Monday, March 19, 2007


Found here...

My pussy wide open to you.
Legs draped across the bed.
Ankles securely in place.
The chain from the clamps,
Holding my nipples tight and erect,
Dangling onto my skin.
You play in the wetness,
Dripping from my swollen folds.
Your fingers invade me.
You devour me with your mouth, at will.
I must take it.
I cannot close my legs.
Wave after wave of orgasm rolls through me.
You continuously violate my wet hole.
Extracting from me the lust I have for you,
With your cock,
With your fingers,
With my toys,
With your tongue.
I am helpless to resist.
Biting into the pillows,
I endure another violent wave of pleasure,
As it thunders through my body.
Your cock continues to thrust itself,
Deep into the depths of my soul.
Milking me of the lust I have for you.
I cry out, in pleasure laced screams,
Begging for more.
Wondering how much more I can take.
You praise me for being your good little girl,
Enduring all the pleasure,
And you promise me
In honey soaked words,
Whispered hotly into my ear,
To take me even further,
Further into the realms of ecstasy,
Then I have ever been before.
Grabbing my ass gently,
You lift me slightly up from the bed,
To slide another dry towel beneath me.

And the naughty little smile on your face tells me
This night is no where near it's end.


doublebogie said...

Simply beautiful!

Thank you Brandy

Percy said...


very nice...

Lestat said...

Nice. Where can I get one of those towels?

Like that picture on the bench too. Hot.