust.

An explosion is felt deep within.
Felt by two, as one.
Clinging together wave after wave.
Melting again into one another,
We surrender to the sleep our bodies still crave.

Monday, July 31, 2006

Bathing in Erotic Emotions

Have you ever been bathed in a woman?
Drenched, by her, to your very core?
The very essence of her, soaked into your skin
In a pool of lust, you have ripped from her core?

Have you ever been bathed in a woman?
Showered in her stream of lust?
Had desire splashed on your skin?
Taken more with every thrust?

Have you ever been bathed in a woman?
Lie naked in her pool of devotion?
Felt the love pouring from her very core,
Drenching you in the liquid, erotic emotion?
I left you today with wet panties.
I wanted so badly to soak my sheets with you tonight.
To feel the awesome feelings
Of lightning in my veins
While a river gushes below us
To feel your cock invading me
Holding me prisoner to the pleasure
Causing the world around me to blur
As instantly the lightning strikes
And a moan becomes a scream
A scream begging for more
Forever twisting, forever turning
They become your little toys
You suck them, you nibble them
You bite
The feelings are insane
Your cock never releasing my pussy
From your prison of erotic pleasure
As our bodies fuse and become one
And we drown in liquid treasure

Sunday, July 30, 2006

When we make love...

Lips meet.
Flavored is the kiss.
Flesh begins to sing,
At the very first touch.
Hands roam.
Passion felt in fingertips.
Moisture gathers with the lust.
Hard is your want.
Insatiable is the desire.
In one fluid motion,
We become one.
We ride the waves together.
Our bodies flowing into one another.
Swell after swell of desire crashes over us.
Our mouths drink in the lust.
Our bodies melt together as one.
Saturated in the fire.
Clinging tightly to one another.
Feeling the heat as one,
Until the last embers
Have ceased their glow.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Adam pointed out I seem to use the term "liquid lust" quite often. I was glad to see he didn't view it as overused. Most of what I write is about lust. The pure wants and needs of lust.

I view lust as a liquid.

A liquid that can drench you to your very core.

A liquid so powerful that if you are not careful...

You could ultimately drown in.

Liquid Desire

Lust is the liquid of desire.
The wetness of a kiss.
The moisture from the heat of another's breath.
The liquid taste of another's mouth.
The sweat beading on your skin
In the heat of passion,
There is no greater lust than liquid.
Two wet bodies, blazing with fire.
For without the liquidity of lust,
We are left with, dry desire.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Just a kiss.

Our lips meet.
So tender are the first greetings of our tongues.
Savoring the very flavor of you.
Licking gently into your mouth.
I explore you.
Taste your passions.
Consume your lust.
Your lips.
So full, so sweet.
I gently pull them into my mouth.
Savoring their flavor.
Sucking from them, my nourishment.
I taste the desire.
As the very favor of you,
Becomes the desire.
Our mouths feed on one another.
Savoring the flavor.
Our tongues dance to an unheard song.
A soft moan, a moan of simple want
Escapes our lips
As the kiss deepens.
The heat of breath.
The liquid lust of the desire.
We are intoxicated by the flavor.
Our bodies, feel the need.
The need
To have more.
The need
To become one.
All from just a kiss.
When you look at me,
Who is it that you see?
I am so many people,
And they all consist of me.

Do you see the adoring mother,
I strive each day to be?
The woman who would give her life,
To provide her child eternal safety.

Or do you see the child herself,
That still lives within my heart?
The little girl who is sometimes scared.
The girl who loves life, each and every part.

Or do you see the woman,
Who's heart is full of desire?
A woman who wants and needs.
A woman who emits fire.

For there are so many people,
That make up the person that I am,
I wonder when you look at me,
Do you see who I think I am?

Do you see my honesty?
Do you see the values I treasure?
Do you know that happiness and love,
Are things I think you cannot measure?

Do you know how much I love my mother?
Do you know what real friendship means to me?
When you look at me, I wonder,
Who is it that you see?

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

What words can I use, for none can describe,
An undefinable moment in time.
The feeling when we connect, when we become love.
A feeling beyond sublime.
The world becomes a sphere, of you and I.
There are no other sounds.
The breath of us, the liquid of lust.
My heart beat, as it pounds.
Surrounded in the perfection.
Nothing that this world lacks.
Heat felt in touch. Fire in your breath.
The desire beading on our backs.
The feeling continues.
Our bodies unselfishly giving to one another.
Riding the waves of passion,
In a world undefinable, unlike any other.
Connected in a world of love.
Connected in a world of lust.
Exhausted we collapse and fall into each other.
And fall back into a world, a world that is completely unjust.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Will you still love me when my life is boring?
Will you still love me when the dullness, set free?
When chaos no longer reigns in my world,
When all that is left is me?

Will your arms still want to hold me,
When I no longer need to be protected?
When all that is left is I,
Will our souls still be connected.

Will ours eyes still speak?
Will our lips still meet?
When the chaos is gone,
And all that is left is me?

