Sunday, March 11, 2007

The lace of my panties rubs against your shaft
As you plunge it deep inside me
Thrust after thrust
Building the explosion
You pound it into me
Feeling my walls gripping you
The pressure building within
Throbs against your cock
I beg for release
In a deep throated
You pull your cock from my depths
You watch the fountain erupt
Molten liquid lust, soaks into my panties
The sweet honey of my desire for you
You dive into my offering
Sucking the lace into your mouth
Drinking in all of my passions for you
Sucking my panties dry
And knowing I will give you more
Your cock pushes roughly past the lace
Back into my depths
Thrusting into me
Fueling my desires
Slowly building the next wave
That will soak my panties
With the sweetest taste of lust
That will quench your very soul

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