Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Gazing across this field in the early light of morning
I see the pastel colors begin to streak across the sky
As the foggy mist rises upward toward the heavens
Natural perfection, a feast of beauty to the eye
The cool, crisp feel of the morning breeze
Tickles my neck as it blows through my hair
Sending shivers of awe through my entire being
As the scent of wildflowers fragrances the air
My eyes then turn downward, I gaze now upon you
Your eyes lightly closed, your body unclothed
I love the tenderness of your sleepy relaxation
As I touch and feel everything my eyes do behold
And I smile as I think of the perfection of the morning
A better way to start the day I know there could not be
With the beauty of mother nature's canvas surrounding us
Proving without a doubt, the best things in life are always free

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Feeling Helpless Against The Tide
I gaze into the waters of the deep and placid sea
An exotic mix of blending shades in hues of blue and green
Secrets held deep within, slowly lose grip of the oceans floor
As emotions manipulate the waters calm, the waves of feelings come surging forth
A glance across the surface, shows you ripples glistening in the sun
But if you know the depths you see, the pain of troubles that have come undone
Powerless...Are the feelings, as you struggle against the surge of swells
Unable to restore the calm, with words and kisses and wishes of well
So you smile to yourself knowing that you have done all that you can do
Providing temporary shelter, against the winds of torment whipping through
And for a few short and tender moments, all is placid once again
The sea is calm, colors again reflecting, the blues and greens of precious gems
You take happiness in knowing, a precious moment has been shared
Seeing what's beyond the surface, and doing so because you cared

Monday, November 08, 2004

So close you are to me
Yet you are still so far away
My hands begin to fiddle
As my mind it goes astray
You look so good tonight
I can't help but want to touch
But circumstances, they demand
I mask all feeling of want and such
I cannot gaze into your eyes
And I cannot feel your skin
So torturous it is at times
This life I live in sin
So I accidentally brush up against you
As I pass you in your chair
And with one quick glance into your eyes
I can feel the passion that we both share
A smile then spreads across my face
Knowing that when the time is right
I will have you in my arms again
Kissing your lips as your holding me tight

Monday, October 25, 2004

Hours and hours
Just flew right by
The whole day gone
In the blink of an eye
To many things
To taste and touch
You'd think 5 hours
Enough for such
But something as hot
And sweet as this
Should be savored slowly
Kiss by kiss
Feeling every sweet sensation
Stopping to enjoy the view
Slowly having one another
In a private room for two

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Two bodies on fire
Two minds in overdrive
The heat
It is intense
Tongues entertwine, feeding on the lust
Nipples harden
Moisture felt
His throbbing member comes to life
Skin pressed against skin
As hands wander
Feeling the desire
Of the slow intense rubbing
Up and down
As the fires of passion rage on
Eyes staring
Feeding on each others lust
As the waves begin to crest
Bodies become tense
As surge
After surge of passion flows freely
Providing yet more fuel
For the already blazing inferno
Over and over
Wave after passionate wave
Of unbridled
Sheer carnal desire crashes over us
Bathing us in the euphoria
Of pure lust

Thursday, October 14, 2004

My Sweet Indulgence

My tongue trails down your heavenly body
As I look up and see your mouth widen in smile
Selfishly taking the most of time that we have
For you are only mine, for a precious little while
Feeling of intoxication start to wash over me
As my senses drink you in
The perfect mix of the sweetest of toxins
The taste and scent of your heated skin
My mouth makes love to your every inch
As I kiss and lick and nibble and suck
My lips sensing your pleasure with every quiver
As I taste my way down and then all the way up
For a treat just as sweet as the finest of wines
Should be appreciated slowly, with the lightest of touch
The scent of your skin and the taste of your breath
My most favorite treats, of which I could never have too much

Monday, October 11, 2004

Two bodies molded together in perfect harmony
Mouths devouring the sweet nourishment of moans
Even the raindrops falling from heaven cannot extinguish
The flames of desire, for such heat until now, unknown
Consumed by the passion and covered in sweat
Our tongues discover the sweetest nectars of lust
As our souls bind together in the feelings of love
Forever connected by the fantasy, for reality is unjust

Thursday, October 07, 2004

I can feel the warmth upon me
As the sun beams on my face
Our bodies pressed together
Oblivious to time and space
Frivolous worries cast aside
As we put the world on hold
Bathing in a sea of passion
As our fantasies unfold
Reality so far away
As we lie awake and dream
Two lovers wrapped in one another
In a perfect world, all agleam

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Selfish Pleasure

I think you are mistaken
For the pleasure is all mine
I love to have you in my mouth
The feeling is divine
My ears are captivated
As I listen to you moan
Your "Oh my God's" excite me
Like nothing I have ever known
Sheer joy in giving pleasure
The sounds, the scent, the taste
Selfish feelings of enjoyment
As a smile spreads across your face

Monday, October 04, 2004

Missing Pieces
An empty feeling comes over me
My heart, it feels forever strange
Days and weeks and years have past
But the feelings I feel, never change
A part of me went suddenly missing
On the day you had to leave
A constant ache pains in my heart
Forever seeking sweet reprieve
You were taken from this earth too soon
Pages instantly ripped from my book of life
Leaving me questions of, what could have been
And does friendship extend beyond just this one life
Now and forever, in the back of my mind
Thoughts of you will always dwell
In that sad and empty, lonely space
Since I bid you, my friend, a final farewell

Saturday, October 02, 2004

Mother Nature
Her beauty undefinable as the canvas comes to life
Colors in the shades of pink streak across the sky
As the sun places kisses on the morning
The dew drops begin to sparkle
Like a field of shimmering diamonds
Bringing promise, light and hope
To the fresh beginnings of a brand new day
The branches from the mighty oak
Reach up to feel her warmth
As the sun beams down between the leaves
Bright rays of hope, shining down
The painting of a new day dawning
Such beauty for my eyes to behold
Yesterday now safely in the past
As a brand new day begins to unfold

Thursday, September 23, 2004

As naturally as breathing
The kisses were
Deep and hot
The taste of desire
Flowing so naturally
As tongues dance around
The sounds of lust
Breathing in
The scent
The heat
The taste of another's sigh
As teeth nibble lips
Feeding on the passion
Feeling the endless bliss
Of unbridled emotion
Pouring fourth with such ease
As two desperate lovers
A passion left behind
Lost in the ages
Rekindling the mutual fire
Burning inside us
From the beginnings of time

Sunday, September 19, 2004

Empty promises
Given without intent
Hopes dying embers
Sparked once again
Empty words
Fan the flames
As the last glimmers of hope
Fight to survive
Intelligence ignored
Never wanting to know
What is already known
Smiles return
So full of hope
Yet not as bright
Dimmed by memories
Of past empty promises
Given without intent
Fanning the flames
Of the last glimmers of hope

Saturday, September 18, 2004

Eyes clouded
Reality blurred
Do the rose colors distort the visions of realism?
Or do we believe what we observe?
Eyes blinded
As feelings distort thoughts
The shades or red and pink
Bring comfort
And provoke feelings
Long ago lost
Do our eyes look past
The cracks in the glass?
Desperately wanting
Regretfully needing
The hues of crimson
To soften our black and white world
Barricading visions of truth
Behind walls of felicity
As the blush colored waters
Wash old wounds
Eyes remain clouded
And vision blurred
As the rosy color continues to stain
All that we observe

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Lips wrapped tight
Around your cock
Pushing deeper
As your hips rock
Tongue racing circles
Around the head
Saliva dripping
Lips, bright red
Never stopping
Fulfilling the need
A mutual obsession
On this we've agreed

Thursday, September 09, 2004

Invisible to All The World

Sitting in our cars
We think we are alone
But look around you
At the world
Sitting there
On display
Clear glass surrounds you
On every side
So vulnerable to observation
As you live your daily life
Smiling big
From ear to ear
Do they ever wonder
What could have made you smile
How many
Do you think
See your tears
And wonder why you cry
Or are we all
So tightly wrapped
Involved in our own lives
That pain and gladness
Pass us by
Never thinking
Or wondering why
Emotions sealed tight
In clear glass cases
Yet in plain sight
As the world around us races.
In this world of instant gratification
I cannot help but want you now
The ticking clock a constant foe
Changing speed, though I don't know how
Minutes race at the speed of light
When circumstance is on our side
Yet come to rest, and halt completely
While anticipating passions ride
Patience being the ultimate virtue
A virtue I know I cannot claim
For I want you and I want you now
And for this I feel no shame

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

In the early light of morning
My mind wanders, finding you
Seeing clearly your sparkling eyes
With their many shades of green and blue
Eyes that show so much emotion
Like windows to your inner soul
Smiling sometimes to cover sadness
Decieved by eyes you can't control
So no longer do I need to question
All the feelings you try to keep inside
Honesty reflected in every emotion
The windows to your soul, open wide
The alarm goes off. You are so sleepy you do not hear it. I reach over and quietly shut it off. I slowly pull the covers back and gaze at your naked body. You are so hot. I lightly run my fingers down your chest, caressing you. You start to stir a little. I begin kissing your stomach, slowly working my way down. You are waking up now. I look up to see your groggy smile. My fingers trail down the inner part of your thighs making you quiver slightly from the sensation. You are already hard. I lick the very tip of your cock. I look up again to find you watching me, smiling. You always love it when I wake you like this. Knowing that you have to leave for work soon, I continue. Slowly taking the head into my mouth and sucking. You moan at the pleasure it is causing your sleepy body. I lick my tongue in circles around the head as I suck. Slowly I work my way down, taking all of you into my mouth. I look up at you as I begin to move my mouth up and down. It feels so good in my mouth. I push down further, feeling you in the back of my throat. Saliva starts to trickle out of my mouth and down the shaft of your cock as I increase the sucking and the speed. I squeeze your balls in my hand. You can no longer hold your head up to watch me, the pleasure is so intense. I hear you moan deeply my name as cum pours down my throat. I never stop sucking. Your body begins to shake slightly as I suck every last drop from you. I smile, move up towards you and kiss your cheek. I whisper in your ear as you lie there gasping for breath,"Time to get up sweetheart, work is calling."