Monday, July 24, 2006


Reminders of the evening.
Souvenirs of the lust.
The tingling pain in my nipples.
Swollen. Red. Robust.
Screaming at the touch of fabric.
Loud rebellion as they are contained.
Pain. Pleasure. So closely entwined.
The fascination now explained.
Hours later they still provide,
Pleasure in my head.
The tingling pain in my nipples.
Slightly swollen, still bright red.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Cascading is the lust.
So powerful are the waves.
Caught up in a flowing river.
Desire is what she craves.
Hold me spread before you.
Take from me, what you've needed.
A slave to all your pleasures.
All your fantasies exceeded.
Blurred becomes the line between,
What is taken and what is given.
The flow of passion continues on.
Pain and pleasure driven.
The air is thick with moans.
Sheets absorb desire.
Never ending is my wetness.
Un extinguished is your fire.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

This poem is dedicated to all of my new found friends in the blogger world.

Your words feed my passion.
Your words feed my mind.

Welcome to our escape

Reality is the place we live in.
Fantasy, a place we choose to reside.
Unending bliss, encounters with sex.
On virtual pages we confide.
We share this world with others.
We fall in love with the dreams.
Explicit words sewn together,
Painting the erotic scenes.
Thriving is the duel passion,
Of words and blissful lust.
Thriving is the world of fantasy,
When reality is too unjust.
Molten Daydreams

The sweet taste of honey oozes from me.
Dripping from my swollen, pink and puffy lips.
Where my fingers have violated me completely.
Matching the synch of my upward thrusting hips.
In my dreams, your hands were my captures.
Searching my body for liquid treasure.
Spilling forth, in flowing, lust filled waves,
A molten heat of undefinable pleasure.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Feasting On Imagination

My mouth waters with delicious thoughts of you
The taste of your lips, the flavor of your sigh
The tingle of the salt that flavors your skin
My mind seasons my tongue in endless supply
An insatiable hunger, satisfied and quenched
By the wondrous feast your body provides
Mouth watering delights savored in imagination
Where along your skin, my tongue slowly glides

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Unquenchable Thirst

Gasping for air, unable to swallow
Drowning in a pool of liquid lust
The tide increasing, the flow unending
Spurting forth with every thrust
Our bodies drenched in a cascading desire
Rippled with lust, splashed in pleasure
Trying to quench an unquenchable thirst,
Bathing in a passion, beyond imaginable measure.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Pardon the shift from this mornings mood, but this was what the day inspired me to compose.

Seeing the Rainbow

Storm clouds are so powerful, they can quickly darken a sunny, blue skied day.
They can make the most beautiful of life seem very plain and very gray.
But once the storm has past and all the world is aglow with sunshine again,
The simplest of things seems even more beautiful, as droplets of light, reflect colors from within.
Everything looks bright and wonderful. Like life has been restored.
Causing you to wonder was there purpose to the storms.
Do we get so used to seeing things so beautiful that their beauty seems to fade?
That maybe without the help of storms and their darkening clouds of gray.
We would forget what a colorful, bright, cheery world that we live in.
We would forget to enjoy life's wonders and her beauty and all of her bouquet.
Feed Me

A hunger for you drives me.
It aches inside me to be fed.
Devouring you completely,
As you guide my eager head.

My mouth plunges downward.
As your cock twitches with desire.
Saliva dripping, balls pulls tight,
Feed me with your fire.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The taste of my cum, sweet on your lips,
As you slide up my body to kiss me.
My pussy on fire, as it quivers and shakes,
Convulsing around you, you slowly slide in me.
Our bodies pressed together tightly.
Mouths engaged. Your lips, I suck.
Between my legs your cock invades me,
I squirt you in rivers, as slowly we fuck
The flavor of your moans changes with desire.
I feel your cock swelling, twitching with heat.
In a moment, it happens, we shower each other,
Then collapse in a pool on the well soaked sheet.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Pink petals warm and dewy,
Just begging to be touched.
Clean sheets below my fingers,
Begging to be clutched.
My sweet aroma calling you,
Begging you to taste.
I watch your eyes drink me in,
As you slide below my waist.
Your lips engulf my skin.
Teeth nibble at my flesh.
Mouth open wide, tongue inside,
Our lips together mesh.
My pussy sings into your mouth.
Eyes roll into my head.
The world goes black, there is no sound.
Legs held tight and widely spread.
You force me to endure the pleasure.
A scream escapes my lips.
Pleasure floods into your mouth.
You hold me captive by the hips.
You devour my sweet nectar.
Forever drinking, wanting more.
Legs spread wide, I am your yours.
Your willing little whore.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Progressive Needs

The air around me changes,
When you enter into the room.
I feel the warmth of your heart.
Your skin emits it's own perfume.

Breathing you in I feel nourished,
Yet my body responds with need.
A need to feel your skin against me.
An insatiable hunger that I must feed.

Flesh pressed together tightly,
Only increases the yearning.
A need to have you deep inside me.
A fire within me burning.

