Sunday, December 18, 2005

He curled his body up next to hers from behind. Her head cradled in his arm. He kissed and bit at her neck as he worked his way up to her ear. He whispered to her in hot words with the velvet tone of lust. His hand traveling down her back caused tingling sensations to run through her body. He grabbed tightly to her ass and bit gently on her neck as she surrenderd herself to him. Her legs spread slightly wider for him as she arches her back. He whispers again, hot words in her ear He lets his fingers slide lower between her legs. She is so wet. He knows how she loves to be taken. To be talked dirty to. He tells her how deliciously hot and wet her pussy is, in between kisses and nibbles on her ear. It only makes her wetter as his hot words turn her on. He slowly pushes his fingers in from behind. Into her tight hot hole. He feels her pussy contract around his fingers. She is so tight. More hot words whispered to her as she lifts herself higher for him. He probes his fingers deeper, searching, exploring her depths. His thumb toys with her swollen clit as her body tenses. He bites her gently on the neck as he begins to thrust his fingers in and out of her. He feels her tighten, he thrust his fingers into her harder and faster. He feels it building from within her. He whispers hotly to her as she begins to cum. His fingers are instantly drenched as she falls forward in a scream of ecstasy. Hot cum gushes from her pussy as her pushes her further. He removes his fingers and slaps roughly on her clit as she spasms into another orgasm. He instantly inserts his fingers and begins to thrust deeply into her. She is driven by the lust. She bucks her hips against him as she starts to cum again. Gushing hot liquid. He holds himself deep within her, her pussy gripping him like a vice. Screams of ecstasy turn into long hot moans as she glides through the waves. He holds her tight against him, head cradled in his arm whispering hot words to her as she slowly begins to come down. His fingers still buried deep inside her feel her body begin to relax. He kisses her lightly on her neck. She shivers as his tongue trails it's way across her radiating skin. She loves to be taken.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Talk Dirty To Me
I love to hear your velvet voice teasing my ear
As my fingers run hot circles across my wet clit
I imagine you here with me, fingers deep in my pussy
Feeling me, massaging me, making me cum for you
Your rock hard cock slides so beautifully inside me
The feeling exquisite as wet fingers are replaced by toys
I fuck myself hard and fast, imagining your cock
I close my eyes and listen to your hot words as you bring me closer
I imagine your hot body above me, piston fucking me, making me cum
My body shudders as the lightning courses through my veins
Your words in my ear, begging me to give you even more.
The sweet wetness drips from my pussy onto the sheets below me
As I hear the smile in your voice, knowing once again you have taken me to heaven.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Something I had only dreamed of...
Two exhausted, trembling, sweat covered, bodies cling to each other as they ride out the last few shivers flowing through their veins. Their tounges meet as their lips feed on each other. The heat radiating between them as their bodies mold into one other and become one. The last of the shivers now faded away as they relax into each other. A final involuntary jerk flows through them as they drift off to sleep in each others arms...
She feels him begin to stir. His arms still wrapped around her, caressing her hair as his other hand dips lower and lower between her thighs with each loving stroke he is placing on her ass. Still groggy with sleep her body instinctively begins pushing against his hand. Opening herself up to him. His sleepy kisses trail down her neck and shoulders igniting her skin. His fingers dip lower, feeling the wetness gathering between her legs. The sensitive lips of her pussy still swollen form the incredible pleasure felt between them earlier in the evening. Her clit already hard as her body fully awakens to the instant feelings of pleasure. She moves her hand between them to his hardening cock. Pressing it firmly against her ass she begins to rub it. His sleepy body comes alive with pleasure. His fingers dive deep into her, feeling her heat, the glorious resistance her tight hole provided against his probing fingers. She pushes his cock lower, squeezing it tightly between her ass cheeks. He pushes his fingers deeper, feeling her wet walls contracting around him. He removes his fingers as instant want and need flows through their veins. Their bodies push against each other and become one again as his cock slides tightly into her depths. He does not withdraw. He holds himself there, pushed deep within her as he feels her contract around him. Holding him, massaging his cock with her pussy. Squeezing tightly and then releasing, working the nerves of his cock into a frenzy. Both of them wide awake now as they look at each other with lust and need in their eyes. He grips her ass tightly, still buried deep within her, and positions her pussy to his liking. She arches her back to allow him all of her. Slowly he withdraws his stiff cock as a moan escapes his lips. Hot sensations flow through his entire body as the sensitive head slips slowly out and grazes across her swollen hard clit. Her body tightens, her legs spread wide below him as she invites him to have her once again. Their eyes exchange another need filled glance as he tightens the grip he has on her ass moments before he impales her deeply, burying himself within her. Her pussy, virgin tight as she holds herself steady for him. He begins to thrust. She watches him as the need takes him over. His eyes tightly closed, his face showing every ounce of pleasure her tight pussy is providing him. He continues to thrust, pounding deep into her at a delicious pace. She squeezes her pussy even tighter as she watches him become lost in the pleasure. Her ass squeezed tightly in his hands as she feels him begin to swell. The thrusting almost piston like as she feels it start to throb deep within her. She feels as every muscle in his body becomes tense. Hot cum bathes her from within as she feels him jerk and pulse against her body. Sweat covering them both as he collapses down on her. Their bodies molding so perfectly together in the radiating heat...
One final, exhausted, lust filled kiss is exchanged between them before she nuzzles her head into his neck, so fragrant with the wonderful sent of him. The trail of kisses down his neck and shoulders being the last wondrous sensations his body feels before he drifts off to sleep once again in her arms. The taste of him lingering, still clinging to her lips as her body jerks involuntarily, surrendering itself to sleep.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Watching you

