Sunday, December 18, 2005

He curled his body up next to hers from behind. Her head cradled in his arm. He kissed and bit at her neck as he worked his way up to her ear. He whispered to her in hot words with the velvet tone of lust. His hand traveling down her back caused tingling sensations to run through her body. He grabbed tightly to her ass and bit gently on her neck as she surrenderd herself to him. Her legs spread slightly wider for him as she arches her back. He whispers again, hot words in her ear He lets his fingers slide lower between her legs. She is so wet. He knows how she loves to be taken. To be talked dirty to. He tells her how deliciously hot and wet her pussy is, in between kisses and nibbles on her ear. It only makes her wetter as his hot words turn her on. He slowly pushes his fingers in from behind. Into her tight hot hole. He feels her pussy contract around his fingers. She is so tight. More hot words whispered to her as she lifts herself higher for him. He probes his fingers deeper, searching, exploring her depths. His thumb toys with her swollen clit as her body tenses. He bites her gently on the neck as he begins to thrust his fingers in and out of her. He feels her tighten, he thrust his fingers into her harder and faster. He feels it building from within her. He whispers hotly to her as she begins to cum. His fingers are instantly drenched as she falls forward in a scream of ecstasy. Hot cum gushes from her pussy as her pushes her further. He removes his fingers and slaps roughly on her clit as she spasms into another orgasm. He instantly inserts his fingers and begins to thrust deeply into her. She is driven by the lust. She bucks her hips against him as she starts to cum again. Gushing hot liquid. He holds himself deep within her, her pussy gripping him like a vice. Screams of ecstasy turn into long hot moans as she glides through the waves. He holds her tight against him, head cradled in his arm whispering hot words to her as she slowly begins to come down. His fingers still buried deep inside her feel her body begin to relax. He kisses her lightly on her neck. She shivers as his tongue trails it's way across her radiating skin. She loves to be taken.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Talk Dirty To Me
I love to hear your velvet voice teasing my ear
As my fingers run hot circles across my wet clit
I imagine you here with me, fingers deep in my pussy
Feeling me, massaging me, making me cum for you
Your rock hard cock slides so beautifully inside me
The feeling exquisite as wet fingers are replaced by toys
I fuck myself hard and fast, imagining your cock
I close my eyes and listen to your hot words as you bring me closer
I imagine your hot body above me, piston fucking me, making me cum
My body shudders as the lightning courses through my veins
Your words in my ear, begging me to give you even more.
The sweet wetness drips from my pussy onto the sheets below me
As I hear the smile in your voice, knowing once again you have taken me to heaven.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Something I had only dreamed of...
Two exhausted, trembling, sweat covered, bodies cling to each other as they ride out the last few shivers flowing through their veins. Their tounges meet as their lips feed on each other. The heat radiating between them as their bodies mold into one other and become one. The last of the shivers now faded away as they relax into each other. A final involuntary jerk flows through them as they drift off to sleep in each others arms...
She feels him begin to stir. His arms still wrapped around her, caressing her hair as his other hand dips lower and lower between her thighs with each loving stroke he is placing on her ass. Still groggy with sleep her body instinctively begins pushing against his hand. Opening herself up to him. His sleepy kisses trail down her neck and shoulders igniting her skin. His fingers dip lower, feeling the wetness gathering between her legs. The sensitive lips of her pussy still swollen form the incredible pleasure felt between them earlier in the evening. Her clit already hard as her body fully awakens to the instant feelings of pleasure. She moves her hand between them to his hardening cock. Pressing it firmly against her ass she begins to rub it. His sleepy body comes alive with pleasure. His fingers dive deep into her, feeling her heat, the glorious resistance her tight hole provided against his probing fingers. She pushes his cock lower, squeezing it tightly between her ass cheeks. He pushes his fingers deeper, feeling her wet walls contracting around him. He removes his fingers as instant want and need flows through their veins. Their bodies push against each other and become one again as his cock slides tightly into her depths. He does not withdraw. He holds himself there, pushed deep within her as he feels her contract around him. Holding him, massaging his cock with her pussy. Squeezing tightly and then releasing, working the nerves of his cock into a frenzy. Both of them wide awake now as they look at each other with lust and need in their eyes. He grips her ass tightly, still buried deep within her, and positions her pussy to his liking. She arches her back to allow him all of her. Slowly he withdraws his stiff cock as a moan escapes his lips. Hot sensations flow through his entire body as the sensitive head slips slowly out and grazes across her swollen hard clit. Her body tightens, her legs spread wide below him as she invites him to have her once again. Their eyes exchange another need filled glance as he tightens the grip he has on her ass moments before he impales her deeply, burying himself within her. Her pussy, virgin tight as she holds herself steady for him. He begins to thrust. She watches him as the need takes him over. His eyes tightly closed, his face showing every ounce of pleasure her tight pussy is providing him. He continues to thrust, pounding deep into her at a delicious pace. She squeezes her pussy even tighter as she watches him become lost in the pleasure. Her ass squeezed tightly in his hands as she feels him begin to swell. The thrusting almost piston like as she feels it start to throb deep within her. She feels as every muscle in his body becomes tense. Hot cum bathes her from within as she feels him jerk and pulse against her body. Sweat covering them both as he collapses down on her. Their bodies molding so perfectly together in the radiating heat...