Bodies become one in an instant.
The final urge wells up inside.
The need to feel you cum.
The need to feel you satisfied

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Insatiable Beyond Belief

Completely yours to have and touch
Yours to violate
Legs spread wide, inviting touch
A lust beyond equate
Nipples tight and standing pert
Begging to be bitten
Wetness felt, you hear me purr
While stroking my sweet kitten
Teeth nibble, then bite down
Clamping tightly to my bud
Fingers probing ever deeper
Bringing on a mighty flood
A cock replaces fingers
Clips, adorned with silver chains
Hold tender little prisoners
While between my legs, it rains
A shock akin to lighting
Radiates from my very core
Legs spread wide, inviting you
Begging you for more
Insatiable beyond belief
In a pool of lust you wade
As pain akin to pleasure
Sparks a violent new cascade
Never stopping, wanting more
A night not deemed complete
Until I am lying, gasping, unable to swallow
Spent and drooling, on a well soaked sheet

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Long Day's End

The sun ultimately surrendered to the awaiting horizon
A blood red shade of crimson still smolders in the sky
The close of day has come upon me in an instant
As I drown in countless questions, of unanswered, why?

Darkness will soon consume the fading glow of twilight
As the quiet of the night takes me gently by the hand
Confronting past decisions, standing darkened by their shadows
Awaiting light of dawn, when a new day will take command

A day that is completely uncharted, no writing on it's pages
A day that is awaiting, my vivid brushstrokes made in ink
Mine to write the words upon. A new story in the making
Sunshine soon will break the horizon and I will be standing on the brink

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

If you could have only seen...

Tonight if you had sat on the end of my bed
Oh the things you would have seen
Things were vibrating, batteries put to the test
Sexual acts that border-lined the obscene

Dirty thoughts of you raced through my mind
I felt your hot breath as you whispered in my ear
I felt your hands gripping my ass tightly
As you fucked me from the rear

With my face pressed in the pillows
I let out a lust filled scream
Your cock was plunging ever deeper
My pussy squirted you full stream

Always wanting more, I then lie on my back
With my legs spread open wide
Fingers ravished my well fucked slit
Then your cock was plunged inside

You fucked me rough, you fucked me hard
Your rubbed my clit until it glowed
Then once again you plunged me deep
And around your cock, a river flowed

You fucked me until my pussy quivered and shook
Until the sheets were soaked right through
Oh, my love, the things you would have only seen
Had you seen the sex, my mind, just had with you

Monday, July 10, 2006

Mindful Worship

My mind is engulfed, surrounded by thoughts
Of dirty, nasty, kinky things.
The thoughts keep flowing through my mind
Oh, the pleasure that it brings
Vibrations felt, my pussy squirts.
Fingers roaming everywhere.
Teeth clenching nipples ever tighter
Your hands pulling at my hair
Clamps and pins and chains and lace
The things that we won't try
Forever seeking to give more pleasure
A louder moan, a deeper sigh
Completely addicted to the exotic feelings
Of the lust driven intoxication
Beyond imagination of any fantasy concocted
Such stimulating masturbation
Forever seeking the higher high
Two perverts on a quest
Nearly drowning in waves of lust
By worshiping the nipples, upon the breast.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Hearts Asunder, Feeling Whole.

Whether we are near or far,
Eyes both gazing at the same moon.
Whether separated by inches or miles,
Hearts both beating the same tune.
A closeness no distance could separate.
Bond together, sharing one soul.
Hearts entwined, have become one.
Feeling loved, feeling whole.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Experimenting With Taboo

The perfect set of dark pink nipples,
Standing tall, eraser size.
When attended to with proper touch
Will yield to you a luscious prize.

The slight twinge of pain as you bite
Sends shivers into her core.
Fingers squeezing ever tighter.
The river flowing, more and more.

Lightning flashes, the clamp bares down.
Such exquisite sensation.
Pouring forth in gushing waves,
A lust beyond imagination.

Teeth pull back, the chain grows taunt.
Flames erupt inside her head.
The river continues over flowing.
The wetness now has spread.

A constant sensation with no escape.
Her eyes beg you like a slave's.
Searing pleasure as the clamp slips free,
Surging forth in constant waves.

Collapsing down upon your chest
You feel them pressed against you.
Unheard of pleasure has been yours,
Experimenting with taboo.
If you want to see fireworks this 4th of July...invest in some nice nipple clamps!!!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

My idea of the perfect man...

A man that makes me laugh. A man who holds me when I cry. A man who kisses my soul, his mouth literally nourishes me. His arms around me make me feel safe from the world. His skin against mine creates a fire. The intensity of pure desire between us, would be undefinable with mere words. Knowing that my heart is safe with him. A man who would sing Brooks and Dunn songs to me and mean every word.

Yes... my friends, that would be perfect.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Much of what I write is fantasy and I know I never really get any comments on this blog but, I would like to ask a few questions to anyone who reads this. A friend of mine and I were talking about what we thought was "normal" about a few things. Mostly about men and sex. We used the men we had been with in our lives as a standard. A few things just didn't have a norm. So I thought to myself...anyone reading my stuff here would be a good group to poll, if they wouldn't mind answering. Please if you answer, answer honestly. I really would like to come up with an accurate "normal", even if it is just for my friend and my sake.

You can remain anonymous if you like. I won't be offended.

Ok here goes...

How many times can a man (or a man you have been with) cum "normally" in an hour and a half? Once? Twice?

How wet is the wet spot "normally'? Is it a spot? Is it a puddle? Is it the equivalent of a wading pool?

Does a man or a man you have been with "normally" want to go down on a woman after he has cum inside or on her?

Thank you in advance to anyone who answers.