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Dark clouds roll as the rain falls
Listening to the wind blow
I snuggle in my pillows
As the dreams come and go
Precious dreams of you
Your arms holding me tight
Feeling all the desire
And the passion you ignite
Awakened by the thunder
Eyes open to an empty bed
To the reality of entangled sheets
With thoughts of you still in my head

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Sex, lust and desire! I am tormented daily by these three!! My sex drive is so un-naturally high. I want it ALL the time. I drive myself crazy, thinking about it, reading about it and watching it every chance I get. I spend every spare moment I have, polishing the pearl fantasizing about fucking and sucking. I simply adore giving blow jobs. And not just a quick, 5 minute suck! I want your whole body screaming for release by the time I feel your rock, hard, cock throbbing in my mouth. I love the taste of cum! Let me re-phrase that...I love the taste of most men's cum. A little hint to the men out there...If your a junk food junkie, never work out and don't drink enough water, well, your cum usually taste quite nasty. Anyway. I love a man who likes it kinda rough. Let me grab your balls, let me squeeze them. Let me suck you with all my might as your cum is gushing down my throat. Don't push me away and tell me it's too sensitive! I want it all, every last drop. I want to be able to suck you off again...Right away!! I want you to grab my head, fuck my face, push it all the way in the back of my throat, make me gag on it! Let me suck on your balls, one at a time, then both, while I lick the base of your cock with my tongue. Let me nibble and bite. Let me play with your ass. I want to tickle it, grab it and pull you further into my throat. I want you to fuck me! Hard and fast and rough. Stop fucking me and push your cock back into my mouth once again, making me taste my own cum on your dick. Spank me when you bend me over and pound me even harder. Make me scream your name as cum is gushing out of my pussy onto your cock. Pull my hair...Hard! Don't just tug on it a little, pull it, ride me with a vengeance. Satisfy me!! I don't want to ask for more...I want to have to beg you to stop!!

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Sex obsessed freak
Only wanting one thing
My lips around your cock
During an afternoon fling
Sucking with a vengence
Hard and fast and quick
Licking with my tongue
Up the shaft of your dick
I listen as you moan
I feel your body shiver
I suck until I get my fill
Smiing at you, as you quiver

Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Dancing in the shadows
Beneath the shade of a tree
Two lovers sharing quiet time
Emotions flowing free
The world around them fades
As sand sifts through the hour glass
Passion united, desires unbound
So quickly do the minutes pass
Precious moments squeezed
Between the caos of the day
Two lovers sharing quiet time
As the world just fades away

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Expressions of Silence

Feelings left undefined
No word for the expression
Emotions flowing freely
While voice feels the oppression
Beyond the lust and passion
Wrapped up in quite sighs
Feelings left undefined
As we gaze into each other's eyes

Saturday, August 21, 2004

Sex and Nature

A warm summer day, a blanket, and a quiet secluded spot under a shade tree. The perfect ingredients for a very HOT afternoon. Mix the previous ingredients with two sex obsessed freaks and you got yourself a real scorcher.

Wet the minute she saw him. Hard the minute he saw her. Call it chemistry, call it hormones. Maybe past life lovers? Label it anyway you like. Bottom line...These two were meant for each other sexually. Two "freaks of nature" that had somehow stumbled across each other. Morning, noon, night, every spare moment of the day, thoughts of sex raced through their heads. Every moment she has alone...Hands sliding down the front of her panties, wanting him. His hands on her, his tongue inside her. She follows him. Alone in his vehicle, driving down the road with his cock in his hand. Thoughts of her mouth wrapped around it as he slowly slides his hand up and down the shaft. Just a little further down the road...The perfect spot. Their bodies collide, teeth clinking, tongues entwined, passion inhaled as their mouths devour the days first tastes of lust. Hands wandering everywhere. Feeling, caressing, squeezing, pinching. The minutes tick by. Prying themselves from each other, he grabs the blanket. So consumed by the heat of lust, she lays back on the car seat, unbuttons her pants and begins to play with herself while he is spreading the blanket out under the tree. He watches as she pleasures herself. Pants now around her ankles as she slowly inserts a finger deep into her hot, wet slit. In and out she finger fucks herself...For him. He watches as cum drips from her slit, running down the crack of her beautiful ass. He bends down to taste her as she shoves her cum drenched fingers into his mouth. He greedily sucks in her sweetness. Fingers dipped back into the honey as she tastes herself, for him. Reaching into her purse she retrieves an object wrapped in a silk scarf. God, how he loved her ability to get kinky. Scarf tossed aside, she revealed her toy. A pink jelly molded cock she immediately shoved into her mouth. One hand pushing the cock in and out of her mouth, the other steadily fucking her hot cunt. Needing more, she begins to rub the toy up and down her wet slit. Moaning from the pleasure. Pushing slowly she inserts the toy. Moans increasing as she slowly pushes it all the way in. Pussy squeezing, hips grinding as she rides out the first waves of pleasure. In and out she begins to move the pink cock. Hips rising in time with every downward thrust. Violating her pussy as he watches in awe. Needing more. He reaches for the toy. She surrenders control as he begins his own assault. In and out he pumps the cock. Harder and faster with each thrust. Moans become lustful screams of ecstasy as cum squirts from her pussy. Holding the cock deep inside her as she rides out the passionate waves of orgasm that are rocking her body. Staring in awe as more and more wetness drips from her cunt. Consumed by desire, he must taste her. As the last ripples leave her body, he slowly laps at her clit. So hard and swollen from orgasm, she shivers as his tongue slowly pushes her back to the edge. Cock still buried deep within the walls of her pussy, her muscles squeeze as she begins the upward climb to ecstasy once again. Knowing just the right moment, he slowly begins to slide the cock in and out. Steadily sucking on her swollen clit, cock thrusting in and out she begins to cum again. He drinks in every drop of her sweetness as she shakes and moans beneath his mouth. Allowing her every ripple of pleasure, knowing it can only get better once the finally make it out of the car and to the blanket.
This spot could not be any more perfect. A big shade tree, bushes all around to provide the much needed privacy, and a small pond just on the other side of the tree. Lips never leaving each other, they make their way to the already spread out blanket. She tears at his shorts as he lifts her shirt over her head, leaving her completely naked. Outside, no one around and naked. She is so turned on by the thought of fucking right out there under the tree. She drops to her knees, undoing the belt and button, the zip of hot metal sliding downward, shorts fall to the blanket. Licking upwards from his pubic area, she slowly removes his shirt as she trails her tongs right below the fabric. His body starts so shiver from the sweet sensations. She bites his neck as she lifts the final bit of fabric over his head. As he starts to moan from the slight sensation of pain, she assaults his mouth, devouring every drop of breath he is exhaling. Infected by the heat and lust she again travels downward, licking and biting every inch of skin on her way. Neck, shoulders, chest, nipples, there is so much she wants to taste. Arms, elbows and fingers, all as sweet as honey to her starved tongue. And God, that belly!! What a hot looking stomach he had. She tasted every inch, still slowly working her way down. There it was. What she had been thinking of all night. His beautiful cock. Hard as a rock just begging to be licked. She ran her tongue underneath it from the base to the head, lips wrapped perfectly around it, she sucked it into her mouth. Immediately she could taste that he was just as excited as she was. His hot sweetness on her tongue was divine. More...She wanted more. She sucked him all the way in, pushing forward as she thrust the head into the back of her throat. Her mouth completely consuming him, she licked at the base. She began to move her mouth up and down increasing the suction with every thrust inward. His hands went around her head, fingers entangled in her long dark hair, holding her face as she fucked him with her mouth. His hips began to thrust forward as the lust and heat increased. She only sucked harder as he began to fuck her face. Hot saliva dripped out of her mouth, soaking his balls with passion. She grabbed onto his ass, sinking her nails into his skin as she thrust him harder and faster into her throat. Ball squeezed tightly in one hand, his ass in the other she forced him to continue assaulting her mouth until she felt him throbbing under her tongue. Hot, sweet cum pouring down her throat. Greedily she sucked in every last drop. His legs were shaking as she trailed her tongue underneath to lick his balls clean. Unable to hold himself up any more he dropped to the blanket. She assaulted his mouth once again, desperately breathing in every last moan she had caused him. They lay there holding each other, tongues entwined, letting the last of the shivers and shakes leave his body. She could almost feel his heart beating through his tongue as she sucked it into her mouth. Regaining strength, his hands started wandering. She wasn't going to be the only one giving pleasure. Oh no, he had plans for that sweet pussy of hers. He rolled her over face down on the blanket. His hand trailed down her back, causing her to shiver. His hands grasped firmly onto her ass and squeezed as she arched her back. He took full advantage of this position by sliding his fingers down past her ass to her pussy, feeling the wetness he had caused. She moaned the minute his fingers started to caress her hot, wet lips. She was on fire. She pushed herself towards him, inviting him to explore her. He slowly inserted one finger as she arched her back up even higher. In and out he slowly slid the digit, listening as she moaned and gasped for breath. Completely consumed by lust she began to thrust herself onto his finger. One became two as he grasped her hair once again between his fingers and arched her even higher. Hair wrapped firmly around his fist, holding her upward, he began to finger fuck her with a vengeance. In and out, harder and faster as he pulled her hair even tighter. Moans became screams of ecstasy as she began to squirt cum all over hand. He shoved his fingers deep into her and held them there. Feeling, as she squeezed him, feeling every ripple of pleasure that was radiating through her body. He slowly lowered her face to the blanket as she started to become limp. Fingers still deep inside her pulsating pussy, he bent over her and began to bite he back. As her cunt began to relax, he slowly, ever so slowly pulled his finger from her. Tapping lightly on her hard swollen clit as he exited her hot hole. As she opened her eyes to look up at him, the leaves from the tree above her were nothing but a blur of green. Slowly she began to regain focus as his blue eyes came into view. Before she could even say the only word ringing through her head...WOW!...He was kissing her again. Two sweaty bodies, consumed by lust and desire, pressed against each other again. Each breathing in the other as they race the clock for more time....More time to touch and taste and feel and do...Everything.