I love to watch you while you are playing with me. The look of intensity on your face turns me on so much. I love the way you watch as your fingers probe in and out of me. The satisfaction shows on your face as you watch my pussy tremble in your hands, making me cum over and over. Watching you as you splash the incredible stream of cum you have milked from my depths all over yourself. Feeling the wetness pool beneath me. I love the way you bury your face in my pussy, drinking me in, sucking the cum from my body. I love the fingerprint size bruises you sometimes leave on my thighs from holding my legs wide, forcing me to feel more, to give you more. Watching as your muscles flex, as you drill your finger harder and faster into my wet slit. Begging me to cum harder. Squirting your face, as you open your mouth to drink me in. The vision of you blurring as I fall deeper and deeper into the realm of ecstasy. I love kissing your mouth, still wet from my juices as you curl your wet body up to mine, feeling me tremble and shake through the last waves of orgasm still pulsing through my body. I love knowing that you have enjoyed it as much as I have.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Snuggling up behind me. Your body pressed up close to mine. Your arm wrapped tightly around me as you cup my breast and lightly play with my nipple. Your other hand between my thighs toying with my wet pussy. Touching my clit. Making me shiver as you run your fingers up and down the length of my wet slit. You know I am like putty in your hands as you arouse me once again. The head of your stiff cock is pressing hard against my ass. My body begins to move against you. Pushing my wet pussy towards your probing fingers. Your teeth tenderly biting into the flesh of my neck rendering me helpless as you whisper hotly in my ear. Knowing I will always give you more, you slowly slide your rock hard cock into my wet hole. You gently lift my ass as you probe even deeper into my tight cunt. Holding my pussy just where you want it. Sliding your cock in and out as you masturbate yourself with my tightening muscles. I love it when you just take me. The need building inside you as your cock begins to swell. The head rubbing so perfectly against the wet walls of my pussy. You hold my ass firmly in your grip as you begin to drill me. Pounding hard and fast, feeling the pleasure. You are so close. My legs tighten as I squeeze your cock, you are thrusting even harder. Your cock begins to pulse, as you thrust deeper and deeper. My pussy milking you, squeezing you. You can hold back no longer. You fuck me with deep, long, hard, thrusts. In and out you pound me as you bring yourself to the edge. You entire body tenses as you feel yourself beginning to cum. You pull out in time to see long hot spurts of cum cover my ass. Streaking up my back as I reach below you and milk your balls with my warm hand. You collapse on top of me as the last of the spasms of orgasm course through your veins. You kiss my neck lightly between gasping breaths as I feel the wetness between us, the wet bed below us. You roll on your side as our bodies cling tightly to each other. Relishing in the heat and wetness surrounding us as our mouth find each other. Breathing in, tasting each others desire, enjoying one last kiss before we slip off into dreamland.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Love is so comfortable...
The look of desire and lust in her eyes was intense. Her body was unclothed. Her legs were spread wide in front of him. One leg pressing against the strong muscles of his shoulder, the other laying across his thigh as she placed her pussy in his lap. So hot and wet and still swollen from the mind shattering orgasms she had taken from him only moments earlier as she rode him like a wild stallion. Pressing hard on her clit as she stroked the length of him. Grinding hard little circles on her rock hard little button as she drenched his cock in her hot juices. The bed below him getting wetter and wetter as her juices dripped down his hot ass. He had cum so hard. Her pussy still quivering, was now placed in his lap. Offered to him with love and lust so delightfully entwined. His to play with, his to have, to do any dirty little thing to he had ever wished, ever fantasized about. He bent his head down and kissed her hard wet clit. Sucking it softly into his mouth as her body shuddered beneath him. Her pussy a literal puddle of juices. Hot wet cum covering her from so many intense orgasms. He drank her in. The taste so sweet on his tongue as he swallowed her liquid desire, knowing there is so much more of it to be had. He sits back. Looking at her. His to have. His fingers cannot hold back any longer. He must touch her. Feel her. She holds her pussy open wide for him as he inserts the first digit. She is so tight. So wet. He slowly works it in and out at a heavenly pace as her searches for the spot. Her body tightens and convulses as the first waves of orgasm begin to overtake her. Sheer surrender as she is helpless in his lap. A second finger is slowly inserted as he moves closer to his target. Stroking, pressing, feeling her. A low and lustful moan escapes her lips as he reaches his goal. Hard and fast her fucks her with his fingers. He feels it building. He has mastered it to a tee. Her body begins to tense. Her fingers furiously rubbing tight circles around her hard clit. Her pussy tightens around his fingers. He only fucks her harder. She is squeezing him so tightly from the mind shattering orgasm flowing though her body. But he wants more. He knows it's coming. She tightens again and screams into the pillow as he removes his fingers. A hot shower of cum gushes from her pussy soaking his thighs. Not enough. He wants more. Both fingers dive in for more. He holds he legs wide with one hand as he piston pumps her pussy demanding more, with the other. He feels it building. He strokes her even harder. His words like honey to her ears as he whispers, "Let it go baby. Let me have it. Cum for me. Squirt all over me." He presses the button again. Her eyes begin rolling into the back of her head as she moans in extasy, a shower of cum gushing from her swollen slit. He slaps roughly on her clit making her continue to spray. It is all over his face. Her thighs wet. Her stomach wet. He feels the droplets of wetness covering his chest. He knows there is more. Three fingers now invade her hot wet pussy. Pounding her with a vengeance. She furiously rubs her clit wanting to give him more. Honey once again coats her ears as he whispers lustfully to her. "More baby, give me more. Cum for me. Cum hard. Just let it go. Squirt me. Soak me." Knowing just the right moment. Feeling it build he takes her to the edge once again. Holding her there for just one torturous moment before he commands her to release. She grabs a pillow and screams into it as a powerful stream of cum begins to squirt from within her. He slaps at her pussy, splashing the stream all over himself. Slapping hard on her clit to produce yet more of this intense stream of hot, sweet liquid honey. It does not stop. He splashes it all over her. Her face is wet. Her tits covered in her own cum. Her stomach glistening with her wetness in the candlelight. The bed it soaked beneath her. Her body begins to convulse uncontrollably, and then goes limp as she collapses into his lap. He slowly slides her from his lap, resting her on the bed as he slides his wet body tightly up against hers. His mouth covers hers as he inhales the last of the slight moans escaping her lips. Their tongues find themselves in such a familiar way as they kiss. Such comfort in lust and love combined. Such comfort felt so intensely as they drift off to sleep in each others loving arms in the comforts of love.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

She was running her fingers through the hair on his head. Her nails causing tingling sensations to travel down his spine as she worked her way down his neck. The sensation intensified as she travels her nails across his shoulders and down his chest. He was so turned on. So hot for her right now. One hand travels from the steering wheel and grasps onto her bare thigh. The short little pink dress she is wearing barely covering her. Her grip tightens on his shoulder as he works his hand upwards on her thigh. His fingers graze the soft baby smooth lips of her pussy and his eyes widen as he realizes she is wearing no panties. The temperature around them seem to rise instantly as she trailed her nails down his arm. She leaned in close to him and breathed the hottest of breath into his ear only seconds before she reclined her seat and spread her legs offering him her pussy. So beautiful, always shaven so baby smooth and clean. Her clit already hard, protruding though the top of her lips. Her sticky wet juices glistening under the passing streetlights. He grips tightly to the steering wheel as she guides his hand to her awaiting offering. His eyes stray from the road long enough to watch himself as he stroked her wet slit up and down, spreading her juices. His finger grazes her hard clit and she shivers and moans. When their eyes connect he knows that she is his for the taking. She will give him as much as he commands her to. Her fingers immediately start rubbing her clit as he inserts his finger into her hot wet hole. She spreads her legs wide as she opens her pussy to him. He knows every inch of her by heart. He knows just where to touch her. Just how to touch her. She is under his control. Her pussy obeys his every command. He inserts another finger curving them upward so perfectly. He feels her soft little button and rubs it so gently. Picking up the pace he thrusts his fingers in and out. She begins to tighten. He looks from the road and watches as she tightens around his fingers. Her clit being continuously assaulted by her own fingers, obeying his commands as he tells her to rub it hard for him. The muscles in her legs tighten as her pussy grips him even tighter. He rubs her little button with increased pressure as she builds for the release. The look on his face intense as he commands her to squirt for him. Gripping tightly to his fingers as he thrusts them in and out with force. Demanding her to cum, to squirt all over his hand. All over his truck. Letting her get right to the edge, he holds her there for a while. Allowing the orgasm to build, allowing the intensity to increase until she was begging him to make her cum. He surveys the traffic around him making sure he has enough time to take his eyes from the road to watch her spray. He trusts his finger in a few more times demanding she spray. He removed his finger from her hot hole to witness the steam of hot cum squirting from her. She slaps roughly at her clit strengthening the orgasm, causing more liquid to spray from her pussy, splashing his hand in her juices, splashing his arm with her hot liquids and she continues to slap her pussy giving more and more as he demands her to keep cumming. He reinserts his fingers. Diving right into the spot that makes her gush. Pressing tightly to it, he instructs her to squirt him again. Her pussy obeying his every command as he removes his fingers to watch as she sprayed her hot juices all over her thighs, the seat below her darkening as the wet spot grows larger. Again she ferociously rubs her clit, extending the orgasm, giving him more. She slaps at the juices, splashing him with them, knowing how much he loves it. Her orgasm slowly ebbing away as they approach the final red light. A candlelit room and a bed awaiting them as he shifted the truck into park. The night had only just begun.
She met him at the office. Everyone else had gone home for the day. The small talk didn't last long. Within minutes they were entangled in each others arms. Mouths savagely devouring each other, tongues racing, teeth clinking...alone at last! She suddenly leaves the kiss behind as she drops to her knees. Trailing kisses down his incredible chest and stomach on her way to what she has wanted, so badly, all day. Slowly she traces the head with kisses, loving every precious inch of him. Licking and kissing the shaft, nibbling lightly on his balls. Grasping tightly on his ass, she pushes him into her mouth. His legs start to tremble as she begins. She tightly closes her lips around the base and swallows. He almost loses his balance as her throat muscles start to constrict around the sensitive head of his perfect cock. She releases his cock from the grip of her mouth long enough to guide him into his desk chair. Dropping back to her knees she takes hold of him once more. Sucking so perfectly. Up and down. Tongue licking and rubbing that tender little spot under the head. His hands are entangled in her hair. He pushes her ever so gently up and down his shaft as she sucks. She takes a moment to look up at him. He is so hot. Chest so perfect, eyes that melt you, lips so suckable. He too is looking, watching her as she makes love to him with her hot little mouth. He loves her technique. He loves the way she runs her tongue on the underside of his shaft as she sucks it perfectly. Taking all of him. He loves that she will swallow him, completely. Sucking every last drop with such intensity it almost causes him to scream. Loving him so tenderly with her lips and tongue after he has cum. So sensitive after orgasm. Paralyzed by pleasure, lying motionless as she licks and gently takes him back into her mouth. Her head resting on his stomach as she gently sucks, extending the sheer pleasure of orgasm beyond the realm of normalcy.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