Monday, June 26, 2006

I trust in you completely
I have given you my fragile heart
I have bared to you my inner soul
My body yours, every part
And in trusting you completely
My heart has been filled with tender love
My secrets embraced in loving arms
And my body taken to heights compared only to heaven above
I am yours completely. Completely, in love.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Up In The Tree House

Doing very naughty things to you
High up above the ground
Your knees can barely hold you
While with my mouth I pound
The tree is witness to it all
The leaves rustle in the summer breeze
My throat is tight, my lips are wet
They slide down your cock with ease
You fingers grip the railing tightly
Your head is dizzy with the pleasure
Joy in finding such a kinky playmate
A thing as rare as buried treasure
Never stopping until the need is filled
Drinking in the nectar that I crave
The world goes black, your body slack
As I suck in the pleasure, wave after wave.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

She had one thing on her mind all day. Your cock. How beautiful it was. How perfect it looked. How wonderful it felt in her mouth, how incredible it tasted on her tongue. Her mouth was literally watering by the time she had you naked on her bed. You wanted to kiss her. Although she loves your kisses, she wanted something else. She needed something else. She pacified you with a few hot kisses and then immediately took what she wanted. Kissing you softly on the head and then running her tongue completely down the length of it before she sucked your already hard cock full into her mouth. Your body ached with pleasure. The instant urge to cum was overtaken by an overwhelming need to feel so much more. You quickly pulled yourself from her hot mouth. She gave you no mercy. Her wet tongue immediately made contact with your quivering balls. Licking and sucking like an animal, she had you nearly cumming again. Wanting this to last, she slid up your body and devoured your lips, allowing you to come down from the first onslaught of pleasures awaiting you this evening. Her tongue invaded your mouth. Tasting you. She sucked on your lips as if they were candy. And at just the moment you thought you had regained control, she lowered her wet pussy to your cock and began to rub. The heat was intense. Her pussy was on fire. Your cock immediately began to pulse as she rubbed her hard clit up and down the length of your shaft. Harder and faster she rubbed. Her body was beginning to tense. Her breath was ragged in her kiss when you reached up and pinched her perfect nipples. The tighter you squeezed them the more furiously she rubbed. You lifted your head and sharply sucked one of those perfect nipples into your mouth while still pinching and twisting the other. Her clit getting harder and harder as the need to be filled welled up inside her. In a desperate need to cum she slid you deep inside her hot hole. You bit down on the nipple in your mouth just as her hot cum bathed your cock and flooded over your balls. You watched as a delicious little grin lit up her face and you knew that before you would fall asleep tonight you would be completely submerged in her.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

