Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Reality....God don't we all hate that word. I guess that's why fantasies are so damned exciting. They are not based on reality. Reality is what you wake up to everyday. Here's another good word for you...Acceptance. Two very harsh words for Brandy right now. She has so enjoyed creating her little fantasy world. It's so much more fun than accepting her real world. Not that her real world is all that bad. Other than the fact that she doesn't get sex everyday, it's actually pretty damn great. Why is she so obsessed with it. She wonders if she is even normal. Maybe she is one of those so called "Sex Addicts". All her life she has heard other men complaining that their wives don't put out enough, and here she is ready and willing, any time, any day. She can't even imagine EVER saying no to sex. Too tired, NEVER. Headache, so what. Not in the mood, now come on, that's just crazy talk!! Never in her life has she EVER had reason enough to turn down sex from her husband. Gee, what a lucky guy! Too bad he sees it as a curse!

Sex Addicts Anounomous
12 steps to a better life
I ask all you men out there
Would you really encourage your wife?
Oh my darling honey
You really need some help!
Would you force the issue
If she started to scream and yelp?
How many men would really complain
That their wife wants it too much?
Would you push her hand away
When she wants to touch?
I only want it everyday!
I know it's not a crime!
And if you think it's bad now baby
Just wait until I hit my prime!

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