Monday, April 26, 2004

Well, Livestock 14 is over. My eyes are so tired today they hurt to keep them open. I don't think I have slept more than 6 hours since Wednesday night! At Livestock there is always something going on and I get like a little kid, afraid I might miss something if I go to sleep! Watched the sun come up 2 days in a row and only took a few short naps here and there. I had so much fun. Can't even concentrate enough now to share it in an intelligent manner so I will try to get more sleep, and give you all the details later! Nite nite all!

Saturday, April 10, 2004

9:30 pm
"Hey, What are you guys up to tonight?"
"Not much, just hanging out having a few drinks. Wanna stop by?"
And that's how it started...

Before you knew it we had a party going! More people stopped by. The music got louder. The drinks got stronger. I was getting hot! Alcohol is a very strong afrodiziac!
We started dancing, started grinding. Hot, testosterone surrounded me. My nipples were hard, my panties were soaked. I was in heaven.
Hot, sexual tension invaded the whole room. We started doing a few shots. First you lick the lemon, then dip it in the sugar. Get it real sweet and sticky. Hot fire down your throat. A sweet lemon on your tounge. Dirty thoughts flow through your mind. The beat goes on.
Getting later, candle lamps illuminate the deck, and his eyes. They sparkle as the light dances through them. A wink, an evil little smile. Very sinful thoughts! We dance some more, in the dark shadows of the deck. He must fell the dampness as I wrap my legs around his and gyrate to the sensual beat. Hands on my ass, pulling me closer. Hot breath in my ear as I hear him whisper..."God I want you!"
More shots, more drinks, every drop of alcohol washing over my tounge only fueling my sexual desire.
"Do you think the boys in the corner playing poker can see us?"
"No worries, my little hot one, it's dark out here."
Hands moving slowly up my back. A million nerves tingle, as the heat travels down my spine. Hands moving, feeling, touching everywhere. Head swimming. Too much to drink, can't think clearly.
Bent over the railing, pants torn down, naked ass. Hot candle wax trickles downward as passion and pain mingle in a red hot lust. The moon shimmers in the water become blurred as the first wave of pleasure radiates through my body.
"You naughty little girl." the voice says.
Waves of passion ungulating through my body as I slowly decend to the hard floor of the deck. Wood splinters my ass as the assault continues.
Harder and harder.
Faster and deeper.
Hot wax hardens over my erect nipples as I recover from the last mind blowing orgasm.
Unable to move, completely spent, my mouth fills with the his hot cum.
""Oh, you naughty, naughty, girl." the voice whispers and slowly fades away.

Thursday, April 08, 2004

Last night was just fucking incredible!
After hearing the news about a woman out there not wanting to suck dick, of course sucking dick is all I thought about the rest of the day. As soon as our company left, I was on my knees. Poor guy didn't even see it coming! I had his pants around his ankles before he even realized what was happening. And when a man looks down, pants around his ankles, and sees a girl on her knees in front of him, well nature kinda takes over. He was as hard as a rock in seconds!
Tonight was not one of those nights of tender little licks and kisses. Oh no, I had that whole cock in my mouth from the second I started. Sucking and sucking. Deep throat, all the way back. Gag! Oh God I love to gag on it. Balls squeezed tight in one hand the other pumping up and down as I suck. More and more pressure! I can feel it swell. "Cum now dammit! Cum in my mouth!"
Slurp, gulp....mmmmmmm

And to show his appreciation for the spontaneous, incredible blow job it was my turn next.