I love the look of intensity on your face on your face as you thrust your cock into my depths. Your hand gripped tightly around my neck as your cock annihilates my tight hole. Harder and harder you thrust your hips into me. Bodies slapping fiercely as the intensity of the need builds. Your muscles flexing, sweat dripping from your forehead as you continue to assault my hot hole. My body convulsing over and over again. You do not stop. You continue to fuck me. Deep and hard. The need, the lust, the sheer desire of it all, filling the room with electricity. My moans become screams of lust as you push me to the brink over and over again. My ass gripped tight in your hands as you force my pussy onto your cock roughly, continuously thrusting deeper and deeper inside me. My body no longer under my control as hot liquid pours from my pussy soaking us. You do not stop. Bodies slap together loudly as we splash in my juices. Your cock tightens and swells as you plunge deeply in your last few strokes toward heaven. I look up to watch your body convulse, your hands holding my legs wide as you drench my already wet stomach with your sweet, hot cream. Incredible. I love the feeling of being taken by you, for your pleasure.
As our lips parted and I lie back on the blanket in your arms, the sight of you was breathtaking. Your strong shoulders and chest, the outline of the strength in your face, framed by the moonlit sky. Stars twinkling in the background as the colors of your eyes reflect the moonlight. Breathtaking. At that moment, I had to have you. I kissed you deeply as I repositioned us on the blanket. Your body lying before me, naked, all of you, bathed in the September moonlight. I had to feel you. Slowly I kissed my way down your body, savoring your flavor as my lips traveled slowly downward. Your cock so incredibly hard from just kisses. Hot, long, sweet kisses. Still more kisses as I take the head of your cock gently into my mouth. Kissing all of it. Feeling every ridge and vein with my tongue, slowly circling it. Kissing it so passionately. Your body shaking below me, your moans of sweet pleasure filling the air around me. I had to have more of you. Slowly I stray from the kissing. I suck deeply, forcing more of you to slide slowly into my hot mouth. I imagine my pussy gripping tightly to your cock as I swallow you down to the base. My tongue licks you roughly at the base, lips gripping tightly to the shaft, head swallowed deep into my throat as you thrust forward, moaning my name. I look up at you. You are so beautiful. Your face in such extasy as your body convulses below mine. I have to have you. I move upward. Kissing you as I work my way up. Tickling your skin with my lips, my hair, my nipples. You are so rock hard. I slowly lower myself, covering your cock in my hot, wet juices as I rub the entire length of you against my clit. My pussy so wet, your cock so hard. I place the head of your cock at the tight opening to my hot little heaven. Your body tenses, your muscle tighten as I slowly thrust forward sliding your cock further into my hot, wet hole. My pussy grips you tightly as I settle down on the base of you. Grinding myself into you, my clit so hard against the base of your ridged cock. I hold you deep inside me, sitting straight up I press down pushing you further into my depths as my body convulses in orgasm. Hot juices flowing from me, soaking your cock, bathing your balls. I open my eyes and look down upon you. Your body so perfect, reflecting the exotic beams of moonlight. The thought of watching you as you cum like this, sheer fantasy. I have to have it. I slowly begin to thrust my pussy down on your ridged staff. My muscles massaging your cock as I slowly ride you. Your face reflecting the sheer pleasure of it all as I watch you. Faster and fasted I begin to thrust. Your cock so hard. Standing erect as I continue to pound my pussy unto you. Harder and harder I thrust. Your muscles tighten as the moans of pleasure become louder and louder. More and more, I will not stop. I have to have you. Pussy tight, legs thrusting forward, taking all of you. I feel it building as the head begins to swell. Harder and harder you become as you start to pulse. Hot liquid squirts deep inside me pushing me over the edge with you. Our bodies embrace, clinging tightly to each other in the moonlight, riding out the awesome wave of passion as it crashes through us with a desire and intensity stronger than we have ever before know. Once again, it feels so perfect.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

As a Fantasy Comes to Life
He knew from the minute she greeted him at the door, in that hot little black velvet dress, trimmed with feathers across the chest, that he was in for a wonderful night. She kissed his lips as he walked into the room and welcomed him to his fantasy. He looked around, the entire room was glowing with candlelight. Blue candles of every size were scattered around the room. The flames from the two pillar candles glowing on either side of the bed, caused exotic shadows to dance across the covers. Blue stones scattered about the room reflected the candles glow. She removed the black feather boa that was draped across her arms and began to caress his arms with it. She draped it around his neck and began to slowly remove his clothing. She kissed his chest as it became bare. She trailed her tongue down his legs as she removed his jeans. She tasted him as she removed his underwear. He was so hot. He wanted her right then. Right now! She had other things in mind as she gently pushed him into the chair. The table next to him glowing an exotic shade of blue as the stones reflected the candles light. A blue and white candy cane striped vibrator and another interesting little toy with a variety of attachments also lie on the table. She lowered herself to her knees and took his cock into her mouth. Already rock hard from the excitement of a fantasy come true, he moaned as she sucked. She was only sampling though as she abruptly stopped. She kissed her way up his chest and whispered into his ear. "I know you fantasize about watching me as I am pleasuring myself, tonight fantasies will come true." She straddled his naked body and kissed him deeply. His cock immediately felt the wetness between her legs. She then lifted the black velvet dress up over her head, revealing the hottest lingerie he had ever seen her in. Deep blue, trimmed in black lace. Garters holding up her fishnet stockings. His cock pulsed just from the sight of her. She turned and climbed up onto the bed in front of him. His hand immediately finds his rock hard cock as she spread her legs before him exposing her hot, wet pussy. He watches as her fingers trace circles in the moisture around her clit. She rubs her slit, up and down, with red nails glistening with wetness. Both hands playing. She slides a fingers inside herself while her other hand is busy furiously rubbing at her clit. In and out she plunges it as the muscles in her legs begin to tighten. She moans loudly as her pussy convulses and tightens around her finger. Always wanting more, she pushes in another finger and begins to thrust them deep inside herself, building the pleasure. Her body tenses once again as hot juices squirt from her pussy, soaking the sheets. Cock still in hand, he hands her the first of the toys. She immediate begins to rub herself with it. Up and down her slit she rubs it, covering it in her juices. Slowly she pushes it inside herself. He watches as it slowly disappears into her depths. She moans passionately as she begins to thrust it into herself. Slowly at first. In and out as she gently rubs her clit. The moans become more heated as she picks up the pace, steadily thrusting in time with the revolutions of circles assaulting her clit. She looks up at him, catching his eyes with hers only seconds before they roll into the back of her head as the waves of ecstasy overcome her once again. He kisses her deeply as he hands her the second toy. A buzzing sound fills the room as she turns the switch to on. Gently she places the vibrator on her clit. She experiences instant ecstasy as hot liquid comes gushing from within her. He watches as she sprays the covers with her hot juices. He can no longer just watch. He must feel her, he must taste her. He climbs onto the bed between her stocking clad legs. He licks his fingers needlessly before he places them inside her. He takes the toy from her as he begins to plunge his fingers in and out. He presses her legs open wide as he concentrates on her pussy. His face so close as he watches his fingers plunging in and out as he assaults her clit with electrifying vibrations. He feels her legs tense. Her pussy gripping tightly to his fingers as she screams, showering his face in her sweet liquid. Yet another fantasy come to life.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