Monday, August 16, 2004

I lick the head lightly
Tongue encircles the entire crown
My lips part ever so slightly
As my tongue licks it's way down
Teeth graze you from underneath
As I suck your entire cock in
Tasting just how incredibly sweet
As the first of the samples begin
Deeper and deeper, I swallow you down
My throat constricting around the head
Suction increasing as I go to town
Like an infant baby needing to be fed
Hot saliva drips down your balls
As you body starts to tremble and shake
Passionate moans are your calls
Your sweetness, now, mine to take
I suck until I have every last drop
You breath my name with every moan
You tastes so sweet I cannot stop
Such heavenly pleasure...Ecstasy truly know

Sunday, August 15, 2004

Lips meet, tounges entwine
The timing is perfection
Breath inhaled, moans devoured
As we feast on the affection
Bodies touching, skin ignited
A heat beyond compare
A desparate rush to feel it all
The precious moments that we share

Thursday, August 12, 2004

Stolen afternoon moments
How swiftly time flies by
Hours reduced to minutes
Long kisses goodbye

The feel of gentle, sweet caresses
As bodies get explored
Needing so much more than this
Knowing what we're headed toward

So throw away the map, my love
Let passion be our guide
And fasten up you safety belt
'Cause we're going for a ride

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Every day I count the hours
In frustrated anticipation
Until the time that you arrive
My bitter sweet temptation
Feelings hitting overdrive
Held back in hesitation
Wants and needs beyond control
Could this be desperation?
A moral battle in my head
Dealing with the frustration
Satisfied, but not completely
By daily masturbation

Saturday, August 07, 2004

Makin' out in cars is something we have all done as teenagers. The heat and the intensity of forbidden touches in a parked car can not be equaled by any love making session in bed. The fogged up windows, the desperate need for more room to do all the things you body and hormones are pushing you to do. The passionate kisses filled with white hot heat, teeth clinking together as tongues entwine in the heat of mingled breath. Clothes feel as if they are strangling you. Hot flesh begging to be touched, encased in material. The exotic feelings of danger all around as your eyes scan the empty parking lot for shadows. The heat increases with every sensual exhale of breath, infected with lust. Clothing becomes too much, buttons come undone. Feeling intoxicated from breathing the sexually charged, lust infected air, hands wander. Moisture felt. Lighting flashes through the sky as a bolt of carnal need surges through you. Want has become need. A need to feel, to touch, to taste...To have. Mind numb to all reality as we dream. We take. We have. Exotic body rocking waves of pleasure crash over you as lines are crossed, rules broken. Lust rains down upon you. The tick of the clock louder and louder as the need for more devours you...

The feelings of lust still burning white hot the next morning as you replay every delicious minute over and over in your head...The feel...The taste...The heat...The lust...The mind numbing need.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Your eyes looking deep into mine.  Your face so close that I can feel the heat of your breath on my lips.  Your body molding with mine as each thrust takes us closer to heaven.  I feel you deep inside me as my pussy squeezes you tightly.  Our lips meet at the moment of orgasm.  Your tongue invades my mouth as I moan into yours.  The kiss continues until the last ripples of pleasure finally fade. 

Sunday, July 25, 2004

I look into your eyes.  I feel the heat...The electricity.  I loose all sense of control.  You make me think and do things,  I know I should not.  I fantasize about you.  I have had you, in my mind.  You have cum in my mouth.  You have cum on my ass.  I have been showered with your sweet hot cum in every position imaginable.  We have done dirty things.  I should be embarrassed.  I should be ashamed. 

Instead I am hot.  I am horny.  I am wet. 

Again, I will play.  Yes, it will be you in my mind.  Your cock in my mouth as I suck greedily on the vibrator.  You, touching my sweet wet pussy.  You, sucking my nipples.  You, thrusting finger after finger into my tight hot snatch.  You, fucking me until I can no longer see straight. Visions of you will stream through my brain, as vision blurring, body convulsing, sheet staining orgasms rock my body.     

Monday, July 19, 2004

Oh my God, you are so fucking hot! I want to have you...ALL of you. I want to torture your senses. I want to tickle and caress your whole body with my nails. I want to lick you from head to toe. I want to caress your whole body with my hair. I want to run my hard nipples up and down your back, caressing your skin with them and make you shiver and shake all over. I want to bring every sense in your body alive before I place my lips over your cock. I want you begging for release. I want you ready to cum the minute my tounge touches the head. I want to taste your sweetness in my mouth. I want to leave you spent, lying on the bed, drooling from the sheer pleasure of it all.

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Anal sex....gotta love it! Only if it is done right, of course. Not something you rush into. And only after my poor pussy could take no more. I love to have my ass played with during sex. I love to have a finger up my ass, while my pussy is filled to capacity with a stiff cock. They say it feels good for the guy too. It is just a myth that it hurts. It only hurts if you try to go to fast, plenty of playing first to loosen it up. Then after the appropriate amount of playtime, if you start by just sliding the head in, leave it there a min. Let things start to relax around it. Slowly, very slowly, slide a little more of the shaft in. Hold it. Good. Now a little more. There now you are all the way in. Now don't get over zealous. Just hold it there a min. Let me get used to it's size. You can feel me starting to relax. Slowly you start to withdraw, before you are all the way out, push it back in to the base. Do that a few times slowly, picking up the pace with each thrust inward. I am now ready! Fuck me hard. Fuck me like you hate me! Slam yourself into my ass with a force of rage. Pull my hair back and ride me. In and out, in and out. Harder. HARDER! Yeah, right there, right there. OH GOD! You push my face into the bed as I start to scream in ecstasy. I can feel you starting to swell. It feels so good. Deep inside me, your cock starts to throb as I feel the burning heat of your cum as it pumps into me. The pulsing sensations make me cum with you. Exhausted, spent, we lie together on the bed, catching our breath, until we are ready to do it all over again!!

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

These feelings of desire
Have pushed me to the edge
How long can I keep my balance
Standing on this ledge?
Will want and need take over
With feelings so intense?
Or will words that I have written
Be my only real offense?
I know I fight a losing battle
Me against the want and need
Fighting the impending lose
The winner, carnal greed.

Thursday, July 01, 2004

Thoughts of you
Still in my brain
Slowly driving
Me insane

Wanting so badly
To taste of the forbidden
Conscience aware
Must keep these feelings hidden

Losing control within my mind
Whenever our eyes connect
Intoxicating to my soul
Is the air that you infect

Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Losing Control
You make me crazy
You make me wet
Losing control
Now a constant threat
The reality blurred
The fantasy unclear
Losing control
The penalty severe
I want to eat
But still have cake
Losing control
Would be a mistake

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Kidnapped. I struggle against him. He is too strong. Taken. He pulls off the road into a motel parking lot. He has the key in his hand. He had planned this. Dragged into the room. Door shuts and locks. My clothes are roughly torn off my body . We struggle again as he takes me over to the double bed and throws me down onto it. He quickly reaches below the bed and retrieves four, long, red scarves. He wraps the first around my wrist, lowering my hand to the bed he ties the other end to the bed leg. The more I pull the tighter it gets. He wraps the other wrist. Both hands bound, I kick my legs on the bed. It is no use, he is so strong. He holds my foot down as he ties the scarf in place, first one than the other. Naked and spread, I lay on the bed, his for the taking. I know he is angry. I know I have pushed him too far. Called him way too much. Flirted one to many times. He is only a man, and men need more than just words. It was time to pay up. No words this time, just flesh.
I was a little frightened. I knew he would never hurt me, but I had never seen such a raging need in his eyes before. I knew that tonight he would take what he wanted, do every dirty thing to me the words had only described. The lines that had once been drawn, now just a blur to him as he gazed upon my naked flesh. The need in his eyes, glowing with lust. He came to the head of the bed and sat down. Taking my face into his hands he kissed my mouth. Soft and tender at first, but quickly erupting. Sucking my bottom lip into his mouth, tenderly and then more savagely, biting it. Tongue in my mouth, teeth touching lightly as we devour each other with urgency. I stretch my neck upward as he pulls away. Still no words as he lowers his head to my hand an slowly sucks my fingers into his mouth. My body tingles. He sucks each finger before kissing his way over my hand and slowly up my arm. Stopping to nibble and bite between kisses. My body feels electified. He stops at my shoulder and nibbles on my neck. I can feel the heat from his hot breath against my skin. He whispers in my ear. "No more words." My body shudders as he works his way down my other arm. As he starts to suck my fingers again, I imagine his cock in my mouth. He releases my fingers and assaults my mouth once more. I feel as if I am floating somewhere between a dream and reality as I feel the first forbidden touch of skin when he straddles himself on top of me. He is looking right into my eyes. The need still there, blazing with desire. He reaches forward and lightly pinches my nipples. He rolls them around between his thumb and finger. The are hard like little pink bullets. He leans down and takes the first taste. He gently licks at it, flicking it back and forth with his tongue. I writhe on the bed under him. He seems not to even notice my useless struggle as my nipple disappears into his mouth. He begins to suck. Oh God, it feels so good. He has my other nipple grasped firmly with his fingers as he gently pulls and tugs on it. He sucks harder. Devouring my nipple. Biting. Sucking. Biting. Oh, God! My body starts to tense as he continues to suck even harder. I feel it building. I push upward on my hips, grinding my pussy against him as he sucks. He feels the wetness, as I cum. He pulls away in amazement. My nipples are so tender. I continue to squirm on the bed as the breeze from the ceiling fan burns them. I see him watching me as I recover from the orgasm. I had told him, if done right, I could cum just by having my nipples sucked. Maybe now he will believe me. He moves to the end of the bed. He nestles himself down between my thighs. I stretch my neck to see as he gently opens my folds. My clit is rock hard and I am drenched. He traces the entire inside of my cunt before inserting the first finger. I gasp with delight as he pushes it in. He begins to rub my swollen clit with his thumb as he slides his finger in and out. I moan as he increases the speed. Two fingers now. In and out. In and out. Harder, faster. Rubbing furiously on my clit. The pressure starts to build. I can hear my heatbeat echoing in my ears as my pussy walls squeeze tightly around his finger. He does not stop. Thrusting in and out. I feel the release as I scream his name in ecstasy. Hot cum, gushing from my pussy, showers his face. Immediately he pushes his face into my cunt, sucking like an infant on my clit. The sensations blow my mind, as I explode once again, into his mouth. He licks my pussy clean as I quiver and shake under his masterful tongue. Knowing they are no longer necessary, he reaches below the bed and unties the scarves. He climbs on top of me and I wrap my arms and legs him, thrusting my hips upward in urgent need. Our mouths meet, again we devour each other. With tongues entangled, I moan into his mouth as his cock begins to slowly penetrate my hole. I thrust upward, needing all of him. He plunges downward, taking all of me. His cock feels so good inside me. Words could never again be enough, I think to myself as he starts to furiously pump. He pulls my legs up over his shoulders as he impales me even deeper with every stroke. I feel the waves of pleasure radiate through my body as I cum once again. He plunges deep, holding his cock deep inside as my pussy contacts around it. Feeling every aftershock with me, he pushes deeper. Wave after glorious wave crashes through my body as I feel his cock begins to throb. I know he is going to cum. I want it so badly. I want to feel it gushing and hot inside me. I want him so badly to fill me. I know he cannot hold back any longer...

