Saturday, March 31, 2007

I feel the pressure building inside me.
Your hands playing your favorite tune.
Digging into me.
Searching for one thing.
With your fingers curved just right,
Your thrust becomes forceful.
You fuck my pussy with wild abandon.
Building the wave.
You tell me to play with my clit.
Between wide spread legs,
I watch as your fingers fuck me.
I watch as my own, dance around my clit.
The wave inside me, swells.
Your fingers continue to fuck me.
The pleasure you take from me,
Reflected in your eyes.
Your words, sticky sweet,
As they are moaned into my ear,
And you beg me to squirt you,
To shower you in my cum.


doublebogie said...

You have absolutely NO idea
what that does to me!

I can taste it already

doublebogie said...
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Doublebogie said...
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Percy said...

you know...
well no you don't know I will tell you...
long ago with wife... I would be playing with her clit, music on..
I would imagine i was playing her clit like it was a guitar....

she seemed to like it...

maybe I should post THAT on my blog..

Ryder said...

Music that echoes through fingers and soul, a wave that both ride, given to each. Damn Brandy, Always you find the right words.

Lestat said...

Nice. The image of being fucked by two hands at once ...