Saturday, March 31, 2007

I feel the pressure building inside me.
Your hands playing your favorite tune.
Digging into me.
Searching for one thing.
With your fingers curved just right,
Your thrust becomes forceful.
You fuck my pussy with wild abandon.
Building the wave.
You tell me to play with my clit.
Between wide spread legs,
I watch as your fingers fuck me.
I watch as my own, dance around my clit.
The wave inside me, swells.
Your fingers continue to fuck me.
The pleasure you take from me,
Reflected in your eyes.
Your words, sticky sweet,
As they are moaned into my ear,
And you beg me to squirt you,
To shower you in my cum.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Your tongue dances across the damp triangle of lace.
Sampling the honey seeping from my soul.
Hot, wet, and sticky, the lace clings to my folds.
Your tongue traces into me, confined by the lace.
My hips buck upward, needing the penetration.
Your mouth is bathed in my flavor
As I press it wildly against you.
Your tongue darts out,
Punishing my clit through the lace.
Lighting soars through my body,
As your teeth connect,
Around the hard, lace covered, bud,
You are sucking into your mouth.
A flood of juices flows from me,
Soaking through the lace,
And into your mouth.
My pussy aches to be filled,
As my body tingles from the orgasm.
My mind feeds on the naughty sounds,
Of you sucking my juices from the lace.
Wanting so badly to feel the sweet release
Provided by your cock.
Knowing it will be worth the wait.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Bent over on the chair.
My pussy offered to you.
My hips begging to be grabbed.
The hair flowing down my back,
Screams for your fingers grasp.
My ass high in the air,
Awaiting the sweet assault.
And the naughty lingerie I am wearing,
Tells you I want it rough.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

It all started, three short years ago...

Inside every woman ,
Are a few secrets.
Dirty thoughts,
Hidden desires,
Waiting to escape,
To be unleashed,
To be acted upon.
Yet there is guilt,
In enjoying the sin,
Driven into us,
By a hypocritical society.
So we keep our desires hidden,
Masked to the outer world,
Only to be unleashed upon,
An unsuspecting lover,
As our desires run wild,
Behind closed doors.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Got this in my email today...

I liked the message, hope you like it too.

Today's Message of the Day is:
Life is short,
Break the rules,
Forgive quickly,
Kiss slowly,
Love truly,
Laugh uncontrollably,
And never regret anything that made you smile.

The heat between them was intense.
The desire she conveyed,
Through her eyes alone,
Went on for hours.
The passion built.
The flames were fanned by every look.
Two bodies on fire,
Waiting for the moment.
The glorious moment,
When they can be alone,
And allow the sense of touch,
To completely overwhelm them.

Monday, March 26, 2007

My legs straddle you.
On the tips of my toes,
I crouch above your cock.
Teasing you.
It is hard and aching,
Wanting the velvety heat ,
Of the soft walls of my pussy,
Encasing it.
You throb at the first touch,
Of liquid heat,
As it coats the head of your cock.
I hold it in my hand.
So firm so stiff.
Stroking the length of my sticky slit.
I feel it pulsing in my grip.
Begging me lower.
Instead I use you,
Toying with my clit.
I see the need in your eyes,
And grant you sweet relief,
As you beg me in a breathless,
Pleasure rolls through you,
As the heat encases you.
The moisture only fans,
The flame of desire,
Now burning hot in your soul,
As I bury you into mine.
Pausing at the base,
I press into you.
Grinding you,
Into me.
Completely encased, I hold you there.
Sitting atop you,
I gently place a nipple in each of your hands.
You begin to toy with them.
My hips do not move,
But you feel the walls of my pussy,
Dancing along your stiff shaft.
My eyes beg you,
My words command you,
"Make me cum."
You feel as the pressure begins to build,
Pinching and tugging,
You push me closer to the edge.
My pussy, filled with your cock,
Begins to tighten.
A moan pours from my lips,
As the waves roll through my body.
And with a nipple in each hand,
Sitting perfectly still on your cock,
You feel my pussy convulse,
And roll through the waves,
As you make me cum.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Do you hold your cock in your hand,
As you read my dirty thoughts?
Do you stroke it gently,
As the naughty words I have written,
Form dirty images in your mind?
Do you close your eyes and feel,
My pussy?
My mouth?
My ass?
Do you take me in all the ways,
My dirty little mind has imagined?
Do you hold your cock in your hand
As you read my dirty thoughts?