Beep...Beep...Beep...The alarm clock goes off at 5:00 am, exactly when I had set it for. Damn, damn, damn, I knew I should have set it for 5:15!!

Monday, June 28, 2004

Lust...self-indulgent sexual desire
Personified as one of the deadly sins
A feeling felt by all mankind
Starting back to where time begins

The heat begins to rise, as the moisture starts to gather
Fingers touching on one's self, diving deep, searching for treasure
A self-indulgent sexual desire, addicted to the sin of lust
Sentenced to eternal hell, convicted of self-pleasure.

Sunday, June 27, 2004

The Rain Child

She sat nervously by the fire on the river bank as the peace pipe was passed again. A thousand thoughts flooded her head. She knew the Chief wanted her in his tee-pee tonight. She had waited so long for this night. The other squaw's her age had already had their time with the Chief. Why had she been left until last? Did he not find her appealing? Would he be disappointed? The peace pipe is handed to her once more. As she watches the smoke rise, she feels his eyes on her. What could he be thinking? The other squaw's had not shared with her what to expect in the tee-pee, but she had heard. She had snuck behind the tee-pee more than once and listened. She had heard the moans. The peace pipe again, a cup of fire water. She was starting to feel that free floating feeling she loved so much. The fire was intoxicating to watch. The colors blending as the smoke rose up towards the heavens. She felt his strong hand as it rested on her shoulder. "Come with me, my love." he whispered in her ear.

Inside the tee-pee, the pallet had been made on the floor. The Chief had only the finest of bear skin and other fur rugs. The pallet looked so inviting. The incense swirled in the air, as the flicker of fire from the candles caused the shadows to dance about. She felt the heat and moisture start. The feelings were coming again. When she had first snuck behind the tee-pee that one night, she had heard the squaw moaning. It was not a painful moan. It was that of a moan of pleasure. It had cause her such strong, hot feelings. She had went back to her own tee-pee that night and had began to explore these new and wonderful feelings. She had loved it so much. She went again the very next night behind the Chief's tee-pee. It was as addicting of a feeling as the one's that the glorious smoke from peace pipe made her feel. She wanted so badly to know that moaning pleasure the other squaws had known. Tonight she belonged to the Chief. Tonight she knew she too would moan.

He motioned for her to sit on the pallet of furs. It felt so soft against her skin. The heat and moisture increased. He again lit the peace pipe and offered it to her. She obeyed and inhaled deeply, the wonderful smoke. She felt her body relax as her head began to swim. He was staring right into her eyes as he gently lifted the dear-skin dress over her head. His lips met hers in a soft kiss. He slowly layed her back onto the furs. Naked, hot and moist, she lay there in front of him as he appraised her body. She saw his smile. Yes, tonight she would know the moaning. His hands began to touch her, ever so gently at first. Not missing an inch of skin, he touched her entire body before he reached her moist, hot center. As his fingers grazed her outer folds, she felt as if one of the firey currents from the evil summer storms had shot through her body. Every nerve was alive and tingling. Again he smiled. He pulled a feather from the full headdress, and ran it from the moisture, up her middle and encircled each nipple. She shivered from the exotic sensations. A throbbing, wanting, driving force had taken over her as the moisture turned to dripping wetness. He trailed the feather back down her body. His strong hands gripped her legs as he spread them. He was staring right at the wetness. Again, he smiled. Turning the feather over, using the pointed quill, he touched her lightly on her magic button. Hot bolts of pleasure shot from the button to her entire body. She let out her first moan. Her body began to quiver. Oh, God, the moan was wonderful. He lay the feather aside and with his big, strong hands he slowly spread her folds. He ran his finger slowly up and down the length of her slit. The wetness increased as did the pressure with every up and down pass. She had done this many times to herself after listening to the squaw's moan, but never did it make her feel like this. Her hips pushed upward instinctively, towards his finger. Wanting so badly to feel it inside her. She was literally aching inside. She had to have penetration. And as quickly as the rubbing started...It stopped. She thought she would explode. The Chief reached around behind him and retrieved a rabbit skin blanket as white as the snow she had heard about in the northern establishments. He folded it into the shape of a large pillow, and gently lifting her ass, he placed he onto the pillow, spread-legged and wanting. He lay down between her legs just looking at first. Her precious, pink lips looked so inviting nestled in that soft white fur. He could wait no longer. He began to feast. Just tasting at first. Tasting the sweetness of young, virgin cunt. Licking the outer folds as she writhed in the fur. Slowly working his way inward towards the sticky wetness. She tasted so sweet. He could see it in her eyes. She had a natural wanting. A lustful, needing, deep down inside her, screaming to get out. Tonight he was going to unleash that lust. "Always, save the best for last." he mumbled to himself as he took the first swipe of her precious little clit. She moaned with such lust in her voice, it caused him to immediately become hard. He spread her legs further and began to suck her clit in pass his teeth as he probed her with his tongue. Her juices began to flow down his chin and gather in the soft white fur. The wet fur clung to her ass as he dove even deeper, causing an explosion inside her like none she had ever felt. She bucked her hips upward towards his mouth as he grasped her ass, burying his face further into her gushing cunt. A stream of hot, sweet, juices went gushing down his throat as he greedily swallowed every drop. Yes, he had just known. She was the one. The one he had been looking for all his life. He had heard the elders talk of the squaws that could rain pleasure into your mouth. But year after year, every new crop of squaw. He had never had one. He had seen her. He had heard her outside his tee-pee. He knew if ever there was one, she would surely be it. As the spasms of her orgasm began to subside her body became limp on the pillow. He sat back a moment, stroking his cock, just gazing upon the treasure he had found. He must have her now. Ah yes, she was his. Still lying on the fur pillow, spread legged, he mounted her. She tensed and moaned as he placed his thick member on her tight slit. Slowly and carefully, he increased the pressure. She moaned in ecstasy when he first penetrated the surface, slowly working the head in. She pushed upward accepting him. She let out a whimper as he pushed in to the base. Lying still, looking into her eyes, he allowed her to stretch and accept him. She once again pushed upwards signaling him, the time had come. He began to thrust. So tight. So hot. So wet. She moaned loudly as he increased the momentum. Harder and faster he pumped his cock into her. Her muscles began to contract again. His cock was being squeezed so tightly he could no longer hold back. As his seed pumped into her, she let out the most lustful moan he had ever heard, as a river of wetness flowed from her center. He had found her. A treasure. His treasure. A rain child.

Saturday, June 26, 2004

The water flows down my back, slightly chilled at first. My nipples harden from the chill. You suck one gently into your mouth. The water trickles around your lips as you suck. Your hands are on my ass as you pull me towards you. I spread my legs. You fill me. Rocking back and forth, as the climax starts to build. Steam starts to rise from the mixture of hot water and lust. I stare straight into your eyes as we ride out the waves of ecstasy.

Showered and clean, yet feeling so dirty.
Sitting here all alone
Thinking about you.
Driving myself crazy
Thinking about you.
Trying to stop
Thinking about you.
Questioning myself about
Thinking about you.
Is it an addiction
Thinking about you?
I almost feel high
Thinking about you.
I get wet
Thinking about you.
I play with myself
Thinking about you.

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Coach's last chance

5:30pm "OK ladies, all the bags go in the back. It's going to be a long ride and you don't want to get yourself to cramped up. There are overhead compartments on this bus for your pillows and blankets. Radios and purses are ok but the rest needs to go to the back. You girls are gonna need your rest. It's going to be a tough competition, but I know we have what it takes to win!" Coach Hugh told his girls as they boarded the bus. He had the best High School Cheerleaders around and he knew it. Everyone of them were beautiful. Hot, young and sexy. Most of them already 18 as the end of senior year was approaching. God, had their bodies really filled out over the past couple years. No you couldn't buy tits like these, they were the real thing. Damn was he going to miss a few of these girls. He knew a few of them had crushes on him and he liked it. Hugh was only 30 himself. When he first applied for a coaching job at The Holy Cross Catholic School, it was for football. He was offered the cheerleading thing instead. At first he was bitter about it, but soon he realized he had been given the best job know to man. He got to regularly spend time with hot, young women in skimpy little get ups, shaking what the Good Lord had blessed them with. And those hot little plaid skirts. Oh, my God!

11:30pm. Most of the girls had drifted of to sleep. Hugh always sat in the back of the bus, as it provided him with the best view. Monica and Shelly were sitting in the two seats next to him. He knew that they both wanted him. They were always looking for excuses to stay after practice like helping him put the stuff away, or offering to help clean off his desk. They were both 18 and hot as hell. God how he had fantasized of cleaning his desk off with their naked bodies. This was going to be there last competition and Hugh's last chance.
"Do you ladies have enough room over there?" he asked them.
"Yeah. Thanks Coach." in stereo. It turned him on so much, he loved the way they said "Coach."
"We should be at the hotel in about 30 minutes" he told them. He knew what they were thinking. He could think of nothing else. A month ago when Monica turned 18, they had left a little note in his desk drawer telling him that now that they were both of legal age, he was free game. The two of them had wanted him since Freshman year. They had told him that this was his finale offer. He could have the two of them together this weekend. Neither was willing to consent to the other having him first so it had to be the two of them at the same time. Like I said, poor Hugh could think of nothing else!