A Willing Captive in His Hands
She lie naked before him. His for the taking. Her pussy shaven, baby smooth. The dampness of her, shining in the candlelight. He begins to caress her tender folds. She involuntarily shivers at the first contact of his skin. His hands caress her so gently, his finger tracing circles around her clit as she gets hotter and wetter. He watches her pussy as it becomes more and more aroused. Her back arching as her legs spread wider providing him more access to her precious slit. He begins to explore her. She watches him as he plays with her. His face so intent. Wanting her so badly to cum for him. Wanting to watch her pussy cum. Feeling the convulsions spread through her body as he watches her pussy contract and pulse around his fingers. Looking at her face in ecstasy, eyes rolling in the back of her head, as pleasure courses through her body. Pleasure he has provided her. Making her cum. Commanding that she give him more as he picks up the pace. Leaning forward he takes her nipple into his mouth. Knowing how sensitive they become after her first orgasm he begins to suck. Her body immediately becomes tense as he works his teeth around the little bullet in his mouth. Fingers plunging deep into her, feeling her inside. Knowing just how and where to touch her, pressing gently on her g-spot. Feeling her pussy obey as it clenches tightly around his fingers. Never releasing the grip his teeth have on her nipple, he sucks it with all him might. He presses himself tightly against her, feeling her body convulse against his skin as hot juices flow from her, soaking the sheets. Sucking her lips into his mouth, feeding on her every moan as he feels the pleasure releasing from within her. She becomes limp in his arms as her pussy slowly releases the grip it has on his fingers. He gently pulls them from her. He then places them between their lips. Making her taste her own sweetness. Kissing her deeply between cum drenched fingers. Watching her, feeling her as she becomes aroused once again. He feels her clit hard against his leg as he presses it against her swollen pussy. Her back begins to arch as he pinches her sensitive little bullets. He knows she wants more. He moves down between her legs. He licks her cum drenched pussy. She is in sheer ecstasy as he begins to plunge his tongue deep into her. Lifting her ass off the bed and pressing harder and harder into her as she fills his mouth with her juices. Her body bucking against his face as she cums harder and harder as the orgasms build one on top of another. Biting down on her clit as she soaks his chin, his face. More. She must cum more. He presses into her again with his fingers. One becomes two as she watches him in ecstasy. The hard muscles on his arm flex with every hard, rapid thrust. Veins protruding from underneath his skin as he demands her to cum again. Both hands pleasuring her at the same time. He ferociously rubs and pinches at her clit, tourchering her senses as he drives three fingers deep into her at a pistons pace. Holding her legs wide as he make her pussy gush rivers again. Slapping roughly at her clit. Splashing in the very essence of her. Her pussy his for the taking. Completely under his command as he presses lightly again against her g-spot. Forcing her to feel more. Her pussy so swollen, so hot, so wet, so tight. He moves up her body. Pressing the head of his cock hard on her clit. He begins to rub his cock up and down along her slick, wet slit. He presses hard as his cock slides into her. Her pussy so tight, squeezing him as he thrusts into her. He is immediately on the verge of cumming. Feeling this, she looks him in the eyes and begs him for it. He pulls himself from her and moves up onto the bed as she takes him in her mouth. Sucking deeply, she drains the lust from him as he moans her name in ecstasy.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

I wish my heart were made of stone
Cold and hard and unfeeling
Tears would never again fall from my eyes
If I were free of all the feeling
A heart of stone could never be broken
Impenetrable to all the hurt and pain
Oh how I wish my heart were stone
So it could never be broken again

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The taste of you is divine. Your lips...perfect. I love the softness of them when they are pressed to mine. So tender, so sweet, so romantic the way you kiss me. I love the way your mouth just sucks me in. The passion you emit is incredible as our tongues entwine. I feel as if the world just completely fades away and the only thing left is you and I. Time and space no longer exist. Just you and I, lost again, in the passion of a kiss.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

The Thought of You
My pussy starts dripping the minute I close my eyes and imagine you. The way you touch me, feel me, completely captivate me. My body becomes a slave to your hands, your fingers. Caressing the length of my slit. Pressing down with just the right amount of pressure, threatening to penetrate my hot hole, teasing my clit, until I thrust my hips forward, begging to feel you inside. I furiously rub circles around my clit as I imagine the feel of your fingers slipping inside me. Feeling me, massaging me, exploring me, commanding my body to release. I plunge in and out rapidly, pressing harder and harder on my clit as my body begins to tense. I look down, watching my fingers as I pleasure myself, thinking of you. My head falls back in ecstasy as the juices gushing from my pussy soak the sheets.
I love the feel of you in my mouth as you are on the verge of cumming. I love to run my tongue up and down the entire length of it, feeling every vein as they begin to pulse. Sucking you deeply into the back of my throat. Savoring the samples telling me that you are so close. Encircling the entire crown as I slowly suck, moving my head up and down at just the perfect pace. Increasing the suction at just the right time. Feeling you start to tense. Your leg muscles twitching as the head becomes so sensitive, nerve endings completely engorged. All at once I feel you explode. The sensation must be exquisite, as I feel your body begin to tremble as your cock is pumping the sweetness of you down my greedy throat. I slowly suck deeper, draining the last of your sweet nectar. Your body gives way to the pleasure as I feel you collapse. My lips release their grip on you and I gently cradle you in my mouth. Slowly and lightly encircling the crown, sucking ever so lightly as you lie beneath me in pure bliss. Caressing your legs as you shiver beneath my touch, with my head nestled upon your stomach, loving so much the feeling your muscles as they tighten and twitch....Having you...pure ecstasy.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

A perfect moment in time.

