Monday, December 05, 2005

Watching you

I love to watch you while you are playing with me. The look of intensity on your face turns me on so much. I love the way you watch as your fingers probe in and out of me. The satisfaction shows on your face as you watch my pussy tremble in your hands, making me cum over and over. Watching you as you splash the incredible stream of cum you have milked from my depths all over yourself. Feeling the wetness pool beneath me. I love the way you bury your face in my pussy, drinking me in, sucking the cum from my body. I love the fingerprint size bruises you sometimes leave on my thighs from holding my legs wide, forcing me to feel more, to give you more. Watching as your muscles flex, as you drill your finger harder and faster into my wet slit. Begging me to cum harder. Squirting your face, as you open your mouth to drink me in. The vision of you blurring as I fall deeper and deeper into the realm of ecstasy. I love kissing your mouth, still wet from my juices as you curl your wet body up to mine, feeling me tremble and shake through the last waves of orgasm still pulsing through my body. I love knowing that you have enjoyed it as much as I have.

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