One final, exhausted, lust filled kiss is exchanged between them before she nuzzles her head into his neck, so fragrant with the wonderful sent of him. The trail of kisses down his neck and shoulders being the last wondrous sensations his body feels before he drifts off to sleep once again in her arms. The taste of him lingering, still clinging to her lips as her body jerks involuntarily, surrendering itself to sleep.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Watching you

I love to watch you while you are playing with me. The look of intensity on your face turns me on so much. I love the way you watch as your fingers probe in and out of me. The satisfaction shows on your face as you watch my pussy tremble in your hands, making me cum over and over. Watching you as you splash the incredible stream of cum you have milked from my depths all over yourself. Feeling the wetness pool beneath me. I love the way you bury your face in my pussy, drinking me in, sucking the cum from my body. I love the fingerprint size bruises you sometimes leave on my thighs from holding my legs wide, forcing me to feel more, to give you more. Watching as your muscles flex, as you drill your finger harder and faster into my wet slit. Begging me to cum harder. Squirting your face, as you open your mouth to drink me in. The vision of you blurring as I fall deeper and deeper into the realm of ecstasy. I love kissing your mouth, still wet from my juices as you curl your wet body up to mine, feeling me tremble and shake through the last waves of orgasm still pulsing through my body. I love knowing that you have enjoyed it as much as I have.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Snuggling up behind me. Your body pressed up close to mine. Your arm wrapped tightly around me as you cup my breast and lightly play with my nipple. Your other hand between my thighs toying with my wet pussy. Touching my clit. Making me shiver as you run your fingers up and down the length of my wet slit. You know I am like putty in your hands as you arouse me once again. The head of your stiff cock is pressing hard against my ass. My body begins to move against you. Pushing my wet pussy towards your probing fingers. Your teeth tenderly biting into the flesh of my neck rendering me helpless as you whisper hotly in my ear. Knowing I will always give you more, you slowly slide your rock hard cock into my wet hole. You gently lift my ass as you probe even deeper into my tight cunt. Holding my pussy just where you want it. Sliding your cock in and out as you masturbate yourself with my tightening muscles. I love it when you just take me. The need building inside you as your cock begins to swell. The head rubbing so perfectly against the wet walls of my pussy. You hold my ass firmly in your grip as you begin to drill me. Pounding hard and fast, feeling the pleasure. You are so close. My legs tighten as I squeeze your cock, you are thrusting even harder. Your cock begins to pulse, as you thrust deeper and deeper. My pussy milking you, squeezing you. You can hold back no longer. You fuck me with deep, long, hard, thrusts. In and out you pound me as you bring yourself to the edge. You entire body tenses as you feel yourself beginning to cum. You pull out in time to see long hot spurts of cum cover my ass. Streaking up my back as I reach below you and milk your balls with my warm hand. You collapse on top of me as the last of the spasms of orgasm course through your veins. You kiss my neck lightly between gasping breaths as I feel the wetness between us, the wet bed below us. You roll on your side as our bodies cling tightly to each other. Relishing in the heat and wetness surrounding us as our mouth find each other. Breathing in, tasting each others desire, enjoying one last kiss before we slip off into dreamland.