I wanted you so badly today. My every thought was of you. Your eyes, your lips, your cock. Soon I began to play. I imagined you there with me. Sitting on the end of the bed. Talking dirty to me. Telling me exactly what to do. I put the pink, lacy nighty on that I imagined you had requested. Then I lay on the bed in front of you just like you asked me to. I spread my legs wide, showing you my pussy, already dripping with my juices, from thoughts of you all day. Slowly I began to play in the wetness, smearing my juices all over my cunt for you. Tracing my fingers up and down my slit, rubbing wet circles around my hardening clit. You watch my body as it begins to tighten, knowing how incredibly aroused I have become. You instruct me to put one finger into my pussy while reminding me to keep rubbing my clit. You watch as I plunge a finger deep inside and immediately start fucking myself with it. My legs tighten as I continue to strum my clit in time to the fucking I am giving myself. You watch as one finger becomes two and the fucking becomes more intense. You know it is about to happen, you know my body so well. You watch as I start to convulse, my body on the verge of an incredible orgasm as you firmly begin to instruct me. " Don't stop...Keep fucking that little pussy for me...Make it cum, baby. Make it cum for me...That's it...Keep fucking it...Oh...good girl...Look at all that cum." With that, I imagine you getting up from the end of the bed and opening the toy drawer next to me. You silently move back to the end of the bed and continue to observe me as the last of the previous orgasm flows through me. As my eyes open to the world around me, your voice instructs me once again. "Oh baby, you know I want more than that. You know I need more than that. We are not finished making that pussy cum yet are we?" Turned on by your words, your need for more, my hand reaches for the nearest toy. A long slender pink vibrator with a curved tip that reaches that magic button you love so well. Slowly I place the tip of this wonderful toy to my hard little clit. Rubbing up and down the underneath. My clit screaming with nerves, my cunt begging to be violated, I plunge the shaft deep inside. Working the toy in and out, rubbing it on the magic button, my body prepares itself for the next crashing waves of ecstasy. Once again you know it is happening. Your words urge me on. "Oh yes baby, make that pussy cum again....Make it cum for me...Don't stop fucking it until it cums real hard for me...I want to watch you...Watch you cumming for me...That's it...Keep fucking it...Good and hard...Oooooh yyeeesss!!!...Cum for me!!" You watch as my pussy clenches tightly to the toy, my hips buck involuntarily, cum drips down the crack of my ass. But you are still not satisfied. You want more. You know there is so much more cum in that tight pussy and you want it all. Your words begin again. "More." You move closer to me. Your eyes connect with mine and I can see your need, your lust. "More!!" You reach into the drawer and hand me the waterproof vibe. "I want you to squirt for me baby....I want to watch the cum as it comes gushing from your pussy....Make it squirt for me baby." I obey your every word as I turn the toy on. Your face is so close to my pussy now I can feel your hot breath as I place the vibe onto my already pulsing clit. Your words once again urge me on. "Good girl....make it cum for me....squirt my face....Squirt that pussy all over me" I plunge the toy in and out at an animals pace, the vibe pressed tightly to my clit. More words as I feel your hot breath. A scream is captured by my pillow as I remove the toy that has been fucking me so rapidly and arch my hips upward and spray your face with my hot juices. No longer able to control any of my own functions, you begin to slap roughly at my clit. The harder you slap the more I cum. Your face is bathed in me. Your chest dripping with my juice when you finally clamp your mouth around me and suck the remainder down your throat. My body thrashes below you as you keep your mouth clamped tightly to me, continuing to drink me in. Even as my body goes slack and collapses onto the bed you mouth never leaves my pussy. Your lips and tongue, kiss and suck my every fold. " you are so sweet.... ", you say with the hottest of breath. But your hot words of satisfaction are gurgled and barely audible, encased within the lips of my wet pussy.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Your mouth is clamped onto me, ravenously feeding on my juices.
Your lips, they engulf me, as you are tenderly sucking me in.
Your teeth find my clit and devour it with raw and unbridled passion.
Your tongue deeply searches and causes the violent surge to begin.
My hips arch upward and press my wet pussy tightly to your face
As you swallow my desire, consuming every drop of my carnal lust.
A pillow smothers my screams, as the river drowns out your moans
With a heat so intense, the air around us seems to glow, as if ready to combust.
We lie together, spent on the bed, in the wetness of countless orgasms that has pooled beneath us. Our bodies intertwine. We kiss softly, feeling the last shivers flow through our lips. The last and final waves were flowing through my veins when your hands began to kneed into my thighs. Begging them open. I surrender to you, once again as our kiss deepens. Your body still wrapped tightly to me, our mouths lost in kiss, when your fingers begin to explore me. Sliding slowly and gently up and down the entire length of my wet and freshly fucked pussy. I warn you in the depths of our kiss that you will only cause me to want more. Fueled by these words, your tongue invades my mouth, capturing the moan that escapes it as your fingers delve deeper into my depths. My body writhes against you, our mouths entangle with lust, as you waste no time in fulfilling your goal. Cum gushes from me as bolts of lightning run through me, and you continue to drain more and more from me. Every moan is encased within our kiss. My juices squirt everywhere. Your cock is dripping when you take it firmly in your hand and stroke it softly into me. Feeling the wetness and the heat, needing more, you slide it deep into my pussy. Feeling it grasp onto you. Feeling it pulse and contract, you strum my clit at a viscous pace. The surge wells up within me. You feel every wave as it begins to crest. Your cock swells with a desperate need for release. Holding back, you wait for just the precise moment, and just as my vision begins to blur, the lighting comes crashing through my veins once again. My pussy explodes, cum gushes forth in a powerful surge, bathing you in my juices as your cock in turn showers me...Fulfilling fantasies. Pleasuring each other.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

As we are enjoying the mutual fulfillment of give and take.
The roles that each of us play, remain completely undefined.
With my legs spread wide, am I surrendering myself to you?
Or am I demanding the pleasure that causes me to go out of my mind?

Sunday, May 21, 2006

After you leave
Snuggled into the warmth of my disheveled bed
With the scent of you still perfuming the air.
I imagine your body, as the pillows I hold tightly
Become you, and in my mind you are still there.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

I am naked on the bed, waiting for you. Wanting you. Needing you. Your lips meet mine as we drink each other in. Our tongues entwine and urgency takes over the tenderness of our kiss. Your mouth trails from me and meets my neck with a tender little nibble that causes shivers down my spin. Your fingers finding my tight little nipples. You squeeze them tightly and start rolling them around as I writhe beneath you. Need wells up inside me. The need to be taken, the need to be helpless, the need to be pleasured beyond imagination as I give myself to you. Your fingers never leaving my nipples as you slide down my body with kisses. Licking me, tasting me. Just as my body begins to tense in pre orgasmic convulsions from the pinching of my nipples, I feel your hot breath on my pussy. So wet. So hot. So close to the first of a thousand climaxes, you place one soft kiss on my clit. My body surrenders to the oncoming wave as you squeeze tightly on my nipples and watch my pussy as it convulses before you. My body relaxes, the waves begin to subside, just as you take the very first taste of my juices. Your tongue begins licking my wet pussy in long, slow strokes. My nipples again your playthings as you tug and pinch them. Rolling them tightly in your fingers while you feast on my juices. Your tongue probing between my lips, tasting me deeply, feeling me tighten as the surge begins again. My body an instrument in your hands as you make me cum at will, sucking sharply on my clit, pulling it into your mouth. My body explodes as you clamp your mouth onto my pussy and drink me in. Screams of sheer ecstasy escape my mouth as my body trembles and shakes. Your mouth never leaves my pussy. Fingers probe me. One orgasm leads into the other as you command me to give you more. Helpless in your hands, my pussy responding to your every demand. More and more cum gushes from me as I feel your pulsing cock growing impatient against my leg. You begin to slap roughly at my clit and watch closely as yet another orgasm begins to build. At the moment the wave has hit full crest you plunge your cock deep into my convulsing pussy. You feel me as I orgasm, massaging your cock as the waves crash through my body. Instant need takes over you as you begin thrusting deeply into me. Long, forceful stokes. Thrusting the entire length of your cock in and out of me at an animals pace. The head of your cock slamming into my g-spot as it swells with need. My body helpless with orgasm, trembling below you as you spread my legs wide, watching as you plunge deeply into me in the last few stokes towards ecstasy. Our juices spray simultaneously, mixing with each other, wetting our bodies, as we finally collapse into one another's arms.