The glow from the candles flickering across your chest, the shadows on the wall moving with you as I gaze up at your beautiful body. So tan, so hard, so sculpted. So sexy. The vision of you begins to blur as every muscle in my body tightens, preparing for the release. Your mouth captures my every moan. The taste of you in my mouth exquisite as my body drifts into the heavenly realm of orgasm once again. My pussy tight, squeezing you, holding you there, deep inside me. Our bodies pressed so tightly together as you suck the desire from my lips. You feel every wave as it crests within me. Your mouth never leaving mine, kissing me deeply as the shivers slowly fade. Always knowing just the right moment, the timing always perfect as you slowly push yourself deeper inside me, commanding my muscles to tighten once again giving you more. Your mouth devouring every passion laced moan escaping my lips as the internal explosion of desire sweeps through my body once more. Never leaving me, buried deep within the walls of my pussy as you ride out every wave with me. Your kisses becoming deeper and softer as you feel the last ripples of pleasure slowly ebb from my body. It is then, that it happens...that perfect moment in time when our eyes meet, our gaze connected as our bodies are still one, there are no words that can describe that moment, that feeling of complete perfection...A perfect moment in time.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

I woke up this morning feeling incredible. I just had one of the best days of my life yesterday and today started out wonderful too. I fell asleep in the wee hours of this morning with the scent of you on me. The wonderful aroma of you surrounding me on my pillows and sheets. My body still tingling from the body rocking orgasms you ripped from my core as I drifted off to sleep. I awoke this morning to the sound of your voice telling me "Good morning , my love". All day long my mind has relived the wonderful evening we enjoyed together. The waves crashing in the background, the heat and intensity of your breath on my neck, biting me as we made love on a blanket in the sand. The way your skin glowed under the candle light, with the shadows dancing across your body as I caressed the shivers away. Having your skin touching mine, feeling your body drift off to sleep in my arms. Pressing my lips against your shoulders, just tasting the wondrous flavor of you through kisses. Every moment of the evening just perfect. Reminding me once more why I fell in love with you.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Only foreplay

My pussy still so swollen, so tight, so sensitive. My clit hard and firm. Lips still glistening from the hot juices that flowed so easily from me, under your masterful touch. My body still shaking in aftershock from the last intense orgasm that was ripped from my core. Every shudder, every quiver controlled by your masterful hand. Fingers buried deep within the walls of my pussy, as you touch me in just the right spot. Knowing, feeling when the timing is right, you lightly tap my clit, making me explode inside once more. Gripping tightly on your fingers as I grind into your hand and flood you with my juices. Your tongue invading my mouth as I moan uncontrollably into yours. Our bodies clinging together tightly, feeling the heat of desire, radiating from within you. Tasting the irresistible flavor of passion on your skin. As you bring me to exstacy again and again. I lie captive in your arms. My entire body tingles as it seizes to work. Limbs completely incapable of movement as you slowly remove your fingers and kiss the final waves of passion from my lips. Lightly caressing my sensitive pussy. Kissing me with long, hot, passionate kisses. Sparking flame to the hot coals still burning deep inside me. Knowing I want more. Making me want more, as your move your touches back to my clit. My body jumps as you tap on it lightly. Desire overtakes me as you bite on my neck while working you way down my body. Licking me, biting me, kissing me as I shake and shudder below you. You tongue just barely grazes my clit as bolts of lightening shoot through my body. My body instinctively pulls away as the pleasure intensifies. Holding me tightly, you bury your face in my pussy and force me to feel more. Licking me, sucking me, so incredibly. Every nerve in my body on fire as you push me to the edge once more. Taking me. Holding me tightly to your face as I buck and cum. Drinking in my juices, my desire. Feeling my pussy with your tongue as it pulses and tightens. Holding me tightly as my body goes limp once more. Limbs incapable of movement. My entire body tingling with pleasure as you slowly work your way back up. Kissing me deeply, my juices still clinging to your lips. The flavor of sweet desire mingles through our kiss. Our bodies pressed tightly together as your hand begins to caress me once more....

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

The most valuable thing I own? Old letters and notes passed in the hallways from high school. Little fancy folded tid bits from the past. It is almost like stealing back a moment from time. Almost like a song sends you back to the moment. Old letters from friends send you right back to the moment with all the intimate details in tact. Who said what about whom all in black and white, or red or purple or whatever color the pen was you "stole" from the person that you had borrowed it from cause you had forgotten yours. I actually keep them in a bag under my bed. I have since I started keeping them in high school. I didn't keep all of them because God knows their must have been hundreds. And I didn't keep everybody's. Just what I guess you would call "the special ones, the good ones and of course the juicy ones". Most of those came from my best friend. Been friends since 3rd grade. Still my very best friend today. These old letters give you a glimpse of who you were through others eyes before life got in the way. Life being bills, responsibility, husbands, jobs, careers, kids what have you. It all just seems to take YOU over. Sometimes you forget just who you were before all that happened. You were not just willing to settle or accept, just because society tells you that you should. You took what you wanted out of life, you didn't wait to see what you'd be handed. The fire of innocence untainted by society. Now as I said these letters are in a bag under my bed. About every 3 to 5 yrs or so I pull them out, dust off the ripped up cruddy old bag they are in and sit down and read them. Some make me laugh, some make me cry, and some just plain confuse me not remembering all the little "code words" and "code names" we had for anything or anyone that may read it were it to get lost. Such boldness in our tones as we bitched about how awful our parents were and how unfair it was that we had gotten grounded for only being 45 min past curfew. Such heartache in the tone as we poured our tears out over the latest teenage heartbreak. So willing to give away our hearts back then. But most of all I realize when I read these letters, is that we were never bored. Never stagnant. We were always going and doing something. We were definitely cooler than we thought we were back then. We took life and all it had to offer by the horns and rode it like a bull. Then somewhere along the way, life takes over who you are. Sitting down every few years and reminding myself of who I was, makes me analyze what I have become and helps me to take back who I am. Old letters. Definitely the most valuable thing I own.

I read those letter last night. I woke up this morning and noticed a beautiful, vibrant, sexy woman getting dressed in my bedroom mirror. I gladly welcomed her home.

Saturday, July 30, 2005

I love you...
Such a pure and simple statement
Three little words, not meant in question
Requiring no answer, no permanent commitment
Such a powerful phrase it is indeed
Comprised of just, three simple words
Brings forth an avalanche of emotion
To ears that these three words have heard
Fear is the first to come crashing in
As we feel our hearts go on the line
Vulnerable now to all the pain and hurt
Separate lives, now closely entwined
Then overwhelming feelings of joy
Wrap their arms around your heart
You feel the warmth and tenderness
As the waves of euphoria come crashing forth
The feelings of love, so simple and pure
Yet powerful enough, to leave you helpless to resist
So much more than three words verbalized
It is what is felt, since the first time you kissed.
A very good friend of mine and I have had many discussions on the subject of how to give a "proper" blow job. Although we have never had any sort of sex whatsoever, he jokes all the time that I should give his and all his friend's ladys a proper class on just how to do so. I figured I would work on my lesson plan tonight.

