Thursday, September 23, 2004

As naturally as breathing
The kisses were
Deep and hot
The taste of desire
Flowing so naturally
As tongues dance around
The sounds of lust
Breathing in
The scent
The heat
The taste of another's sigh
As teeth nibble lips
Feeding on the passion
Feeling the endless bliss
Of unbridled emotion
Pouring fourth with such ease
As two desperate lovers
A passion left behind
Lost in the ages
Rekindling the mutual fire
Burning inside us
From the beginnings of time

Sunday, September 19, 2004

Empty promises
Given without intent
Hopes dying embers
Sparked once again
Empty words
Fan the flames
As the last glimmers of hope
Fight to survive
Intelligence ignored
Never wanting to know
What is already known
Smiles return
So full of hope
Yet not as bright
Dimmed by memories
Of past empty promises
Given without intent
Fanning the flames
Of the last glimmers of hope

Saturday, September 18, 2004

Eyes clouded
Reality blurred
Do the rose colors distort the visions of realism?
Or do we believe what we observe?
Eyes blinded
As feelings distort thoughts
The shades or red and pink
Bring comfort
And provoke feelings
Long ago lost
Do our eyes look past
The cracks in the glass?
Desperately wanting
Regretfully needing
The hues of crimson
To soften our black and white world
Barricading visions of truth
Behind walls of felicity
As the blush colored waters
Wash old wounds
Eyes remain clouded
And vision blurred
As the rosy color continues to stain
All that we observe

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Lips wrapped tight
Around your cock
Pushing deeper
As your hips rock
Tongue racing circles
Around the head
Saliva dripping
Lips, bright red
Never stopping
Fulfilling the need
A mutual obsession
On this we've agreed

Thursday, September 09, 2004

Invisible to All The World

Sitting in our cars
We think we are alone
But look around you
At the world
Sitting there
On display
Clear glass surrounds you
On every side
So vulnerable to observation
As you live your daily life
Smiling big
From ear to ear
Do they ever wonder
What could have made you smile
How many
Do you think
See your tears
And wonder why you cry
Or are we all
So tightly wrapped
Involved in our own lives
That pain and gladness
Pass us by
Never thinking
Or wondering why
Emotions sealed tight
In clear glass cases
Yet in plain sight
As the world around us races.
In this world of instant gratification
I cannot help but want you now
The ticking clock a constant foe
Changing speed, though I don't know how
Minutes race at the speed of light
When circumstance is on our side
Yet come to rest, and halt completely
While anticipating passions ride
Patience being the ultimate virtue
A virtue I know I cannot claim
For I want you and I want you now
And for this I feel no shame

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

In the early light of morning
My mind wanders, finding you
Seeing clearly your sparkling eyes
With their many shades of green and blue
Eyes that show so much emotion
Like windows to your inner soul
Smiling sometimes to cover sadness
Decieved by eyes you can't control
So no longer do I need to question
All the feelings you try to keep inside
Honesty reflected in every emotion
The windows to your soul, open wide
The alarm goes off. You are so sleepy you do not hear it. I reach over and quietly shut it off. I slowly pull the covers back and gaze at your naked body. You are so hot. I lightly run my fingers down your chest, caressing you. You start to stir a little. I begin kissing your stomach, slowly working my way down. You are waking up now. I look up to see your groggy smile. My fingers trail down the inner part of your thighs making you quiver slightly from the sensation. You are already hard. I lick the very tip of your cock. I look up again to find you watching me, smiling. You always love it when I wake you like this. Knowing that you have to leave for work soon, I continue. Slowly taking the head into my mouth and sucking. You moan at the pleasure it is causing your sleepy body. I lick my tongue in circles around the head as I suck. Slowly I work my way down, taking all of you into my mouth. I look up at you as I begin to move my mouth up and down. It feels so good in my mouth. I push down further, feeling you in the back of my throat. Saliva starts to trickle out of my mouth and down the shaft of your cock as I increase the sucking and the speed. I squeeze your balls in my hand. You can no longer hold your head up to watch me, the pleasure is so intense. I hear you moan deeply my name as cum pours down my throat. I never stop sucking. Your body begins to shake slightly as I suck every last drop from you. I smile, move up towards you and kiss your cheek. I whisper in your ear as you lie there gasping for breath,"Time to get up sweetheart, work is calling."

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Dark clouds roll as the rain falls
Listening to the wind blow
I snuggle in my pillows
As the dreams come and go
Precious dreams of you
Your arms holding me tight
Feeling all the desire
And the passion you ignite
Awakened by the thunder
Eyes open to an empty bed
To the reality of entangled sheets
With thoughts of you still in my head

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Sex, lust and desire! I am tormented daily by these three!! My sex drive is so un-naturally high. I want it ALL the time. I drive myself crazy, thinking about it, reading about it and watching it every chance I get. I spend every spare moment I have, polishing the pearl fantasizing about fucking and sucking. I simply adore giving blow jobs. And not just a quick, 5 minute suck! I want your whole body screaming for release by the time I feel your rock, hard, cock throbbing in my mouth. I love the taste of cum! Let me re-phrase that...I love the taste of most men's cum. A little hint to the men out there...If your a junk food junkie, never work out and don't drink enough water, well, your cum usually taste quite nasty. Anyway. I love a man who likes it kinda rough. Let me grab your balls, let me squeeze them. Let me suck you with all my might as your cum is gushing down my throat. Don't push me away and tell me it's too sensitive! I want it all, every last drop. I want to be able to suck you off again...Right away!! I want you to grab my head, fuck my face, push it all the way in the back of my throat, make me gag on it! Let me suck on your balls, one at a time, then both, while I lick the base of your cock with my tongue. Let me nibble and bite. Let me play with your ass. I want to tickle it, grab it and pull you further into my throat. I want you to fuck me! Hard and fast and rough. Stop fucking me and push your cock back into my mouth once again, making me taste my own cum on your dick. Spank me when you bend me over and pound me even harder. Make me scream your name as cum is gushing out of my pussy onto your cock. Pull my hair...Hard! Don't just tug on it a little, pull it, ride me with a vengeance. Satisfy me!! I don't want to ask for more...I want to have to beg you to stop!!

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Sex obsessed freak
Only wanting one thing
My lips around your cock
During an afternoon fling
Sucking with a vengence
Hard and fast and quick
Licking with my tongue
Up the shaft of your dick
I listen as you moan
I feel your body shiver
I suck until I get my fill
Smiing at you, as you quiver