Friday, May 19, 2006

I see the look of need so unmistakable in your eyes. The heat radiating from them pierces into my soul and ignites the sparks of touchier. I begin to kiss your lips. Tasting them, sucking them into my mouth. I suck on your tongue. You envision your cock in my mouth. I feel your thoughts, urging me lower. I trail my tongue down your neck and slowly suck on your skin. Biting and nibbling at you, in all the precise spots. Your whole body tenses. Begging me lower. My lips trail over your chest. My tongue tastes of your stomach as your fingers slowly work their way into my hair. You gently guide my head lower. Your whole body shudders when my wet tongue grazes you for the first time, rendering you helpless. Lower I go. I lick you so lightly on your balls. The sensations cause you to shiver. Your whole body tenses with need. A need, to have your cock in my mouth. A need, to feel the back of my throat. But still, I make you wait. Licking the insides of your thighs. Tasting the entire length of your shaft. As I brush my wet lips over the head of your cock need takes you over. Grasping your hands with fists full of my hair you plunge yourself deeply into my hot, wet mouth. You quickly pull yourself from my lips as an immediate urge to cum overtakes you. You hold me at bay, my hair grasped in your hand, my lips open and ready for you when the need wells up again. My tongue extended, begging you back. Slowly you place my lips back to the head. Hot, wet and waiting my mouth becomes yours. Your slide yourself in and out slowly, savoring the heat as I suck you into the back of my throat. Your other hand slides gently around my throat, positioning me, as you surrender to the need. You fuck my face as if it were my wet pussy. You beg me to suck you harder. You feel my want, as strongly as you feel your own need. Your whole body falls into convulsions. Lightening courses through your veins.

.....And just the thought of knowing I will suck you until every last drop has been extracted from your body, is almost as intense as when I do so.
Completely Naked, Completely Comfortable

Our skin has been melted together by the heat of unbridled passion.
Our hearts have been entangled and bond together in the bliss of pure love.
Our souls have been bared naked in secrets shared only within the heart.
Along a wonderful journey, falling in love with the one I had always dreamed of.

Sunday, May 07, 2006


Showering in the rains of white hot passion,
Bathing in a pool of desire and lust.
Two bodies soaked with the blazing heat,
Demanding more and more with every thrust.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Having you naked in my arms
Your skin pressed right to mine
"I love you" breathed into my mouth
As our lips and tongues entwine
Euphoric feelings surge from within
Creating a world where there exists only two
Surroundings are of no matter to me
When the world becomes, just me and you

Saturday, April 29, 2006

A fantasy of mine...

...We will rent a room. I will be dressed in something very sexy. You will be provided with something to tie me up with. You will be given a variety of toys. My pussy will be yours. I want you to make me cum. I want you to make me squirt. I want to soak you and I, the bed, the dressers, the walls. I want you to talk dirty to me. Tell me to cum for you, demand more from me than my body has ever given. I want you to make me cum so hard and so much I am screaming to close my legs. You will not let me. Instead you will continue to assault my pussy, in every way imaginable, with toys, with your fingers, with your cock, making me cum in violent spasms that nearly make me pass out, slapping roughly at my clit, sucking and biting my nipples, ravishing my whole body until I beg for mercy...

...And then I want you to tell me a fantasy of yours.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