First of all, you do not simply suck a mans dick. You make love to him with your mouth. And you do not start with the dick. It is something that you work your way up to. It must be anticipated by both parties. Imagine him naked, lay before you on a bed. A buffet of erogenous zones just waiting to be feasted upon. Every man has his arousal points. The neck for instance. A small little bite, just enough to kinda hurt, but mostly feel good. Followed by soft, yet hot kisses, real kisses of the skin. Sucking in slightly to taste him, the unique flavor of his skin. Long , soft caresses down both his arms as you taste the exquisite flavor of his chest. A quick nibble of the ear lobe as you breathe the hottest, most seductive, I WANT YOU, breath in his ear. Your tongue travels down his chest as you fingertips are slightly tickling the skin on his legs from ankle to hip. Tenderly licking the crease in his skin where his pelvis meets his leg as your fingers are gently caressing his balls. You want him in your mouth at this point as badly as he wants to feel the hot wetness of your lips. You lightly lick the very tip, looking up at him. Watching him convulse as bolts of pleasure course like lightning through his veins from the hot , moist sensations of your tongue. Gently run your tongue around the entire crown. Feel it, taste it with your tongue. Run it down the entire underside of the shaft, stopping to suck the skin, tasting him at the very base, just above his balls. Hands are a must, but not on the cock. A hand job is a hand job, but a blow job is not. Hands are for caressing, touching, massaging and ticking all the sensitive areas of skin surrounding your main focus. Slowly you work your way back up his cock, sucking the skin into your mouth lightly as your lips part just enough to envelope the entire underside of his cock. All the way up. Feeling every vein with your tongue. Stopping just long enough to flick the very underside of the crown. Then sucking the entire head slowly between your lips. Don't go any further. Just suck the crown, lightly. Enough to taste it, feel it in your mouth. Mould your lips to it. Slowly suck more and more of him into your mouth as you move downward towards the base. Swallow. Feel your throat constrict around him as he writhes in pleasure below you. Hold him in your mouth, all of him. Them slowly begin to move. Up and down the shaft. Sucking, tasting, feeling, making love to him with your mouth. Hands still only caressing. Faster and harder the sucking becomes as the need to taste him, have him, starts to rush over you. Thrust him deep into your throat, swallowing with every thrust. Grasp him by the ass, force him farther into your mouth. Feel him begin to throb as the moment draws near, his body tensing, his breath ragged, his moans deep. Feel the heat as he fills you with him. Swallow as he is cumming, gently milk it from him. Feel him pulsating in your mouth, as the waves of euphoria crash through his body. Hold him there between your lips until the last of the shivers have left him. Hands still caressing, all the tender, electrified, spots. Prolonging the pleasure. When the last ripples of pleasure have ebbed from his body, slowly kiss your way back up. Again tasting, savoring the flavor of his now sweat tinged body. Licking, biting and sucking his neck as your work your way back up. Breathing the hottest of breath into his ear.

Friday, July 29, 2005

I hate to see the stress and sadness in your eyes. It makes me hurt for you. You seem like you have the whole weight of the world on your shoulders today and I feel helpless to make it better for you. I try to make you smile the best I can. I know that just rubbing all the tension out of your head and shoulders won't make whatever it is go away. There are so many things I'd love to do to help, but...I am forced to only think about them. They always claim it is the thought that counts so I figured I'd share with you what I am thinking about...
I imagine you coming home the way you looked today. So sad and as if the whole world was against you. I would immediately grab a hold of you and hug your body close to mine. I then would kiss your neck in my favorite spot, work my way up to your lips and inhale your breath into me as I tried to kiss all your cares away. I would slowly unbutton your shirt kissing your chest and stomach as I unclasped each button before I removed it from your tired shoulders. I would turn your body and head you toward the bedroom where I would gentle push you back onto the bed. I would take your shoes off and rub your tired feet. I would unclasp your pants and slide them out from underneath you and slowly down your legs as I kissed my way down to your ankles. I would leave your underwear on for a few minutes of course, just to look at you in them. You know how sexy I think you look in a pair of plain ol' underwear. After my eyes had their fill I would slowly slide them down your legs placing a second coat of kisses on them as I worked my way down. Of course I would stand there and just look at you for a few short moments until I could no longer control the hands that want so badly to touch your skin. I would then grab a bottle of some sort of stress relieving scent of massage oil I know I would have gotten just for you. I would rub every inch of your body front and back, from your head to your toes until no muscle was left untouched and you had dozed off to sleep. Away from the madness of the chaotic world and off in dreamland. I would leave you to your dreams as I went to prepare your dinner. I would tenderly wake you 10 or 15 minutes before dinner was ready so that you had a few minutes to wake up before having to eat. After dinner was finished I would whisk you off to a hot shower, where I would join you and insist on washing your body for you. From head to toe I would try to wash away all your cares. Rubbing again your tired back and shoulders. I would then take you back to bed and make love to you, in any and every way you desired, until your tired body could take no more and you drifted off to sleep in my arms. I would then lay there holding you. I wouldn't stop caressing you just because you had fallen asleep and could no longer feel it. I would tenderly caress your head and shoulders until I myself joined you in dreamland. Hoping that somewhere along the way that I had made whatever was eating you up inside, somehow a little easier to bear.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

It was 2 am, they were alone at the park. It was such a warm summer night. No one else was around. She wore the most summery dress she could find in her closet. Pink, with spaghetti straps, showing incredible amounts of leg. They both wanted more. They both needed more. The picnic table just seemed to call to them. Inviting them. She lay back on it and spread her legs over it's sides. Panties now long gone from the earlier round in the parking lot of the club. Her pussy so wet, so hot. Her clit, still swollen from the onslaught of pleasure he had provided her numerous times already that evening. But still wanting more. She licked her fingers and slowly traced circles around her clit. Watching him as he watched her. Needing to touch her, needing to feel the heat, the moisture, he starts to caress her slit. Instant currents of lightning flash through her body at the first touch of his flesh. She furiously rubs her clit as he begins to thrust his fingers inside her. Begging her to cum. Demanding her to cum for him. She squirts her hot liquid into his hand as he feels her tighten around his fingers, hears her moans of desire. Her body convulses, her pussy squeezing tighter with every quake rushing through her body. Feeling every wave with her. Watching her. Her body as it quivers and shakes. Her pussy swollen, enveloped in his hand. Her clit, so hard, so sensitive, so responsive to his touch as he taps it lightly dragging out the sensations of the orgasm exploding inside her. Slowly her pussy begins to relax. He pulls his finger out ever so slowly. Allowing her to release him, feeling every last ripple as it ebbs from her body. His cock rock hard now from this glorious scene laid out before him, he pulls her gently by her legs to the end of the table. He slides in with one fluid motion as he lifts her legs to his strong shoulders. Buried inside her to the base he holds himself there, feeling her pulsate, as the velvety walls of her pussy caress every vein of his cock. He begins to thrust, slowly. The head grazing her clit as he withdraws, balls pressed firmly against her hot ass as he buries himself again. In and out until her body tenses and starts to shake once again. The muscles in her legs tighten as her pussy squeezes him tightly. Hot liquid flows from her. Drenching his cock. His balls. He never stops thrusting. Taking her. Her pussy now tighter than any virgin he had ever felt. He feels it building as his cock begins to throb. She knows he is going to cum. She senses it, she feels it. She wants it. She begs him for it. He withdraws as she drops from the table to her knees just in time for the last and final strokes to be provided by her hot, wet mouth. Cock buried deep in her throat as she sucks and swallows with an intensity that causes his legs to weaken. Grasping him by the ass she holds him there. Deep in her throat until she Has taken from him everything. Hands traveling as she lightly caresses his balls. Feeling him quiver and shake as she lightly sucks the last remaining drops from him. Slowly she slides her mouth upward. Releasing all but the head. Tongue running slow, light circles around it as she kisses the last of the ripples of pleasure from his body. No longer able to stand he drops to the bench with her body collapsing into his lap. Arms wrap each other tightly as their lips meet in a kiss that is long...deep...and hot.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

