Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Reality....God don't we all hate that word. I guess that's why fantasies are so damned exciting. They are not based on reality. Reality is what you wake up to everyday. Here's another good word for you...Acceptance. Two very harsh words for Brandy right now. She has so enjoyed creating her little fantasy world. It's so much more fun than accepting her real world. Not that her real world is all that bad. Other than the fact that she doesn't get sex everyday, it's actually pretty damn great. Why is she so obsessed with it. She wonders if she is even normal. Maybe she is one of those so called "Sex Addicts". All her life she has heard other men complaining that their wives don't put out enough, and here she is ready and willing, any time, any day. She can't even imagine EVER saying no to sex. Too tired, NEVER. Headache, so what. Not in the mood, now come on, that's just crazy talk!! Never in her life has she EVER had reason enough to turn down sex from her husband. Gee, what a lucky guy! Too bad he sees it as a curse!

Sex Addicts Anounomous
12 steps to a better life
I ask all you men out there
Would you really encourage your wife?
Oh my darling honey
You really need some help!
Would you force the issue
If she started to scream and yelp?
How many men would really complain
That their wife wants it too much?
Would you push her hand away
When she wants to touch?
I only want it everyday!
I know it's not a crime!
And if you think it's bad now baby
Just wait until I hit my prime!

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

I drop to my knees. Take all of you in my mouth. I suck real hard and steady, feeling your dick getting bigger and firmer with every lick. I reach down and grab your balls, holding them firmly I force your whole member to the very back of my throat. I can taste you as you are starting to cum...
Temptation and morals
Morals and temptation
The two are at war
Causing frustration
A head full of thoughts
A body full of lust
They battle it out
Deception or trust

Come home from work...Check my messages...Deal with the disappointment!

Monday, March 29, 2004

Fantasies of a Horny Housewife

Her mind begins to wander, all her fantasies have come alive
The moisture starts to trickle, her fingers are ready for a dive

The chair is now waiting for her, the remote right over there
Her panties they have slipped right off, her ass it is now bare

She flips through all the channels, now let's see what will it be
Something tame like Playboy Live or something hot like Spice TV

She's got all her toys out, the door is tightly locked
She's checked all the batteries, the vibrators are cocked

Feeling really good now as she takes a few short tokes
Feeling kinda sassy now, her fingers swipe a couple strokes

She's really getting hot now, the images have come forth in mind
Her hair starts to unravel, tickling her down her spine

Her hips they are gyrating, her pussy's getting slick
Her fingers are now dripping, as she takes just one hot lick

Her hormones have surely hit, some kind of overload
Her cunt it is now begging, wanting so badly to explode

Her back it is now arched , her legs they are now spread
And in her mind she sees you, your naked in her bed

She's wearing black lace and leather, she's dressed just like a vamp
She listens as you tell her, "Rub it harder, you little tramp!"

In the mirror, she watches her clit as it drips
The sweet taste of honey, trickling from her pussy lips

The time it has come now, she's primed up and she's ready
She grabs for the dildo, she holds it firm, she holds it steady

She looks at the head, and she gives it one small lick
Then she proceeds to swallow, the whole fucking dick

Pumping in and out, she savagely fucks her face
Plunging hard and fast, she keeps up this rigid pace

One hand busy shoving, this dick deep in her mouth
The other hand plunging, finger after finger way down south

Needing something bigger, while her mouth is still so full
She grabs another dildo, and she rides it like a bull

Holding it so firm and steady, her hips begin to buck
She loves nothing better, than a real, good, hard...fuck

Still choking on the cock, in the back of her throat
She is cumming so fierce now, her mind begins to go afloat

She sees all there faces, she knows them all by name
She's embarrassed to think, that she doesn't feel the shame

So many men she's had, she's a slut within her mind
And if the all old myths were true, she knows that surely she'd be blind

Sunday, March 28, 2004

Frustration!!!! So what is wrong with sex everyday?!? It's even good for you for God's sakes! Gets the blood pumpin, gets the heart rate up. Yeah so what if it's the middle of the afternoon! What the hell has what time it is got to do with being horny!? Oh well, thank God for satellite, well formed plastic and long lasting batteries!

Plastic plunging
In and out
Harder faster
Til I shout
Dirty bitches
Close my eyes
Now it's me
The Gardener

God gave you a seed
And what did you do?
You cared for that seed
With a hope that was new

You planted that seed
In a rich bed of soil
You tended it daily
Through trouble and toil

As time would go by
The seed it would grow
The beginning of life
Starting to show

A small sprout peeking up
From under the dirt
Protect it you did
From the things that could hurt

Fertilizing the soil
Removing the weeds
Giving your time
To all of it needs

Slowly a leaf
Begins to unfold
Searching for sunlight
And warmth to behold

You cared for the leaves
Kept the stem nice and straight
You gave love every day
So this plant could be great

Slowly with time
Small buds did appear
And you tended those buds
With a love so sincere

A flower now blooms
From that small little seed
Thanks to the gardener
Who gave it all it could need

This flower is strengthened
By all the love it was shown
And the flower now cares for
A seed of it's own
Ode to a Stud

What could it be
That you posess
That makes us all
Fret and stress
Women feel it
Every type
Wanting you
For just one night
Old and young
Gay or straight
Carnal lust
A need to take
Dirty thoughts
We can't erase
A thousand fantasies
Just one face
Dreams of you
Stuck in our heads
Wanting you
In all our beds
Nipples hard
Upon our tits
Fingers rubbing
Sticky slits
Eyes closed tight
Just one face
Invading the fantasies
Of the female race
Passion, lust
A need for more
To be a stud
To be a whore
A few short hours
A room for two
Unbridaled sex
Me and you
Clothes ripped off
Barely through the door
Bra and panties
Hit the floor
Shove me back
Against the wall
Bite me, spank me
I want it all
Moisture dripping
From my slit
Nipples hard
Upon my tit
I feel you swell
I want to taste
I drop to my knees
No time to waste
I grab your balls
I lick the head
I drag you by your dick
To bed
I start to touch
You start to shiver
Swallowing every inch
I make you quiver
Slowly now
I start to suck
In and out
My face, you fuck
I feel you tremble
As you thrust
Deep in my throat
I taste your lust
I climb on top
Tease you a bit
I rub your cock
On my sticky clit
I heave my breasts
Into your face
You have no choice
You have to taste
Bite me hard
Make me scream
Make my pussy
Drip with cream
Pussy dripping
So hot and wet
I start to moan
You start to pet
Fingers probing
In and out
Fuck me now
I scream and shout
Bending over
Ass in the air
Fuck me harded
Pull my hair
Spank me til
My ass is red
Do dirty things
To me in bed
Nasty dreams
All coming true
A few short hours
Me and you
No second time
This is all we've got
So come on baby
Let's make it hot!!!!
Mirrors of Me

A million thoughts
Stream through my brain
Sometimes I think
I've gone insane

In looking back
Over my past
Mistakes I've made
Some small, some vast

To change them now
Even one
Life as I know it
Would come undone

For every decision
That we make
Every turn
That we take

Makes us who
We are today
The black and white
The stubborn gray

Reflected in
The mirrored face
A blend of happiness
And disgrace

Accepting all
The things I've done
The good, and bad
Since life begun

Staring at the
Face with pride
Letting the past
Be my guide

For mistakes are lessons
From which we learn
Showing us
Which way to turn

The straight and narrow
Or off the beaten path
Your conscience is
Your only wrath

Knowing each day
Felicity, well within reach
If we learn from the lessons
Mistakes have to teach