12;45am No one unpacked. They all just headed straight to their rooms to go to sleep. Hugh sat on the double bed with the tacky blue flowers all over it thinking how good the bed would look once he had Monica and Shelly naked on it. Well of course he had taken them up on their offer, what red blooded American man wouldn't have?
He heard the key slip into the door. They had worn the school uniforms, as he had requested. He figured they couldn't be the only one with demands, and he saw enough of their cheerleader uniforms at practice every day. What Hugh liked was the little plaid skirts. God did their asses look good in them. He knew just how wild those "good Catholic girls" could be too. He could tell by the glazed look in their eyes they had already smoked a bit. Yeah, he knew they all did it. He never let on, but he knew it. He did it himself. He always wondered if they knew.
"Come on in, ladies." he said with a smile. They were on him in a minute. "Now slow down ladies, we have all night." he scolded them. "You two are not in tomorrows routine for a reason, I didn't want to rush. Ladies, I have been waiting 4 years for this."
"I can't believe you had us wear these stupid school uniforms!" Monica said.
"Honey, you have no idea how sexy you girls look in those things do you?"
"Coach, there ugly!" Shelly said.
"Baby girl, nothing is ugly on you." he said, loving the smile it evoked.
"And watching the two of you take them off each other is all I have been able to think about for the past 12 hours!"
This was all the encouragement the girls needed. They immediately reached for each others shirts. "No, no, not yet!" he said. "I want them on for a while at least. Now come on over here. That's good. I want you both on the bed." he told them as he pulled the small desk chair to the end of the bed and took a seat. "Aren't you getting in the bed Coach?" Monica asked. "Wouldn't miss it for the world sweetie, but I like to watch as much as I like to participate. If you girls want me both at the same time, I'm going to need a little encouragement first. Have you two ever been with each other before?" he asked already knowing the answer. He had heard the rumors already. Nothing stays quiet too long at a small Catholic school like this. "Well, there was this one party." Shelly confessed. "Really?" he tried to sound surprised. "Did you like it?"
"Oh hell yeah!" Monica said as Shelly shot her an evil look. "What? Like he's gonna care if we are Bi? What's he gonna do? Tell our parents!?" Monica shot back at her. Hugh could only smile. God this was too good to be true. "Now, now girls. Settle down. I find it an incredible turn on. Trust me, when it comes to watching, there's nothing better than watching two women go at it!" Monica was the first to move. She cuddled up a little closer to Shelly and started to nibble on her neck. Shelly's glazed eyes began to roll in the back of her head as Monica worked her magic right behind Shelly's earlobe. I must remember that spot, thought Hugh as he watched Shelly. Her initial caution was thrown right out the window, so to say, as she started to unbutton Monica's shirt. Monica in turn started to unbutton Shelly's as the two locked lips in a savage kiss. Oh yeah, these girls had definitely done this before. Hugh unzipped his jeans as they were starting to get a little tight in the crotch area. The girls seem to have forgotten he was even there. The kiss continued as the shirts slowly slipped off. How cute, he thought, they have on matching bras. Nothing fancy, just white cotton with the right amount of lace, outlining each perfect mound. God, these girls were hot! The kiss had tapered off as he watched each of them fondle the others breasts. Hugh had his cock in his hand by now. He was as hard as a rock. Monica again was the first to make a real move. Hugh watched as she unclasped the front hooking bra with her teeth and began to devour Shelly's nipples. Perfect little bullets, in the finest shade of pink. She began to moan as Monica sucked one and pinched the other. Hugh reached over between the two and unhooked Monica's bra as well. The girls almost seemed startled. Maybe they really had forgotten he was there. No matter. He held Monica's nipple firmly between his teeth as he reached over and helped her play with Shelly's. Both girls moaned, almost in stereo. "Oooooh Coach." Hugh could take no more. He had to get up those little plaid skirts, NOW! He slowly pushed each girls back on the bed. Two beautiful, 18 year old hotties, lying side by side in his bed, with only their plaid skirts on. Oh yeah, Hugh was in heaven. As the girls started kissing and touching each other again, he just sat back and kind of took it all in. Monica lifted her knees a bit to reveal that she was not wearing any panties. Shelly revealed, that like the bra's, they were again wearing a matching set. Hugh RSVP'ed the invitation immediately, and her legs sprung open at the first graze of his hand on her thigh. And as quickly as dominoes follow each other, Shelly's legs fell open as soon as she realized Monica might get his "first" real touch. The last thing poor Hugh wanted to do was rock the boat, so he used his other hand to work his way up Shelly's thigh. Holy shit, that must have been some kiss, both of these girls were soaking wet. His hand only hesitated for a second as passing thoughts of morality skated through his brain. Both girls moaned again as he found and slightly grazed each clit with his rough fingers. Their hips thrust forward in unison as he slid the first finger into each waiting, dripping, cunt. "Oooooh Coach." they whimpered, as he began to move his fingers in and out at the same pace with each hand. "There you go girls, both at the same time, just as you requested." Damn, were those some tight little holes. Definitely not virgins, but tight as hell, after all they were only 18! As he picked up the pace on each girl, they in turn kept up the pace, thrusting their hips upward onto his fingers, faster and harder with each thrust. "More!" Monica practically screamed, as he inserted a second digit into each girl. Shelly could no longer speak, as the first orgasmic wave of pleasure radiated through her body. Hugh pulled the two cum drenched fingers from Shelly's hole and offered them to Monica for a lick. She didn't lick them though, she took both fingers into he mouth and sucked like a starving infant. "You like the way she tastes, I see." Hugh wasn't sure if it was the taste of Shelly's cum or his words, that lit the fire under her, butt the next thing he knew, Monica was kneeling on the floor with Shelly at the end of the bed, spread-legged, her face buried in Shelly cunt almost instantly. Hugh did the only thing he saw fit at that moment. He lay on the floor, between Monica's legs and gripped he ass through that glorious, plaid skirt and lowered her dripping cunt onto his face. She let out a muffled squeal as he sucked her clit into his mouth and began to rub it against his teeth. She must have in turn done the same to Shelly as he heard her squeal in delight only seconds later. Monica began to grind herself onto his chin as she inserted a finger into Shelly. His view was not the best from this angle but he knew by the motions she was finger fucking Shelly's pussy with a vengeance as she lapped at her clit. Hugh probed as deep as he could with his tongue right before she exploded. His face was dripping with her juices. Again the girls shifted. Monica worked he way down his body, on all fours and stopped directly over his erect cock. Shelly slid down off the bed and onto his waiting, cum covered, mouth. Now it was his turn to utter the muffled moan as Monica took the length of him into her mouth. She began to suck. Slowly at first, heavenly almost. He soon had a hard time concentrating on poor Shelly's cunt as she picked up the pace and the suction, to a fevered pitch. When he thought he could take no more, Shelly began to cum in his mouth. No wonder Monica sucked his fingers dry, she tasted like honey. Sweet and young and cumming on his face, while, her girlfriend, was sucking the hell out of his dick. As soon as she regained her composure after her orgasm had subsided, she got off the bed and straddled his chest facing Monica. The two began to kiss again, this time with their tongues intertwining around his massive cock. Then Shelly grabbed it by the base and held it steady while Monica slowly slid down the length of it. Oh, God was it a tight fit. Shelly helped her to fit it all in by grasping her around the waist and pushing her further down onto him. She let out a gasp of air when she hit the base. Monica sat still to let her tight little pussy get used to this massive dick. Shelly began sucking once again on her tits. As Shelly sucked, Monica began to rock her hips, grinding herself onto him. When her poor little tight pussy finally had stretched enough to accept the assault, his began to thrust his hips upward. "Oh, God!!" she screamed as Shelly worked her way behind her to play with her ass. He was so turned on by this, he began to piston pump his cock into Monica at an animal pace. Her head was thrown back, eyes rolling into the back of her head as the walls of her pussy, clenched tightly onto his cock. It throbbed, over and over as his vision blurred. "Ooooooooh, Coach" she moaned as his hot cum pumped deep inside her. She collapsed forward onto his chest. Her eyes looking into his. He had no choice. He had to kiss her. He had to kiss those hot young lips. Hugh knew he needed a brake before he could fuck Shelly. He told the girls to amuse themselves with each other for a few minutes while he readied himself for round two. He had had them both twice before the night was over.

7:30pm Thank God his team knew their stuff without much acual coaching on his part, because he had all he could do to keep his eyes open at the trophy ceremonies. Yeah, his team had won. But the gaudy looking trophy was nothing to the prize he had gotten that weekend. No baby, nothing much could compare to that.

Thursday, June 03, 2004

Young and dumb and full of cum. Ryan, such a soap opera type name. Seductive sounding as it flows over your lips...Ryan. Ooooh, Ryan.

Don't close you eyes....
As I lay naked on the bed, he explores my body with his eyes. His eyes come to a halt at my breast. He reaches for it with his large muscular hands. He pinches my slightly erect nipple ever so lightly. My body shudders at the contact of hot young flesh. Have me! Take me! Do dirty things to me!...I wanted to scream. Both hands cupping my breasts. My nipples turned to little bullets as his thumbs rubbed back and forth. Electric currents seemed to jolt through my body as he took the first swipe with his tongue. He was staring right at me, his long curly hair tickling me as he licked and sucked each nipple in turn. It was as if he was staring into my core. Watching for the surge to begin. He began to suck harder. Pinching the other nipple as he sucked. Teeth. A small bite and a tug. My body begging for release. He pinches harder as he begins to devour my other breast. I wiggle and squirm under the exotic sensations of teeth, tongue and fingers. A hand begins to travel. His eyes never releasing my gaze. I see his surprise when he reaches my already soaked pussy. His fingers immediately begin playing in the wetness. He caresses the entire length of my slit. With slick wet fingers he begins to knead my clit. I begin to whimper as the waves of pleasure start to build. Sucking, biting, kneading. His eyes never leave mine as they roll into the back of my head. I see the smile of satisfaction on his face as my eyes begin to focus once again.
He gently props my head up with the pillow as the waves of pleasure starts to subside.
"Watch me. Don't close your eyes." he whispered as he worked his way down my body. Licking and sucking each tender nipple once again. Kissing and biting all the way down my torso as I squeal with pleasure. A quick lick of my already sensitive clit. A bolt of lighting shoots through me as I moan in ecstasy. He begins to suck. Rubbing my clit against his teeth. His tongue is licking up and down my hot slit. Teasing with every stroke to penetrate my tight little hole. His whiskers tickling and scratching. Once again mingling those fine lines of pleasure and pain. Always watching me. Forever staring. Those eyes watching me writhe and moan as the waves come crashing in again. Once again the smile of satisfaction blur's as I lay in ecstasy.
His staring eyes become clear once more. I see his anticipation build as he starts to caress again. My limp body jumps at the first touch of his hand. He smiles as he traces my slick pussy with his finger. He caresses my tender clit so lightly as his finger starts to press inward on my slit. He slides it in slowly, watching as I shudder in the sheer pleasure of penetration. In and out. He moves his finger so slowly. A second finger slides in. The pressure increases on the tender rubbing of my clit. His fingers begin moving in rhythm. He eyes never leaving mine. The waves begin to crest. One hand moving his fingers in and out, in and out. The other rubbing hot little circles around my clit. The muscles on his arms flexing in tune to the rhythm. My body tenses. My pussy squeezes tightly to those probing fingers as he presses deeper and deeper. The waves of ecstasy crash around me once again. I lay limp, and exhausted on the bed as he slides the covers up around me. Off I drift to dreamland.