I lick every so gently on the tip as you position yourself over me. Base to tip I lick you. Your balls slide into my mouth as I gently suck on them. Hearing you moan. Giving you pleasure. Pleasure you so richly deserve. I can not wait any longer. I wrap my hands around your ass and push you into my mouth. I position my face just right. All the way back, I feel you as you start to invade my throat. I swallow as my mouth hits the base of your cock. Deep in the back of my throat, I have you. Your moans become louder, your breathing heavier as I start to fuck you with my mouth. Grasping your ass, in and out, your cock slides as I suck. My tongue encircling the head, tickling all the right nerves. You hit overload. (My favorite part.) You grasp my face. Gently you begin to thrust. Fucking my face. Feeling my tongue tease and tickle you as you push your cock further and further down my throat. You feel me gag and swallow. I continue sucking. Your hips thrust up and down on the bed as I lay beneath you sucking. My mouth feels so good, so hot, so wet. I feel you becoming tense. Your cock is rock hard as it starts to throb. I feel your hot cum hit the back of my throat. Immediately I start sucking. Clamping my lips around you as I hold you captive. Taking from you all that you have. Every drop. You are helpless to fight it. You give in and go limp as I finish you off. You drop to the bed, spent. I am not finished with you yet. I start to caress you. Your every nerve comes alive as I lightly tickle you in all the most sensitive spots. eventually, I nestle my head on your stomach, gently suck your cock back into my mouth. Every so lightly I suck. You lie the in ecstasy. Your entire body tingling as you drift off to sleep with your cock still nestled lightly between my lips.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The awe of love,
How quickly it faded and turned into wonder
Wondering why...
Why is it, that you do not look at me anymore?
Slowly the wonder, turned into tears
Tears of pain, from an aching heart.
Why is it, that you do not love me anymore?
Gradually the tears began to dry.
Turned to anger, from so many broken promises.
Why is it, that you lie to me?
Anger festers into rage.
Exploding in upon itself.
How dare you be so cruel to my heart?
Rage eventually burns itself out.
And without an ember left glowing,
It slowly turns into...
Nothing at all.

Monday, June 13, 2005

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Sunday, June 12, 2005

These are the lyrics to my new favorite song...Alabama, by: Cross Canadian Ragweed
She picked up the telephone, all the heard was dialtone. She really thought she'd heard it ring this time. She said, "what am I thinking? I must be only dreaming. Or maybe it's the hundred times he's crossed my mind just tonight." Maybe I miss your loving. Maybe I miss your kiss just a little bit. Maybe I miss your body lying right next to mine. Maybe I miss your touch a little too much. Tossing and turning. Her skins still burning from the fire in his hands. Running on empty. She needs somebody, but somebody wouldn't understand. And the telephone rings. Maybe I miss your loving. Maybe I miss your kiss just a little bit. Maybe I miss your body lying right next to mine. Maybe I miss your touch a little too much. Talked about Savannah, Sweet Home Alabama, and how I miss the way she always smiled. Are you coming back soon by the harvest moon if I have to walk every mile on my knees. Maybe I miss your loving. Maybe I miss your kiss just a little bit. Maybe I miss your body lying right next to mine. Maybe I miss your touch a little to much. Now maybe I miss your loving. Maybe I miss your lips just a little bit. Maybe I miss your body lying right next to mine. Maybe I miss your touch a little too much. A little too much. A little too much.

Friday, May 20, 2005

A perfect combination
Of give and take.
Satisfaction reached
At it's highest rank.
As the adrenaline of power
And pleasure combined
Comes coursing through your veins.
The power of control.
Controlling your pleasure.
The reward of satisfaction
As I savor every drop.
Knowing that your body
Limp and tingling, lying there.
Was all mine for just a moment.
Feeling every shudder
Every quiver, every shake
As I give to you completely.
Reaching a climax
In satisfaction
Knowing you feel this way
Because of me.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

There are not enough words to describe the incredible sensations that course through my entire being the first moment I feel you slide inside me after not having you for so long. That first moment of penetration, exquisite. A sensation that rocks my entire body. I feel it inside and out. My head reeling, my body accepting, my heart exploding. Having you. There is no greater feeling. Needing you and not being able to have you...there is no greater pain.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Thank You For Being My Mother

In our lifetime we will meet and know at least a thousand people.
But in all that time I will never meet anyone as wonderful as my mother.
She put up with so much, and gave so much more. Love, attention, advice and hugs.
Never wanting anything more in return than our love for one another.

Molding us tenderly, never loving us less, even when we bitterly rebelled.
Teaching us respect, responsibility and the difference between right and wrong.
Admiring all our accomplishments and in turn loving all our flaws.
Encouraging us always to do our best, while making us feel important and strong.

She would give you all she had and more, living with less just to see you smile.
She is someone that no matter what has went wrong, you know on her you can depend.
Beaming with pride, watching her babies grow up, knowing she has done her best.
Teaching us compassion for our fellow man, and how important it is to be a good friend.

I feel privileged and lucky to have been given one of God's most wonderful gifts.
A mother who truly loves and cares and gives from her heart without end.
And I can say with confidence a more wonderful person I will never meet in my life,
Than the woman my son lovingly calls "Mimi", my mother, my eternal friend.

Friday, May 06, 2005

Jealousy...the worst of all emotions to have to feel. Why? I think because it is the forbidden. It is bad. A person is not supposed to be jealous. There is a right time to be sad, a right time to be angry, and a right time to grieve. It is ok to feel and express all of those emotions...but jealousy. "We should be thankful for what we have". "The grass isn't always greener on the other side". Yeah. Whatever. I hate that I feel it, but I do. I cringe when I know the feelings are coming on. I can no longer concentrate on conversation or whatever else is going on around me. I slip into my own. I have conversations with myself. Silently scolding myself for feeling this way. Yet unable to not feel this way. Totally out of all control of it. It can be triggered by the simplest of things. A look. A thought. A simple sentence in a conversation. And BAM! You feel it. It comes shooting through your body like a bullet. Fast and slightly painful. Then it begins to settle in as a dull ache. Accepting the uncontrollable, I slowly slip back into my surroundings. No one has even noticed. Such a powerful feeling to feel, yet no one notices your private pain. The forbidden feelings of jealousy.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

You are such a feast for the eyes.
How is it that, you do not see?
Your eyes themselves twinkle in the sunlight,
In all the shades of the clear blue sea.
Those lips of yours, they are divine
I love their shape, their shade, their taste.
A mix of the lightest shades of crimson,
With the taste, and sweetness of sheer desire.
I love the incredible curve of your neck,
That sexy little spot where it meets your strong shoulders.
The taste of you there,
A flavor that fuels my deepest desires.
As I bite down, savoring the flavors, of passion on fire.
Your chest is exquisite, so strong and so hard.
Framed perfectly between two sculpted arms.
Muscles flowing so fluidly, every shape so define.
Your stomach. Nothing short of beautiful.
So sweet to taste, so responsive to my touch.
Need flows through my body,
As I run my fingers down your legs.
So strong, so powerful, so positively defined.
A strength I love, a power I feel with every thrust
When our bodies make love to one another.
From head to toe, inside and out.
A feast you are, for my every sense.
So a glutton I become, when given the chance.
Devouring, without regard to manners
For so often I am limited,
To surviving on mere samples.