He had never had the opportunity to use his key before. He knew tonight she would be alone. He watched her bedroom window. It was after 10pm and he knew she would be retiring for the evening. The light went off. He could see the soft glow of candlelight appear in the window. She loved candles. He knew she would be anticipating his call. He dialed her number. Her soft voice greeted him with, "Hey Baby!". He told her how badly he wanted to have her tonight. In a low velvety tone he told he all the naughty things he wanted to do to her tonight. He told he to play with herself for him. He wanted to hear her cum. He knew how much phone sex turned her. Within seconds she was fingering her cunt and talking dirty right back to him. He told her to reach over into her toy drawer and get her favorite dildo. Then he told her to close her eyes tightly and imagine him fucking her. He told he to bury her head deep into her pillow so that his voice in her ear, telling her to cum, would be the only sound she heard when she exploded for him. He knew she would do exactly what he told her to do. He began slowly, telling her he would be whispering, so he could imagine being there with her, holding her tightly, whispering nasty things in her ear. He told her to rub her wet slit for him. To tease herself with the dildo. He told her to use her other hand and rub her clit for him. His hand reached into his pocket and took out his key. He slipped it quietly into the keyhole as he was telling her to slowly slip just the head inside for him. He heard her moan in lust, knowing she had did as he asked. He entered the door and walked down the hall to her room. The hot conversation continuing as he was now telling her to thrust it deep inside. Her bedroom door was ajar. He could see her on the bed, just as he had asked her to be. Head buried in her pillow with the phone, eyes closed tight. What he hadn't known was that she was wearing his favorite pink lace nighty while she was talking to him. How deliciously nasty of her, he thought to himself. There she was. Doing anything he asked her to do, while he watched. He slowly pushed the door open and entered the room. Still whispering in her ear, telling her to fuck herself. "Rub that clit for me baby". "Make that sweet pussy cum." He watched her as she did everything he asked her to do. Her body began to shake. He knew she was going to cum. He wanted it. Wanted it for himself. He told her to stop. To leave the dildo buried deep in her cunt and hold it there. Don't move it. She was doing just as she was told. He watched her body flinching at the sheer torcher of being denied orgasm, as he undressed in silence. He told her to slowly remove the dildo from her pussy. As the head of her favorite toy popped free of her tight snatch, he quickly plunged his hard cock in it's place. Her eyes popped open in shock. He gave her a devious grin and continued to fuck her. She grabbed him tightly and opened her legs wider, giving him her pussy. He bent down and continued to whisper in her ear as he assaulted her pussy with his raging cock. "Cum for me baby, cum hard." "Let go." "Soak my cock." Her body tensed below his. Her pussy gripped him like a vice. He was going to cum with her. As he pulled his cock from her hot hole, he watched as a spray of hot juices gushed from her pussy, soaking his cumming cock and dripping from his pulsing balls. The sight alone was too much. He collapsed on top of her as their writhing, wet, bodies entwined and became one. Shaking and quivering, riding out the last waves of orgasm together, until they finally fall asleep in each others arms.

Friday, March 31, 2006

Showered in Desire

In the precious moments just before you cum, I feel you pulse, I feel you swell.
The shaft it is so rigid as you fall into rhythm, causing exotic pleasures to expel.
I feel your body tense and shake as the trembles course like lightning through your veins.
Desire and passion spurt from deep within you, with the intensity of midsummer rains.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

At the Break of Day
The sun was beginning to shine making the morning dew sparkle across the field. My tongue was wet and warm as it glided up and down the length of your shaft. I love how incredibly sensitive you are in the morning. Your body shivered and shook with every wet stroke I made. I traced your balls with the very tip of my tongue, I licked you roughly at the base of your cock. I tasted every inch of you before I encased the swollen head of your cock between my hot, wet lips. I was instantly rewarded as your sweet cum filled my mouth, seconds before you controlled the flow and denied me the rest. With your body shaking below me, I licked you ever so lightly waiting for your cue to proceed. Gently you placed the head back at my lips. You were then, again mine. My mouth so wet from needing you, my tongue hot from anticipation, I sucked you in. Swallowing you to the very base as I tried to suck your balls in too. I wanted all of you in my mouth. I greedily sucked as I listened to your moans. Slightly loosening the grip my mouth had on you I began to slide my wet lips up and down your cock. Feeling every vein as they glided over my tongue. Forcing you further and further down my throat, then releasing you straight to the head. Over and over I fucked your cock with my mouth, sucking harder with each thrust into the back of my throat. Wanting so badly, what you were holding from me. I was soon rewarded richly, when you could no longer hold your control, and your body surrendered to me, and I savored your hot, sweet juices flowing generously down my throat.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

My fantasy world now lies vacant and unkept.
Words on pages are of no use to me anymore.
It pales in comparison to the reality of you.
And a happiness in life, I've come to adore.
My words seem so empty when trying to describe
A feeling I feel deep within the very core of me.
As your skin presses tightly, and molds into mine.
And you whisper in my ear, "I love you, my Brandy."
My body feels things, no lyric I ever wrote could describe.
Your breath hot on my neck, your body wrapped around mine.
The reality and beauty, of love, mixed with lust and desire.
No words could ever depict, the way you set my soul on fire.
I feel a love I never imagined existed and a want I can’t describe.
A happiness I only dreamed in dreams, is reality to me today.
Fantasies long forgotten in a world no longer visited
For what I feel inside my heart, no story, could ever, portray.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Let me be your plaything, baby
Let my pussy be your favorite toy
My legs spread wide before you
All just for you and your cock to enjoy
Let me be your rag doll, baby
Fuck me rough, fuck me hard
Bend me to your liking
As you fuck me with no regard
Let me be your fuck toy, darling
Use my pussy as you please your cock
Soak yourself in rivers of my cum
A gateway to heaven, only you can unlock
Take me as your possession
As I give myself to you completely
Selfish desires fulfilled by this
As I feel you cum for me, so sweetly

