Monday, August 06, 2007

With the windows open
I looked out onto the street.
I wondered if the cars passing by could see me.
A shadow behind the sheer curtains
Doing naughty things to her pussy.
The foot stool just the right height.
The cushion holds the rubber cock in place quite nicely.
I straddle my imaginary lover.
Slowly sliding the length of him inside me,
Fucking him in front of the open window.
Feeling very naughty.
His voice fills the room,
Mingles with the lust filled air.
My mind imagines his blue eyes.
I know he is stroking his cock.
I tell him all the naughty things I am doing,
Fueling his fires.
He hears my moans.
He hears me as I call out his name.
I beg him to cum for me.
To give me his desire.
I beg him to squirt my clit with it,
As it rushes in torrent streams,
Exploding from the head.
I hear his moans of passion,
I bath myself in his screams of lust.


t_g_and said...

Inspiring me to do naughty things, my dear. I love the urgency of this one!

Ryder said...

urgency is right. suddenly I feel urgency myself.

Lestat said...

Nice. Guys with blue eyes are always hot ;).

Percy said...

Wow--you are a hot wet thing my dear!

Percy said...


I like this picture!

Percy said...

I still say this is a HOT picture!