Monday, April 25, 2005

So tender is that little spot right between your leg and your groin. I love to run my tongue across it and taste you as you shiver. First one side and then the other. The intensity of it makes your body shudder in delight. I slowly caress up and down the shaft of your beautiful cock with my fingertips. Slowly encircling the head, as my other hand lightly caresses your balls. A small droplet of cum begins to seep out. So sweet it is. I lightly lick the tip as you convulse beneath me, from the first velvety touches of my tongue. My lips part and envelope the head as I suck you into my mouth. The feeling of it in my mouth divine, as I suckle you. Relishing just the taste of you in my mouth. Another swipe of my tongue trails down the shaft. Licking you in all those oh so tender little places. From base to tip I lick you once more before I impale you into the back of my throat. Locking my lips tightly around the base I swallow, constricting my throat muscles around the head as you moan in ecstasy. Up and down I move my mouth, sucking with just the right pressure. Needing the release, you grasp the back of my head and slowly pump my hot, wet mouth. I suck in unison with every thrust to the base of my throat. I feel it building. Your cock rock hard and throbbing. You release my head and fall back as I grab your hips and plunge you deep into my face. You are so close. I suck as you start to cum. Hot and sweet, gushing down my throat as I grasp you, pulling you deeper into my mouth. You shake, you shudder. You moan my name, oh so sweetly as you collapse backward....Paralyzed by pleasure.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Harder and harder he thrust his hips, pushing himself deep inside her. Her body literally convulsing with pleasure. Sweat laced with desire covering both of them. The sweet scent of sex surrounding their every sense, as the tension begins to built. Her pussy squeezing so tightly, the pressure increasing with every hard, fast thrust of cock he was pounding into her. Her hair grasped tightly in his hand. Another hard spasm erupts from deep within her. He does not stop. He continues the assault on her sweet, hot pussy. Claiming every ounce of pleasure. Taking. Having. Never knowing when this chance will again come. Another spasm. She squeezes him so tightly. He stops, buried deep inside her. Feeling every wave with her, as they rush through her body in a violent surge. Grasping tightly to his body, biting hard on his neck, as she slowly comes down from the onslaught of extreme pleasure. Her pussy throbbing from inside, massaging his cock with every pulse of pleasure. He must have more. He needs more. He slowly pulls out, only to thrust back inside he with sheer power. Her pussy feeling the strength of his hard muscles. Loving the assault, needing the assault, she thrust upward to meet him. Mouths connect and devour the taste of desire. Her body starts to tremble as the waves begin to build once more. Her pussy so tight, he can take no more. Together they feel the internal explosion of lust and desire combined. Lips sucked into each others mouths. Chests heaving, hearts pounding together, as the waves of sheer desire slowly ebb away.
Back to perfect once again. As is well in the world for a short and glorious moment. Nothing else matters. Just two bodies, entangled together. Perfection.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

I sit out here watching you. I can see you through the side of the blinds. You know I am watching you. You are so hot. I want you so badly. I start to get wet thinking about having you. No one is looking. They cannot see me. So absorbed in their games they are oblivious to me out here. I slowly start to put my hand down the front of my pants. God bless the elastic waistband, no buttons to undo, no zippers, just instant access to a dire need. I slowly run my fingers over my whole pussy. My God, how a few of your kisses can make me so wet. From the minute my lips touched yours tonight I have wanted you. Needed you. My fingers press harder as I play in the wetness of my own pussy. I see you. So hot. My body shivers slightly as I caress my clit. So hard it gets from my touch and the sight out you. I see you. You know I am watching. Harder I press as I spread my legs wider across the banister. Running tight little circles around my clit as I start to lightly moan. Oh God how wonderful it would be to have you. As the tension builds I release my clit and slide a finger deep inside me. Oooooh, I softly moan. I know they cannot hear me. More, I must have more. I stretch my legs further. Harder and faster I rub myself. My eyes stay fixed on you as the waves begin to build. Yes....yes...right there...Oh my God. The vision of you blurrs as my body starts to convulse. Wetness pours from me. I grip the banister tighter as the waves crash through me. My legs drop down. Barley able to hold myself up, I stumble back into the room. Grazing your arm as I pass you. The feel of your skin, unreal. I collapse in the chair in front of you. Heart raising, breath ragged as I recover. No one knows. Only you. You watch me from behind the chair. I can no longer see you, but I feel you eyes on me. You know I have just had you.

Monday, April 11, 2005

Do you think we ever really know true happiness
Or do we strive in vain to obtain the unattainable
Do we search out and exaggerate all of life's little imperfections
In our constant journey to live out the “happily ever after” fable

The feelings of guilt can sometimes become overwhelming
Asking ourselves are we being selfish to want so much
Do we really deserve to acheive the unattainable bliss
Or are we destined to live life, feeling wounded, carrying a crutch

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Blinded to reality
I remain a willing captive
In the world I have created
Sanity obtained by being adaptive

Happiness created daily
With an imagination that is inventive
The delicious smiles spread across my face
These feelings of desire, incredibly addictive

For in my world, you are mine
Precious love shared every day
These things so far from the bitterness of reality
So in my fantasy world, smiling, I choose to stay
Your body next to mine
I gaze upon you
You are so beautiful
Every inch of you
Sculpted to near perfection
I love the curve of your arms
So strong
I feel so safe when they hold me
The perfection of your chest
A solid place to rest my head
Your stomach
So sensitive to my touch
As you quiver under my fingers
Your legs
Exquisite are the feelings
Of them wrapped around my head
Your cock buried deep in my throat
Your body so tense
Every muscle feeling
The internal explosion of lust
The release it is divine
As your body collapses
And I gaze upon you
So beautiful you are
Your body next to mine

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Your body is cuddled up close to mine as I wake to the first rays of sunshine penetrating the room. You look so sweet lying there with your eyes closed, all worries forgotten for the few precious hours your mind takes to rest in sleep. I cannot help but touch you. The feel of your skin under my touch, exquisite. I start to lightly caress your body. Slowly running my fingers down the back of your neck. Lightly kissing you, just behind the ear. Whispering I love you, as you peacefully sleep. I snuggle you closer and lie my head on your chest as you start to stir. Your sleepy eyes begin to focus as they meet beautiful and full of life they become when you stretch your mouth into it's first smile of the day as you realize I am slowly making my way down your body. So sensitive you are in the morning. I lightly caress you stomach. Down lower my other hand it relishing in the feel of your inner thighs. Your body shudders under my touch. I feel your most sensitive parts, my tongue grazes lightly across that sweet little crevice where your legs meet your body. I lightly lick your balls as you squirm in delight. Up the shaft my tongue trails only seconds before I take you in my mouth. So sweet the taste of you. The sweet drops of honey I taste as you become mine, fuel me with desire. I must have you. I move up your body. Kissing your every inch until I have your lips in my mouth. Slowly I push downward as I take you inside me. Muscles squeeze, bodies quivering as I slowly move my way up and down. Having you. Together our bodies build for the release. There is heat, sweat, delicious moans. I feel you swell inside me as our bodies become tense. Let go. Release. We feel the moment together. Two bodies molded tightly in lust and love. Kissing...always kissing, until the last, of all shivers, have subsided. Oh, how I would give anything to start my day like this.

Friday, February 25, 2005

Hearts Asunder
You feel it with your entire being
So deep within your heart
Soul mates, bound together by love
In a world that keeps them apart

Monday, February 21, 2005


My mind needs healthy stimulation
My eyes are craving to be fed
My body yearns to be satisfied
I need you naked, alone in bed

My skin consumes your desire, your heat
My ears devour your every moan
A feast for every sense I have
Your body naked, with mine, alone

To taste your flesh, inhale your breath
As I feel your heart pound with mine
Two bodies clinging tightly in waves of passion
Satisfaction acquired...the feeling, divine