Thursday, May 27, 2004

I think I just may be obsessed with sex. OK, who am I kidding, I know I am.
Anyway, an innocent comment from a friend of the hubby's last night sparked an incredible fantasy in my head. I went to bed thinking about it. Woke up this morning still thinking about it. Before I knew it, my hands started to wander, I had to have it...

"Good morning officer." I beam.
"License and registration." he demands
"Gee, I don't even get a please." I giggle
"License and registration...Please." he monotones.
"What seems to be the problem, officer?" I ask with a wink.
"Do you have any idea how fast you were going?" he asks.
"Ummm, no." I say innocently.
"Way to fast, young lady, way to fast."
"But officer, I like it fast." I say with a smile.
"Well around these parts, young lady, we like to take it slow and easy."
"Oh no officer, I don't even know how to take it slow and easy. Maybe you could show me how." I say with a devilish smile.
"Young lady, with an attitude like that, I have no other choice than to take you in. Please step out of the car."
The heel of the strappy high healed sandals I was wearing grazes his leg as I exit the car, legs first. He notices immediately I am wearing no panties under my short little back skit.
"Ma-am, I am going to have to pat you down before I put you in my patrol car." he says with a gleam in his eye.
I can feel the strength in his hands as they travel over my body. I notice as he hesitates slightly at my inner thigh. I feel his fingers twitch when he realizes how wet I am. He grips tightly on my ass cheeks as he lowers me into the car. His eyes shift from the road to the mirror and back to the road. I can feel the heat rising. The station is small and empty.
"My , my, everyone must be out to lunch." he says as he leads me down the hall.
"This is our training room." he says as he opens the door.
It looks like some kind of meeting room with a long table and chairs. One wall is mirrored in smoked glass, no doubt it's two way.
"A speedy little thing like you needs a good lesson in slow and easy, and I will be your professor." he said, while slowly unbuttoning my blouse. His thumbs grazing my nipples as he separated the fabric.
"Fast little girls never wear undergarments." he scolded. "Unwrapping the present is half the fun."
With my clothes in a heap on the floor, he lifted me onto the table. Removing the handcuffs from his belt, he shackled my ankle to the table leg. Almost as if it had been planned he retrieved three more sets of hand cuffs from a box near the door. Lying naked, arms and legs spread, shackled to the table, my pussy was on fire.
"There, there, my little fast one, we have only just begun the lesson and your little pussy is dripping like a faucet. You want cock so bad you can't stand it. But not yet, oh no, not yet. We have a lot of ground to cover before you get cock. And we will be going very slowly, so as not to miss anything important."
He knelt to the floor and began nibbling on my ankle. Hot bolts of lightening traveled through me as he worked his way up my leg. Biting, sucking, licking, absolutely torchering my senses. He hesitated slightly as his mustache grazed my open pussy.
"Oh darling, you are a fast one.'
The course hair tickled my clit. As my body writhed in pleasure, he proceeded down the other leg. I'm sure there must have been a puddle on the table, I know I was dripping.
"Oh you naughty little girl." he said patting my pussy.
"Does this sweet little cunt want some attention?"
He pinched my clit. Waves of sheer ecstasy rolled through my body. He began to explore with those strong hands. He held my clit tightly between two fingers as he lapped at it with his tongue. Stiff whiskers brushing back and forth. I can no longer see. The ceiling just a blurr. I hear a rustling from his belt. Something hard presses against the pucker of my ass, while he laps up the cum gushing from my slit.
"Occasionally, I have to use my nightstick when someone has been very naughty. My darling, have you been very naughty?" he asks.
"Yes officer." I reply, sounding a bit to eager.
I feel the pressure increase as he slips one finger inside my hot puss. He slowly moves his finger in and out as he presses the nightstick harder on my pucker. Wanting more, I thrust my hips against his probing finger.
Without skipping a beat, he increases the number of digits to two. Not enough! My pussy must have more.
"Fuck me now!" I scream.
"Soon, my love, soon. Remember, we are taking it slow and easy."
The pressure on my ass disappears as I feel something hard press against my throbbing slit.
"There, there, my love, doesn't that feel nice?" he asks as he slips the nightstick in. It's cold and hard, but yes, it feels good. He slides it in and out of my sticky little slit with ease. I moan as he probes deeper.
"Oh you do like it, don't you?"
He picks up the pace. In and out. In and out. Two fingers circling my clit. I feel my body tense up as the wave begins to build. So close. Suddenly nothing. I open my eyes as I hear the nightstick drop to the floor. He is unleashing his pant. I gasp in sheer delight as his massive cock springs erect, pants falling to the floor. He moves toward my open legs once more. The head of his thick member feverishly rubbing my tender clit. My body feels on the brink of eruption as he slowly slides that hot, fleshy cock all the way in to the base. My body shudders with pleasure as the waves crash through my head. He holds it there, not moving an inch until I go limp in the aftermath of my orgasm. He reaches down and pinches my clit between his fingers again and begins to impale me with his massive cock. Over and over. In and out, the intensity increasing with every stroke. Wave after glorious wave of pleasure crashes over my body as he keeps up this rigid pace. I stare deep into his eyes and beg for his cum seconds before he explodes deep inside me.
He sits back in the chair and stares at my quivering pussy as he lights a cigarette.
"My darling, that was only lesson one. Close you eyes and rest a while. As soon as the fellas are back from lunch we can get started on lesson two. '
"Oh my, back so soon?" he calls towards the door.
I hear the rustling outside the door as his smile turns devilish once again.

Monday, May 24, 2004

Have you ever dreaded something and it turned out to be OK? Well this past weekend I went away with the hubby's Grandma for the weekend. I had been dreading it. Turns out we had a fabulous time together. (Get your dirty minds out of the gutter, she's 73 for God sakes!) Anyway, we drove for six hours to our destination. Found our way with no problem whatsoever, thanks to good ol' Mapquest. We stayed at a lovely hotel, and went to visit family. To my surprize, on the trip home our conversation turned to sex! Now I don't usually have a problem discussing sex, but I was initially uncomfortable doing so with the hubby's Gram. This did not last long. She is a very open woman for her age. She told me how her husband(he died a few years back) had a "real big one". He wanted it every night and it was the best she ever had. Turns out Gram was quite the little hottie back in the day! We really had a great time together and my opinion of old people and sex has defintly changed. When I got home I was fired up and ready to go. Hubby was quite horny too! We fucked so hard I thought we'd catch the sheets on fire from the friction! Nothing fancy, no juicy details to tell, just straight, "Oh my God I missed your cock/pussy fuckin! Didn't tell him about Gram's and my little conversation, don't think he'd even really want to know.

Thursday, May 20, 2004

Incredible!! A wandering mind can be a beautiful thing! I just had one hell of a satisfying fuck!

I jump in my seat when he knocks on the door. Shit! He walks in. He notices right away, I look flushed.
"What you been up to?"
I answer honestly..."Looking at porn."
"Wow, and you got that flushed, just looking?"
Trying to look ashamed..."Well, maybe I did a bit more than look."
"Oh, so is it a private session or can anyone join?"

And so it went...his hands touching me everywhere, pinching nipples, biting flesh. Hot smacks on my ass, pink handprints stinging with pleasure as my nipples are being pulled, savage little biting of the tender skin on the neck. His cock deep inside me, filling me with him. The constant thrusting, the dripping sweat, the hot scent of sex and desire mingled. Legs twitching, body writhing, vision blurring...deep, hot, throbbing. My pussy walls tightening...holding him deep. Collapsing in sheer exhaustion and pleasure.
Opening my eyes, I find myself alone once again.
God I love fantasy!
Wow! I just found my new favorite site! I love the way this girl thinks!

I don't have nearly enough computer knowledge to figure out how to put this as a link! Help me Mike!!

Check out the archives! Since my recent phone sex date I especially liked her 01/24/04 entry. Advertising for a "Toyboy".

Anyway, I am going to find myself some good porn and go enjoy some chair time!

Monday, May 17, 2004

Hubby's home!

Poor fellow didn't even get all the way through the door before I was pulling his pants off! After three nights of flying solo with the big purple dildo I needed a real dick and I needed it now!