He ripped my clothes off, sat me on the bar and told me to "Stay right there, like a good girl!" And out the door he went. He was back in no time with my favorite toy in tow! (I have this incredible purple 8" vibrator!) While he was gone I had repositioned myself on the bar.
"Oh I see my little dick sucking whore wants to watch as I violate her with this cock!" He said as he pulled up a seat. "Come on baby, now don't be shy, show me." I slowly spread my legs for him. "Oh yeah, there's that pretty pussy I love to fuck!" He inserted one finger slowly as he pinched my clit with the other hand. "Oh my, what a sticky pussy you have here. Does sucking my dick turn you on, you whore!" He said and inserted a second finger. "There you go, you like it don't you?" He started to pump my cunt with those two stiff fingers. Oh God, was he good. Just as I started to cum he pulled them out and buried his face in my cunt and lapped up every sweet drop. Before I could even recover from my first orgasm, he grabbed the vibrator off the bar and went to work. He shoved all eight inches in at once. Harder and harder he fucked me. I think the look on his face turned me on more than watching him fuck my pussy. He was so intent in watching as this cock went in and out of my puss. He got the smuggest smile I ever saw when I started to cum. He watched as the hot juices flowed out of me and onto the bar.
Oh yeah, I had a real good night!

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Here's a question for you...How can a woman NOT like to suck dick? I cannot understand this! I love to suck dick! Every woman I know, loves to suck dick! Ok, I can understand the whole not wanting to swallow thing cause some girls are just wierd about that. It took me a while to grasp that whole thing too. Some guys just taste nasty. I read somewhere it has to do with what he eats. Hell, I say eat my pussy, thats sweet! Anyway, I heard today that there is a woman out there that does not like to suck dick! Poor guy, I say. This I cannot understand. WHY?! "How could you not want to suck dick?"I would ask her if I could. You see, I only know her spouse.
So I came up with a few excuses for her. And of course, I responded to each.

Excuse; I like to get all the pleasure!

Response; Hello! Giving a good blow job is pleasure. My pussy starts to drip the minute I start to suck. If you position yourself right, you can hump his leg while your sucking. You can give yourself a mind blowing orgasm at the same time as he's getting off, if you rub your clit on his knee with just the right amount of pressure. Sorry sister that excuse don't fly!

Excuse; It's gross!

Response; Ok, maybe if your 12! It is part of the body. Not much different than a finger. Maybe that's why they fell so good jammed up in your puss! A finger is much grosser if you really think about it. Dirt gets under the nails. They touch everything, think of all the germs you pick up from door knobs at stores. When was the last time some guy held a door open for you at the Piggly Wiggly with his dick? Most of the time it is tucked nicely away in a pair of what we hope are clean skiveys. Nope, the gross thing won't work.

Excuse; He pees out of it.

Response; So! Does he eat your pussy? Don't you pee out of that? It's not like he's peeing in your mouth. From what I hear, it's accually quite difficult to pee with a hard on! If that's your problem, ask him to pee first, then shower and wash it real nice like. Problem solved! Now start suckin!

If anyone out there can come up with a viable excuse, (other than the desease thing, cause I know this guy has none) I'd love to hear them.

Monday, April 05, 2004

Soft voices are calling
From inside my head
They are calling to me
A life of dread
They know that I'll listen
I always do....

Soft voices calling...
Calling to me...
Soft voices...
Calling to me

Blurred distortion...
As the shadows take
Another step into reality

Another long night...
The voices softly whisper,
It's Ok
The shadows inching ever forward
Creeping their way into the day

Soft voices calling...
Calling to me...
Soft voices...
Calling to me

Saturday, April 03, 2004

Natural blonde hair
With a touch of curl
Likes to have fun
She's a party girl
Built real nice
She's got a rack
And can I tell ya
The girl's got back
Perfect from her head
to her toes
She's even got
A really cute nose
And if you give her
Just the right mix
Your gonna love
What comes next

Dirty knees and a sticky mouth
Dirty knees and a sticky mouth
She gets...
Dirty knees and a sticky mouth

She loves to party
Loves to have fun
She always tells ya
Your the only one
She's got it all
But then she wants more
Some even say
That she acts like a whore

Dirty knees and a sticky mouth
Dirty knees and a sticky mouth
She gets....
Dirty knees and a sticky mouth

Life is so fun
She's having a ball
You get one chance
And that is all
Make the most of it
While it last
Life goes by
And it goes by fast
She does what she wants
Does what you like
Gotta fit it all in
Before the Grim Reaper strikes

She gets...
Dirty knees and a sticky mouth
Dirty knees and a sticky mouth
Oh, I love her...
Dirty knees and a sticky mouth