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Each nipple prepared delightfully,
With your fingers and your tongue,
Stands erect.
Awaiting the clips.
A soft sting runs through me,
As each is lovingly applied.
The chain is cold,
Dangling down my chest.
Your breath is hot,
On my swelling clit.
Your mouth divine,
As it sucks on my hardening bud.
Another jolt of lightning,
As I feel the cold chains moving.
My clit confined between your lips.
The clip cold, as it pinches into me.
The pleasure extreme, as it roars through me.
Your words like honey as they praise me.
"That's a good girl, cum for me."
"There is so much more in store."
The coldness of the chain leaves my skin.
My nipples and clit feel the tug.
My lungs emit a moan of animalistic heat.
And my pussy gushes forth all of my lust for you.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Your body is curled into mine from behind.
I slowly guide your arms around me.
Each hand is provided with a nipple.
Hard and erect, yet soft and pliable.
They feel nice between your fingers.
You gently begin to roll them.
Tugging on them lightly.
A soft moan breaks the plain of my lips,
And your grip on them tightens.
You feel as my hips involuntarily move.
My chest heaves out,
Searching for more pleasure.
You tug them lightly once again.
Twisting them between your fingers.
You build my desire,
With constant pressure,
And delightful tugging.
I moan again as the ripples flows into me.
Sensing my need,
You take hold of my precious buds.
Owning them between your fingers.
Pressing against me,
Your feel the ripples flowing through me,
As your fingers pull from my very soul,
Another mighty wave of lust for you.

Monday, March 19, 2007


My throat clenches tightly,
To the head of your cock,
As my lips whisper a soft moan at the base.
A constant thirst to quench
I suck,
Satisfying my need.
Pulling forth your lust,
As your hips involuntarily thrust,
Gently towards my face.
A mighty surge inside you,
Begins to boil.
Need consumes you.
I release you.
Gently I trace the entire length of you,
With the tip of my tongue.
A deep throated moan escapes your lungs.
Suddenly, I envelope you,
With the wetness of my lips,
And the velvety touch of my velvet tongue,
Taking you again,
To the depths of my throat,
As I nurse on the lust from your soul.

Found here...

My pussy wide open to you.
Legs draped across the bed.
Ankles securely in place.
The chain from the clamps,
Holding my nipples tight and erect,
Dangling onto my skin.
You play in the wetness,
Dripping from my swollen folds.
Your fingers invade me.
You devour me with your mouth, at will.
I must take it.
I cannot close my legs.
Wave after wave of orgasm rolls through me.
You continuously violate my wet hole.
Extracting from me the lust I have for you,
With your cock,
With your fingers,
With my toys,
With your tongue.
I am helpless to resist.
Biting into the pillows,
I endure another violent wave of pleasure,
As it thunders through my body.
Your cock continues to thrust itself,
Deep into the depths of my soul.
Milking me of the lust I have for you.
I cry out, in pleasure laced screams,
Begging for more.
Wondering how much more I can take.
You praise me for being your good little girl,
Enduring all the pleasure,
And you promise me
In honey soaked words,
Whispered hotly into my ear,
To take me even further,
Further into the realms of ecstasy,
Then I have ever been before.
Grabbing my ass gently,
You lift me slightly up from the bed,
To slide another dry towel beneath me.