"Damn baby! Missed me that much?" he said, as I dragged him through the door. He must have missed me too, cause he was tearing my shirt off as quickly as I was removing his shorts! Halfway down the hall to the bedroom, I was on my knees. He pinched at my nipples as I took his cock into my mouth. Hard and thick and deep in my throat! Three lonely nights without 'live' cock! My God I felt like a shark in a feeding frenzy! Licking, sucking, biting...Give me more! My pussy was drenched! Hell, my pussy got wet the minute he called and said he was about an hour away! He pulled me to my feet and dragged me the rest of the way down the hall and pushed me back on the bed! He immediately buried his face in my snatch. As good as this felt, I needed dick! I wiggled my way out from under his hold and headed straight for his cock like an infant needing so desperately to suck! "Please?" I begged in the most seductive voice, as I fell to my knees. That's all it took! He grabbed my hair, wound it around his hand and started fucking my hot little mouth. I had made sure to put on some dark red lipstick as soon as he said he was on his way home. I'm sure most men agree that the only thing better than a pair of lips wrapped around your cock is a pair of lips coated in hot red lipstick wrapped around your cock. I looked longingly into his eyes as he wrapped his other hand around my throat so he could feel his cock invading it's depth. Over the years I have gotten really good at controlling the gagging reflex. I love to have a cock buried deep in the back of my throat. He was on the verge of cumming when I pulled my face away. "No, no, no," I told him as I pushed him back onto the bed. "I'm not finished sucking yet. I've got three days to make up for here." He groaned in delight as he arranged the pillows under his head to enhance his view. I know he loves to watch. It turns me on so much when he does. He has also developed a real love for taking pictures since we bought a digital camera. He keeps it right next to the bed in the basket that we refer to as the "toy box".
Flash...Flash...Flash...Flash...Flash...I stare straight into the camera, green eyes glowing with greed. "More cock...Give me all of it" I choke out as I go all the way to the base. Eyes watering from the urge to gag mixed with the constant flash. A pause in the flashing as he reviews his own personal porn pictures. They must have been pretty hot, I think to myself as his hips start bucking under my mouth. I reach under and squeeze tightly on his balls as he groans with intense pleasure. One finger sliding down towards his ass. That sweet little zone right below the balls that sends I guy into orbit if you graze it just right with your fingernail. I feverishly suck. Keeping up the pace. My mouth closed tightly around his cock. The camera drops to the bed as he tangles his fingers into my hair. Grasping the back of my head, hair pulled tightly, he begins to thrust his hips upward shoving every inch of his cock into my tight throat. I feel his balls tighten under my grasp. I know he is ready to cum. I only suck harder. He pumps every drop into my throat, I swallow deeply as I sneak another graze down in the forbidden zone. He moans in sheer ecstasy.
I crawl up next to him on the bed and kiss his cheek. Poor guy, must feel like jello right now. "Welcome home." I whisper in his ear and cover him up. You go ahead and take a nap, you had a long drive home and your gonna need the energy. My pussy will be waiting for you tonight.

Well since he had been away fishing all weekend, we had to do the only natural thing and invite everyone over for a cook-out. We had fish and crabs and I made an incredible salad if I say so myself. Hot little Johnny was here. Two of the hubby's old friends, one of them is mighty sexy. He's a bit older but still real sexy. A friend of ours from down the street. Her name is Cathy. She's a real cutie too. Blond hair, cute little ass. The hubby, although he will never admit it, wants her so bad he can almost taste it. I love how he thinks I don't notice. Hell, she's gorgoeus. If I was a guy I'd want to fuck her like a rag doll! Anyway we ate a faboulous dinner and drank a number of glasses of wine out on the deck over the river. It was such a nice night. The hubby and I exchanged many long glances filled with lustful thoughts of what was to come later in the evening. The tiki tourches on the deck threw a suductive orange, red glow over the deck. The wine started to go to my head, which always makes me horny. Every way I turned something sexy to look at. Every face like a small drop of gasoline fueling the desire of three nights without cock. Johnny with his hot young tight body, Kathy, with those gorgeous eyes, Mike with his hot ass, and the hubby with the prize I was to get tonight. Damn I thought to myself, "I'm so horny, my ovaries hurt!" After a while the party started to wind down. Johnny had went home, Mike and Rusty were saying there goodbyes to us when Cathy asked if we would like to join her in her hottub. "Oh hell yeah!!" I thought as I politely said, "Sure that sounds like a perfect end to this lovely evening." "Ok, I'll go and turn it on so it's good and warm when you guys get there." she relied. If she only knew how hot I was right now she'd probably go home and ice the thing down!
Now, given my recent fascination with women, getting into a hottub with Cathy was a total turn-on. Knowing that the hubby wants her too. More wine...Hot bubbly water..A few innocent grazes against her legs as I imagine the hubby fucking her. I know he is thinking this too. Whether in his head it's the three of us or just him and her, I know right now in his mind he is fucking her! My own fantasy flip flopped in my mind from the three of us to just her and I devouring each other while he watched.
After a few glasses of wine and some lovely conversation it was time to go home.
The second we were in the truck my hands were down his and my own pants simotaniously. I pumped his cock as I rubbed my hot sticky slit. Thank God she only lives six blocks away. By the time we got home he had a raging hard on. We practically knocked pictures off the walls in the hallway on the way to the bedroom. Hands and mouths and tongues everywhere. Not knowing in his mind if he was with me or fantasizing of Cathy, not caring either way. Just give me cock and give it to me hard and nasty! He tore my wet suit off of me and bent my ass over the end of the bed and spanked it good and hard! Oh goodie! He wants to play!!

"Were you a good girl while I was gone?" He asks
"Depends on what you mean by good." I teased
"What did you do, you dirty little girl?" He asks (knowing what I'll say)
"I played with 'your' pussy while you were gone" I admit, acting ashamed
"Oh you did, did you? What did you do to my pussy? Did you finger it like this?" he asks as he slips one in. "Uh-huh" I say as he spanks me again. "Did you do it good and hard like this?" He says as he starts pumping his finger at a feverish pace. I am so wet. "Did you use two fingers?" He asks as he slides the second in without skipping a beat. I have my first orgasm as he smacks my ass again. Oh what a bad little girl you were. I bet you even let this big purple dildo fuck my pussy while I was gone!" He said, trying to sound stern. "Uh-huh." I whimper.
"Oh you did. Bad girl!" He says as he reaches into the toy-box for it. "Did you fuck it real good?" He asks as he slides it all the way in and holds it deep until I answer. "I tried." I say. "Maybe you can show me again so I can do it good next time." I whimper. On queue he starts to pump that big purple cock in and out. "There you go baby, a big hard cock fuckin that pussy. Oh you like it don't you? Now lets not forget about that precious clit. Oh yeah baby, you gotta squeeze that clit while you pumping the fat cock inside. That's what really makes it feel good." He says as I cum again. "Did you do it like that baby? Did you have your ass in the air, pumping this cock in and out like this?" He asks. "Bad girl. Turn over. There you go, now spread those pussy lips for me. Oh...They are so smooth. Did you shave it for me baby? Now that's a good girl. Did you let this big fat dildo fuck my pussy like this too?" He asks as he pushes it in. "Uh-huh." "Did you rub the clit real good like this?" He asks as he piston pumps me with the cock. I explode with pleasure. "Oh baby, look at you cum. Tired of this big purple cock?" He asks "Fuck me!!" I practically scream as he mounts me and shoves that wonderful, hot, fleshy, real cock deep in my hole. Sheer ectasty. I cum almost immediately. I don't care how good the dildo or how many fancy attachments it has, nothing in the world feel like a real cock, violating your pussy. He did just that. He fucked me like he hadn't had it in weeks. Damn did I sleep good last night!

Saturday, May 15, 2004

Almost caught

Four am
Am I out of my mind
If I left here now
I wouldn't have time
To do all the things
I've been dreaming about
I just can't risk
Being found out
"I'll unlock the door"
"Just let yourself in"
Late night phone calls
Leading to sin
I just can't do it
It's much to late
If it had been earlier
Would I have taken the bait?

Thursday, May 13, 2004

So fucking horny!!! Time to play!

God, it's so soft and smooth, I just shaved it last night. I love too caress the soft smooth skin of my pussy. It sends shivers down my spine when I caress it and slowly work my way toward the inside. A slight little graze of the clit.'s immediately hard! I graze it again...stopping just long enough to pinch it slightly. God that feels good. Almost instantly my pussy gets warm and moist. It amazes me how just the right touch on your clit can make you soaking wet almost immediatly, and other times you can rub and rub forever and you still have to dig the lube out of the drawer. Anyway, I graze it again only harder this time. I go straight for it and pinch it real hard. Holding it there between my fingers, I flick it with the tips of my fingernails. My whole body shudders in reaction to this sudden intense pleasurable wave. Over and over I flick it. A little harder each time. Faster and faster, I pick up the pace. Just as my vision begins too blurr, I release my clit. Taking a few moments too enjoy the "high" feeling almost cumming gives you, I start to carress my nipples. God, I love my nipples. They are so sensitive. I start to tug on them, clamping down harder each time. As the buzz of almost cumming wears off, I release my nipples and head straight for the hot wet region below thats practaclly screaming for some kind of penetration! Once again the society of "instant gratification" trys to take hold! Resisting, knowing more time means more pleasure, I run my finger up and down that hot, sticky slit. I rub my sweet, hot juices all over my pussy. I am soaking wet now! I move my finger up and down my slit, increasing the preasure with each stroke. Threatening with each pass to finally penetrate. Up and down. Harded and harder. Half a finger! Oh my God!...give me more! Penetration! Deep, hard, instant, penetration! In and out! The palm of my hand pressing firm on my clit. The friction on my clit increasing with each in and out moition. The sticky wettness from my pussy getting increasingly hotter from the constant friction. Slowly, I insert another finger. Letting my clit "breath" a little, I release it from underneath the palm of my hand and concentrate on the incredible pleasure penetration from two fingers can give a woman. And oh my God...can it! I thrust in and out, harder and faster. Images start forming in my head as I close my eyes and start to imagine...HIM! Whoever "HIM" might be at that molment. And all woman know that "HIM" can vary from day to day depending on the mood. Anyway "him" shows up in my head. I immediatly bend over and smack my ass good and hard! God I love that that slight stinging feeling a good smack leaves on your skin! I re-insert both fingers and start going at it good and hard. I use my shoulders to balance myself as I reach underneath and grab my clit between my two finger and squeeze. I imagine "him" talking to me as he sits on the edge of the bed and watches. "Come on baby, thats right. Fuck that pussy good for me. God, look at the cum dripping off those fingers. That's right baby, lick it. Lick those fingers clean. Now put them back in that pussy! No, no, no, I didn't say fuck that pussy. I said put them back in there! There, now thats a good girl, all the way in. Good. Now press real hard. Oh look at you. What a pretty little picture. Your ass in the air, a slightly pink hand print on your right cheek and two fingers buried deep inside that dripping pink slit! Ok baby...go at it, show me what you got, fuck that pussy good for me..."HIM" fades into the background as I steadily plunge those two dripping fingers into my pussy. Wanting even more I turn over on my back and slowly insert yet another finger. As I work the three fingers in and out I slowly start to curl my middle finger inward towards my belly button. The more stimulated you are the easier it is too find. The soft squishy little button affectionatly know as the "G-spot! The more you rub it the harded it gets. It kind of starts to feel a little bumpy right before your vision blurrs and all sound is silent except the sound of your own carnal moans. Body feeling like jello, and a puddle on the bed. Roll over and grab a pillow. Nap time!