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Happy Birthday and Welcome to your Fantasy
He had only told her that they would be going away. He wouldn't say to where. It was to be her birthday present. He was taking her away. A sort of kidnapping. Picking her up and whisking her away to an unknown destination. He would only give her tidbits of information. It was about an hour and 20 minutes away. North, South, East or West she had not been given. She would need something to wear for dinner and the rest of her wardrobe was optional, as he told her he planned on "ravishing" her body the rest of the time that they would be there. She had inadvertently found out the room was $300 a night. She was so shocked and flattered at the same time. Only one place came to mind and she was quickly told her guess was wrong.
The week seem to drag by as she awaited the day of her birthday present to begin. She kept herself busy deciding what lingerie to wear for her ravishing. She loved that he enjoyed the playfulness of just the right lingerie in just the right setting. She loved to set the tone of the evening for the mood that she was in. The colors co-coordinating with each mood. The seductiveness of blue, the passion and fire of red. It was killing her not to know where they were going. She had no idea the mood that would fit it. Was it some place romantic. Was it something exotic. She hated not knowing. So with the aide of recently acquired birthday money she had chosen three new outfits that would fit the three basic moods that a "ravishing" as he called it would fall into. She had found a romantic little pink nighty that had just the perfect amount of black lace trimming. It was so sweet looking with it's pale pink shade and the desirable sheerness of the fabric. Yet it had a slight sexiness to it as the black lace outlined her cleavage. She also liked the way the back of it was trimmed in lace. It created such eye candy she thought as she bent over, looking in the mirror, imagining his view as he pounded her from behind. her second outfit was a little more daring. A crotch less, black, rose accented, lace, see through body stocking that hugged her every curve, leaving nothing to the imagination. She had added a black lace neck piece that had three black feathers trailing down from it, floating just above her breasts. She had chosen a pair of gold clamp on nipple rings to add a little flair to it. He loves her nipples. He tells her all the time that they might just be the "world most perfect nipple". So she knew that he would love the slight kinkiness of the addition of the nipple rings. She had also found a hot little red dress. It was lacy, form fitting and very, very, short. It barely covered her ass, which she knew that he would love. It had a deeply v'ed chest that was laced with red satin cord, and it screamed "play with me". She knew he loved to play with her. He enjoyed toys as much as she did. He loved to place her on the bed, legs spread out before him, her pussy open to him. He enjoys watching her as he makes her cum over and over. He loves to push her to the extreme limits of pleasure using his fingers, his tongue, and a variety of his favorite toys. She had bought two new toys she knew he would love to go with this little outfit. So now she was ready. Set for any mood that this mystery place could set.
He picked her up at exactly the minute he said he would. Her birthday present had now begun. She watched as they turned North on the interstate, he relished in her desire to know. He playfully teased her the entire way there, slowly revealing tidbits of information. He told her what city they would be going to, he told her that they would be staying in the "Argentina Room" and nothing more. He brain was racing. She knew of no hotel in any city near them that was fancy enough to have named rooms. It was killing her as they pulled off the interstate and began to travel down the roads of this town. As they pulled down a quiet little road and came to a stop sign, he revealed to her that they would be staying in a bed and breakfast that catered to the fantasy. As they pulled up the driveway to the "Queen Anne Style Victorian house her mouth dropped open. It was so beautiful, so fantasy like. "Happy Birthday Baby" he said as they got out of the car and soaked in the quaint surroundings. She grabbed him and kissed him, thanking him for the wonderful birthday present. He only grinned as he told her, "Just wait until you see the room." They walked up to the door, holding hands. Her eyes were overloaded with the array of fantasy like colors all around her. The house had been painted to resemble something out of a fairy tale. The sweetest shades of pastels adorned every post and every banister. There were porches everywhere, dresses with big, beautiful, inviting pillows. And it only got more beautiful as they entered. Everything was set in such an exquisite fantasy like tone. They were escorted into the dining room, so elegant, the living room, so incredible. The voice of the kind woman showing them their way, a blur of words to her ears as the sights of each room left her awe struck. And finally, he grasped tightly to her hand as the lady unlocked the door to her dream. A birthday present of private fantasy.
As they walked into the "Argentina Room" their senses were assaulted with beauty. The kind woman gave them a tour of their room. Welcoming them to their fantasy as she pointed out the four poster king size bed that lay below a gorgeous bay window. Silky scarves hung romantically from each post, in the exotic shades of purple and green. A Jacuzzi bath was right in the bedroom, next to the bed, tucked away in a romantic little corner. The walls surrounding it painted in the colors of an exotic sunset, candles lighting the bath. A fireplace on the wall at the end of the bed, glowed with a romantic fire. And finally a stone tiled shower, with 10 showerheads in the exquisite Argentinean bathroom, ended their tour. She sweetly invited them to afternoon tea at 4pm before she left. She only giggled as they locked the door behind her when she left. Her fantasy had just begun, she was not going to be needing any afternoon tea.
And so the ravishing had begun. They made love in every imaginable way. Every outfit she brought fit the occasion. It was hot, it was romantic and it was playful. They made love on the bed in front of the roaring fire. They made love in the shower. He made her cum so many times she couldn't count in a hot bubble bath filled with toys. They woke up early in each others arms and made love as the first rays of light streamed through the window above their bed, only to doze off again in each other arms. And they made love once more with the sent of a gourmet breakfast wafting in the air, only to be followed by a warm and loving nap, in the warmth of the afternoon sun, on a blanket by a lake.
A fantasy you would only expect to read about in a romance novel had been her birthday present, for she is lucky enough to have a man that you only expect to read about in a romance novel.
Thank you my love, for a birthday present I will never forget, and thank you for being my real life "Prince Charming".