Monday, April 25, 2005

So tender is that little spot right between your leg and your groin. I love to run my tongue across it and taste you as you shiver. First one side and then the other. The intensity of it makes your body shudder in delight. I slowly caress up and down the shaft of your beautiful cock with my fingertips. Slowly encircling the head, as my other hand lightly caresses your balls. A small droplet of cum begins to seep out. So sweet it is. I lightly lick the tip as you convulse beneath me, from the first velvety touches of my tongue. My lips part and envelope the head as I suck you into my mouth. The feeling of it in my mouth divine, as I suckle you. Relishing just the taste of you in my mouth. Another swipe of my tongue trails down the shaft. Licking you in all those oh so tender little places. From base to tip I lick you once more before I impale you into the back of my throat. Locking my lips tightly around the base I swallow, constricting my throat muscles around the head as you moan in ecstasy. Up and down I move my mouth, sucking with just the right pressure. Needing the release, you grasp the back of my head and slowly pump my hot, wet mouth. I suck in unison with every thrust to the base of my throat. I feel it building. Your cock rock hard and throbbing. You release my head and fall back as I grab your hips and plunge you deep into my face. You are so close. I suck as you start to cum. Hot and sweet, gushing down my throat as I grasp you, pulling you deeper into my mouth. You shake, you shudder. You moan my name, oh so sweetly as you collapse backward....Paralyzed by pleasure.

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