And the naughty little smile on your face tells me
This night is no where near it's end.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

My nipples so tender and swollen.
Your fingers brush them lightly.
Purposeful strokes of feather light touches,
Drive me to the edge once again.
A need has swollen inside me.
The edge so close.
The need so strong.
Denial once again.
Through ragged breath,
I beg you with one word.
You ask me to define,
What it is that I want.
In breathless speech,
I beg you to let me cum.
Your words, like honey,
Drizzle into my very soul,
As you praise my desires for you.
You fingers play in the wetness you've created.
Your mouth so close to my breast.
You whisper the words,
In hot breath across my nipple.
"Soon, my love."
"I know you want to cum."
"But you must wait."
"Trust me, my love."
"The rewards will be great."
A throbbing from deep within my soul,
Pounds out my desire for you.
My pussy drips in anticipation,
As I watch your mouth envelope my tender bud.
Sucking it in.
Nursing on my desire.
Smiling around it,
As your teeth take hold.
Your fingers pinch into my other nipple.
You play me like an instrument.
My body dances for you,
As the music flows forth in deep throated moans.
Pinching and tugging.
Your tongue traces the tune.
You watch as my eyes beg you.
You play, on and on.
My body under your control,
As you feel the crescendo building.
You finally allow my body to release,
And it sings a song of passion for you,
And you watch as the music you've created,
Pours forth in liquid waves of lust.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Does the syrup drip from my lips
As I paint the picture I want to see?
Sugaring the truth.
Does the bitter taste of reality
Go down to harshly?

Are things really as sweet as they seem?

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Ok, so I had to do one too.

It really is hard to resist.

I am wearing your shirt.
No one else knows.
And It turns you on.
An ache you must hide,
From seeing it stretched taunt across my chest.
My nipples screaming through the fabric.
Pleading for your touch.
The words scream out to you,
In the echo of the blues,
My desires for you.
Urges are welling up inside me,
Wetting my silky panties,
With my constant thoughts of lust for you.
An unquenchable thirst,
For the feelings of euphoria,
As our bodies glide together,
Defying all time and space,
And we make love,
In unimaginable ways.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

25 Sexual Thing About Brandy

1. I am horny all the time. I have made myself blush at very inappropriate occasions.

2. I first remember playing with myself at the age of twelve. Haven't had my hands out of my panties since.

3. I am multi-orgasmic.

4. My nipples are one of the most sensitive sexual spots on my whole body. I can orgasm from nipple play. For me, it is like having two extra clits.

5. Due to the above statement...I love nipple clips, of any kind.

6. I dearly love giving and receiving oral sex.

7. I gave my very first blowjob February 19, 1986 at 3:30 pm. I was hooked!!

8. I fantasize about being a naughty little girl.

9. I play with myself 3 to 4 times a day, even more on the weekends.

10. I have 19 sex toys in a drawer next to my bed.

11. A candlelit room makes me horny.

12. I recently learned that I can squirt. (note all the references to "Liquid lust" in the past yrs postings)

13. Due to the above statement...I own two sets of vinyl mattress covers.

14. I love to be finger fucked. Hard fast and brutally, finger fucked.

15. I want to be fisted and am embarrassed that I desire this.

16. I can suck my own nipple but get no enjoyment out of it.

17. I love being fucked with my panties still on.

18. Morning sex only warms my soul. I get no sexual stimulation from it.

19. 18 hours is the most time I have ever spent having sex in one day.

20. I believe lingerie turns me on more than it does most men.

21. I had a threesome once with two men. (Turned out disastrous)

22. I love to swallow.

23. The full moon turns me on.

24. I have made love in the rain.

25. I love the taste of my own pussy.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Would You Let Me Fuck Your Wife?

Would you let me make her cum,
Fuck her little slit with my fingers,
Exploring her inner depths,
As she writhed across my bed?
Would you watch as her hair got knotted,
Thrashing amidst my pillows,
As I fucked her with my toys?
Would her screams turn you on,
As I pleased her like only a woman would know how?
Would you taste her pure desire,
By licking from my lips,
The sweet cum I have sucked from her heated core?
Would you let me fuck her?
Would you let me make her cum?

