Sunday, August 26, 2007

About last night...

In my mind,
I was a naughty little girl.
So desperate for a man for fuck her.
Really fuck her.
A man
Who could appreciate her womanly desires.
A man
Who could make her cum...
Like a woman.

I felt so deliciously dirty,
Sinning in my uniform.
My head pinned into the sofa pillows.
Your hips thrusting towards my face,
As you fucked my wet lips.
Praising me.
My throat, taking you.
All of you,

My skirt lifted up.
My fingers on my clit,
As you had instructed.
Yours, holding my panties to the side,
As you dig deeply into my pit of fire.
Praising me being a good girl.
For making it cum for you.
The liquids of my lust,
Wetting my white cotton panties.
Dripping from your chest.

You placed my wet pussy,
In every position imaginable.
Making me cum over and over.
You fucked me,
Looking down at me.
You saw my white blouse,
Open to the waist.
My nipples pressed and confined,
In a pink trimmed white cotton bra.
My plaid skirt lifted up,
The matching wet panties, pulled to the side,
You watched the last few precious strokes.
Your cock sliding in and out of my tight, wet pussy.
Giving way to a torrent of lust,
Spewing liquid heat from your cock.
Finishing the fantasy,
As it splashes onto my little plaid skirt.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Tonight we will be fulfilling
A few fantasies.
Some yours.
Some mine.

I want to commit carnal sins tonight.
I want to take the Lords name in vain.
I want you to tell me,
What a good girl I am,
As I swallow your cock,
On my knees.

Friday, August 24, 2007

I just found this blog...

"...suddenly I'm a babbling brook of unholy words."


Sunday, August 19, 2007

I went to 12 years of Catholic school.

From the time I was 11 years old,
I could make myself cum.
But I was taught in every way there was to teach it,
How naughty those desires were.

It only made me want it more...

I always wanted to be this girl...

The naughty little slut...

Saturday, August 18, 2007


Things are going to be changing around here.
I am going to be getting a little more personal...

I had started a diary blog a few weeks ago.
An outlet for personal thoughts.

I just don't feel comfortable there...

This is home...

Home for all my words...
Home for all my thoughts...

Rest assured there will still be many dirty things written here.
They will just be tucked neatly between, my daily thoughts
And occasional rants.

Just once...

Just once in my life...

I want to go to a party where no one knows me...

And act just like the naughty slut in this video.

I love how every girl in the room wants a piece of him after he's done with her!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I open my eyes from sleep,
And see you there,
So closely cuddled up to me.
Your eyes slowly open.
Your smile mirrors mine.
Both of us so happy to be sharing such precious moments.
Our bodies insist on staying snuggled into the warmth,
And our eyes slowly close,
And we fall back into heaven.

Monday, August 13, 2007

I awoke this morning to the warmth of your body
Cuddling in close to mine.
Your arms wrapped tightly around my chest.
A nipple in each hand.
Slowly, you spooned into me.
The hardness of your cock, finding my warmth.
A soft moan escaped my lips.
Need welled up inside me.
My hand searched for you.
I felt the strength of your cock.
Leaving the warmth of your arms,
I traveled downward.
My lips trailed wet kisses across your skin.
Tenderly, I licked your most intimate creases.
I kissed and loved the shaft of your hard cock.
Your body rippled in intense pleasure.
Slowly, I worked the head into my kiss.
My lips gently loving you,
My tongue slowly tasting you.
You moaned in pleasure,
Your hips thrust forward, begging for more,
As I slowly slid the length of you into my throat.
With my lips constricted around the base of your cock,
My mouth began to nurse on you.
My tongue danced to the beat of lust,
Up and down every bulging vein,
As I sucked.
Your balls began to tighten against my bottom lip,
As I teased them with my fingertips.
Your moans became almost animal-like.
Your cock began to throb.
And I began to taste the liquids your lust,
As you threw your head back into the pillows
And screamed my name in pleasure.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Thank you for such a naughty little surprise.
Our little conversation on my way home,
Just a tease.
You said that you had left me something,
Something on my bed,
Because it was mine anyway.
My mind raced with thoughts as I drove.
My pussy moist.
Loving how naughty you are.

I walked in to find them there.
You had taken them from my drawer.
I know you crawled into my bed,
You wrapped their softness around your cock.
The cotton crotch was still damp,
With the taste and smell of your sweet cum.
I immediately stripped myself of my clothing.
I slipped the damp panties on.
Closed my eyes.
Slowly I began to play with myself,
I imagined the scene.
I saw you here.
In my mind I watched you cum in my panties,
As I dampened them further with my own.

Monday, August 06, 2007

With the windows open
I looked out onto the street.
I wondered if the cars passing by could see me.
A shadow behind the sheer curtains
Doing naughty things to her pussy.
The foot stool just the right height.
The cushion holds the rubber cock in place quite nicely.
I straddle my imaginary lover.
Slowly sliding the length of him inside me,
Fucking him in front of the open window.
Feeling very naughty.
His voice fills the room,
Mingles with the lust filled air.
My mind imagines his blue eyes.
I know he is stroking his cock.
I tell him all the naughty things I am doing,
Fueling his fires.
He hears my moans.
He hears me as I call out his name.
I beg him to cum for me.
To give me his desire.
I beg him to squirt my clit with it,
As it rushes in torrent streams,
Exploding from the head.
I hear his moans of passion,
I bath myself in his screams of lust.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Lying on the sofa,
I look so cute and innocent,
In just a t-shirt and pink panties.
The credits roll across the screen.
You retreat to the kitchen to refresh your beverage.
I close my eyes.
My hands busy themselves.
Slowly rubbing my pussy through the fabric.
Feeling the dampness my desire has created.
You walk in carrying your drink.
You settle yourself down on the floor,
Positioning yourself eye level with my panties.
I feel your presence.
I open my eyes and move to kiss you.
Our lips taste the flavor of lust.
You ask me to continue as you break the kiss.
My fingers sink into the wetness,
My head sinks into the sofa pillows.
Your eyes are treated to a glorious scene.
My fingers trace the silky wet spot.
Soft moans escape my lips.
You watch as I press the fabric into me.
Feeling it's pressure against my clit.
My body shudders with pleasure.
My fingers slowly dip below the elastic band.
With my other hand I pull the fabric aside.
My fingers play in the wetness
My moans intensify.
My clit begs to be touched.
The panties must go.
You help me as I slide them down my legs.
Keeping them in your hand,
As you remove your shorts.
You wrap the silky smoothness of the damp panties
Around your hard cock.
My pussy begs you closer.
You kiss it's smoothness slowly with your lips,
As you pump your cock with my panties.
You taste my wetness with the tip of your tongue.
The flavor of lust comes trickling from my core.
No longer can you just watch.
Your mouth now feeds a growing desire.
Your tongue explores me.
Your mouth, sucks on every wet fold.
As the sounds of desire escape mine.
I must have you.
I pull your face from it's feast.
Pulling you up onto me.
You kiss me as your cock enters me.
The taste of my pussy flavors your lips
And seasons my desire.
My hips thrust upward.
Your cock buries itself inside my depths.
My pussy squeezes onto you.
Massaging your shaft, as the orgasm rolls through me.
Your ride the waves with me,
Buried deep inside me.
Your lips taste the flavor of my desire in our kiss.
You fill your lungs with the breath of my orgasm.
The desire to cum overwhelms you.
My voice begs for the seed of your lust,
As it comes pumping wildly from your engorged cock.