Monday, April 26, 2004

Well, Livestock 14 is over. My eyes are so tired today they hurt to keep them open. I don't think I have slept more than 6 hours since Wednesday night! At Livestock there is always something going on and I get like a little kid, afraid I might miss something if I go to sleep! Watched the sun come up 2 days in a row and only took a few short naps here and there. I had so much fun. Can't even concentrate enough now to share it in an intelligent manner so I will try to get more sleep, and give you all the details later! Nite nite all!

Saturday, April 10, 2004

9:30 pm
"Hey, What are you guys up to tonight?"
"Not much, just hanging out having a few drinks. Wanna stop by?"
And that's how it started...

Before you knew it we had a party going! More people stopped by. The music got louder. The drinks got stronger. I was getting hot! Alcohol is a very strong afrodiziac!
We started dancing, started grinding. Hot, testosterone surrounded me. My nipples were hard, my panties were soaked. I was in heaven.
Hot, sexual tension invaded the whole room. We started doing a few shots. First you lick the lemon, then dip it in the sugar. Get it real sweet and sticky. Hot fire down your throat. A sweet lemon on your tounge. Dirty thoughts flow through your mind. The beat goes on.
Getting later, candle lamps illuminate the deck, and his eyes. They sparkle as the light dances through them. A wink, an evil little smile. Very sinful thoughts! We dance some more, in the dark shadows of the deck. He must fell the dampness as I wrap my legs around his and gyrate to the sensual beat. Hands on my ass, pulling me closer. Hot breath in my ear as I hear him whisper..."God I want you!"
More shots, more drinks, every drop of alcohol washing over my tounge only fueling my sexual desire.
"Do you think the boys in the corner playing poker can see us?"
"No worries, my little hot one, it's dark out here."
Hands moving slowly up my back. A million nerves tingle, as the heat travels down my spine. Hands moving, feeling, touching everywhere. Head swimming. Too much to drink, can't think clearly.
Bent over the railing, pants torn down, naked ass. Hot candle wax trickles downward as passion and pain mingle in a red hot lust. The moon shimmers in the water become blurred as the first wave of pleasure radiates through my body.
"You naughty little girl." the voice says.
Waves of passion ungulating through my body as I slowly decend to the hard floor of the deck. Wood splinters my ass as the assault continues.
Harder and harder.
Faster and deeper.
Hot wax hardens over my erect nipples as I recover from the last mind blowing orgasm.
Unable to move, completely spent, my mouth fills with the his hot cum.
""Oh, you naughty, naughty, girl." the voice whispers and slowly fades away.

Thursday, April 08, 2004

Last night was just fucking incredible!
After hearing the news about a woman out there not wanting to suck dick, of course sucking dick is all I thought about the rest of the day. As soon as our company left, I was on my knees. Poor guy didn't even see it coming! I had his pants around his ankles before he even realized what was happening. And when a man looks down, pants around his ankles, and sees a girl on her knees in front of him, well nature kinda takes over. He was as hard as a rock in seconds!
Tonight was not one of those nights of tender little licks and kisses. Oh no, I had that whole cock in my mouth from the second I started. Sucking and sucking. Deep throat, all the way back. Gag! Oh God I love to gag on it. Balls squeezed tight in one hand the other pumping up and down as I suck. More and more pressure! I can feel it swell. "Cum now dammit! Cum in my mouth!"
Slurp, gulp....mmmmmmm

And to show his appreciation for the spontaneous, incredible blow job it was my turn next.

He ripped my clothes off, sat me on the bar and told me to "Stay right there, like a good girl!" And out the door he went. He was back in no time with my favorite toy in tow! (I have this incredible purple 8" vibrator!) While he was gone I had repositioned myself on the bar.
"Oh I see my little dick sucking whore wants to watch as I violate her with this cock!" He said as he pulled up a seat. "Come on baby, now don't be shy, show me." I slowly spread my legs for him. "Oh yeah, there's that pretty pussy I love to fuck!" He inserted one finger slowly as he pinched my clit with the other hand. "Oh my, what a sticky pussy you have here. Does sucking my dick turn you on, you whore!" He said and inserted a second finger. "There you go, you like it don't you?" He started to pump my cunt with those two stiff fingers. Oh God, was he good. Just as I started to cum he pulled them out and buried his face in my cunt and lapped up every sweet drop. Before I could even recover from my first orgasm, he grabbed the vibrator off the bar and went to work. He shoved all eight inches in at once. Harder and harder he fucked me. I think the look on his face turned me on more than watching him fuck my pussy. He was so intent in watching as this cock went in and out of my puss. He got the smuggest smile I ever saw when I started to cum. He watched as the hot juices flowed out of me and onto the bar.
Oh yeah, I had a real good night!

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Here's a question for you...How can a woman NOT like to suck dick? I cannot understand this! I love to suck dick! Every woman I know, loves to suck dick! Ok, I can understand the whole not wanting to swallow thing cause some girls are just wierd about that. It took me a while to grasp that whole thing too. Some guys just taste nasty. I read somewhere it has to do with what he eats. Hell, I say eat my pussy, thats sweet! Anyway, I heard today that there is a woman out there that does not like to suck dick! Poor guy, I say. This I cannot understand. WHY?! "How could you not want to suck dick?"I would ask her if I could. You see, I only know her spouse.
So I came up with a few excuses for her. And of course, I responded to each.

Excuse; I like to get all the pleasure!

Response; Hello! Giving a good blow job is pleasure. My pussy starts to drip the minute I start to suck. If you position yourself right, you can hump his leg while your sucking. You can give yourself a mind blowing orgasm at the same time as he's getting off, if you rub your clit on his knee with just the right amount of pressure. Sorry sister that excuse don't fly!

Excuse; It's gross!

Response; Ok, maybe if your 12! It is part of the body. Not much different than a finger. Maybe that's why they fell so good jammed up in your puss! A finger is much grosser if you really think about it. Dirt gets under the nails. They touch everything, think of all the germs you pick up from door knobs at stores. When was the last time some guy held a door open for you at the Piggly Wiggly with his dick? Most of the time it is tucked nicely away in a pair of what we hope are clean skiveys. Nope, the gross thing won't work.

Excuse; He pees out of it.

Response; So! Does he eat your pussy? Don't you pee out of that? It's not like he's peeing in your mouth. From what I hear, it's accually quite difficult to pee with a hard on! If that's your problem, ask him to pee first, then shower and wash it real nice like. Problem solved! Now start suckin!

If anyone out there can come up with a viable excuse, (other than the desease thing, cause I know this guy has none) I'd love to hear them.

Monday, April 05, 2004

Soft voices are calling
From inside my head
They are calling to me
A life of dread
They know that I'll listen
I always do....

Soft voices calling...
Calling to me...
Soft voices...
Calling to me

Blurred distortion...
As the shadows take
Another step into reality

Another long night...
The voices softly whisper,
It's Ok
The shadows inching ever forward
Creeping their way into the day

Soft voices calling...
Calling to me...
Soft voices...
Calling to me

Saturday, April 03, 2004

Natural blonde hair
With a touch of curl
Likes to have fun
She's a party girl
Built real nice
She's got a rack
And can I tell ya
The girl's got back
Perfect from her head
to her toes
She's even got
A really cute nose
And if you give her
Just the right mix
Your gonna love
What comes next

Dirty knees and a sticky mouth
Dirty knees and a sticky mouth
She gets...
Dirty knees and a sticky mouth

She loves to party
Loves to have fun
She always tells ya
Your the only one
She's got it all
But then she wants more
Some even say
That she acts like a whore

Dirty knees and a sticky mouth
Dirty knees and a sticky mouth
She gets....
Dirty knees and a sticky mouth

Life is so fun
She's having a ball
You get one chance
And that is all
Make the most of it
While it last
Life goes by
And it goes by fast
She does what she wants
Does what you like
Gotta fit it all in
Before the Grim Reaper strikes

She gets...
Dirty knees and a sticky mouth
Dirty knees and a sticky mouth
Oh, I love her...
Dirty knees and a sticky mouth

Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Reality....God don't we all hate that word. I guess that's why fantasies are so damned exciting. They are not based on reality. Reality is what you wake up to everyday. Here's another good word for you...Acceptance. Two very harsh words for Brandy right now. She has so enjoyed creating her little fantasy world. It's so much more fun than accepting her real world. Not that her real world is all that bad. Other than the fact that she doesn't get sex everyday, it's actually pretty damn great. Why is she so obsessed with it. She wonders if she is even normal. Maybe she is one of those so called "Sex Addicts". All her life she has heard other men complaining that their wives don't put out enough, and here she is ready and willing, any time, any day. She can't even imagine EVER saying no to sex. Too tired, NEVER. Headache, so what. Not in the mood, now come on, that's just crazy talk!! Never in her life has she EVER had reason enough to turn down sex from her husband. Gee, what a lucky guy! Too bad he sees it as a curse!

Sex Addicts Anounomous
12 steps to a better life
I ask all you men out there
Would you really encourage your wife?
Oh my darling honey
You really need some help!
Would you force the issue
If she started to scream and yelp?
How many men would really complain
That their wife wants it too much?
Would you push her hand away
When she wants to touch?
I only want it everyday!
I know it's not a crime!
And if you think it's bad now baby
Just wait until I hit my prime!

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

I drop to my knees. Take all of you in my mouth. I suck real hard and steady, feeling your dick getting bigger and firmer with every lick. I reach down and grab your balls, holding them firmly I force your whole member to the very back of my throat. I can taste you as you are starting to cum...
Temptation and morals
Morals and temptation
The two are at war
Causing frustration
A head full of thoughts
A body full of lust
They battle it out
Deception or trust