The lace of my panties rubs against your shaft
As you plunge it deep inside me
Thrust after thrust
Building the explosion
You pound it into me
Feeling my walls gripping you
The pressure building within
Throbs against your cock
I beg for release
In a deep throated
You pull your cock from my depths
You watch the fountain erupt
Molten liquid lust, soaks into my panties
The sweet honey of my desire for you
You dive into my offering
Sucking the lace into your mouth
Drinking in all of my passions for you
Sucking my panties dry
And knowing I will give you more
Your cock pushes roughly past the lace
Back into my depths
Thrusting into me
Fueling my desires
Slowly building the next wave
That will soak my panties
With the sweetest taste of lust
That will quench your very soul

Saturday, March 10, 2007

So very horny.
In need of relief.
My pussy wild with desire.
Responding to the slightest touch,
Of fingers through lace.
The sheer torcher.
Of almost skin on skin,
Yet confined by the fabric.
Holding my legs wide,
Pinned open for your delight,
You play.
My clit presses through the lace,
Screaming for constant contact,
As the fabric absorbs my desire.
Watching my body react,
And flow through the waves,
Your fingers never leave my panties.
They become wetter and wetter with the flowing desire.
My head hangs off the bed.
Legs still spread.
Wide open to you.
Your fingers begin to invade the depths below the fabric.
One finger expertly turned,
Slowly pushes me toward the edge.
Another finger joins.
Sawing into my slippery hole,
Pumping from within,
The juices of my lust.
Stretching me slowly.
Driving me crazy.
A third finger digs expertly into me.
A scream catches in my throat,
As the force of the orgasm rolls through me.
Pushing deeper.
Twisting and turning,
You fuck my wet hole with wild abandon.
Squirt after squirt of my lust covers you.
My head feels light.
No thoughts other than the lust.
The hot desire.
And my wet panties.
Smacking my ass, you insert the four.
My head goes numb,
As my body goes wild into orgasm.
Huge waves crash through me.
For a moment the world goes black.
My body goes limp,
As your hand digs further into me.
My pussy convulses wildly.
A deep throated,
Animalistic moan,
Reverberates from my lungs,
Into the air,
Filling the hot room,
As you once again push me further,
Further into the realm of ecstasy,
Then I have ever been.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

The anniversary of a birth
And the rift widens further
Not wanting to accept
The death of a mind
Corners have been chosen
A drifter floats
Changing sides as quickly
As the mind crosses over
I distance myself
By claiming my own life
Before I lose my mind
And become what they imagine

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Your hands fill themselves with the warm flesh.
Your fingers press gently into the skin
Holding my breast captive.
Your tongue traces wet circles,
Around the budding rose you hold so gently to your lips.
You kiss in hot, wet kisses
Every inch of skin covering the precious globe you are holding.
Savoring every sweet taste of the creamy white flesh
My flavor, dancing across your lips and your tongue
As your mind is overcome with desire.
Slowly you make your way back.
Encasing the perfection of a rosebud,
Gently between your soft lips,
You suck in the flavor that is uniquely mine.
A moan escapes from my lips
As the desire wells in the small of my back.
Your teeth gently nibble into the taunt flesh,
As bolts of lightning travel through me,
Into the depths of the heat and moisture,
Collecting between my delicate folds.
A pillow captures the scream radiating from my very core.
Your fingers travel slowly across my chest.
Your mouth still feeding your desires
As your fingers encase yet another perfect bud.
Pressing it tightly between your thumb and finger.
You roll the pink flower of my nipple,
As your teeth savour yet another bite.
My head thrashes amidst the feathered pillows
As the vibrations of desire roll into me
Releasing themselves in a violent explosion
Felt deep within the depths
Of the heat and moisture
Flowing from my delicate folds.

Friday, March 02, 2007

The heat of your breath,
Sends shivers through me,
As you breath me in.
Your tongue darts out,
Gently kissing my folds.
Licking into me.
My body goes wild with desire,
As your hunger increases.
Your mouth envelopes me
Devouring my lust for you.
Your tongue delves deep,
Into my soul,
As your teeth bite into,
The firmness of my clit.
Making me cum for you.
Bathing your tongue.
Filling your mouth,
As you drink from my fountain,
The hot liquids,
Of my lust for you.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

HNT #2

A little fun with suds and bubbles!