Sunday, August 05, 2007

Lying on the sofa,
I look so cute and innocent,
In just a t-shirt and pink panties.
The credits roll across the screen.
You retreat to the kitchen to refresh your beverage.
I close my eyes.
My hands busy themselves.
Slowly rubbing my pussy through the fabric.
Feeling the dampness my desire has created.
You walk in carrying your drink.
You settle yourself down on the floor,
Positioning yourself eye level with my panties.
I feel your presence.
I open my eyes and move to kiss you.
Our lips taste the flavor of lust.
You ask me to continue as you break the kiss.
My fingers sink into the wetness,
My head sinks into the sofa pillows.
Your eyes are treated to a glorious scene.
My fingers trace the silky wet spot.
Soft moans escape my lips.
You watch as I press the fabric into me.
Feeling it's pressure against my clit.
My body shudders with pleasure.
My fingers slowly dip below the elastic band.
With my other hand I pull the fabric aside.
My fingers play in the wetness
My moans intensify.
My clit begs to be touched.
The panties must go.
You help me as I slide them down my legs.
Keeping them in your hand,
As you remove your shorts.
You wrap the silky smoothness of the damp panties
Around your hard cock.
My pussy begs you closer.
You kiss it's smoothness slowly with your lips,
As you pump your cock with my panties.
You taste my wetness with the tip of your tongue.
The flavor of lust comes trickling from my core.
No longer can you just watch.
Your mouth now feeds a growing desire.
Your tongue explores me.
Your mouth, sucks on every wet fold.
As the sounds of desire escape mine.
I must have you.
I pull your face from it's feast.
Pulling you up onto me.
You kiss me as your cock enters me.
The taste of my pussy flavors your lips
And seasons my desire.
My hips thrust upward.
Your cock buries itself inside my depths.
My pussy squeezes onto you.
Massaging your shaft, as the orgasm rolls through me.
Your ride the waves with me,
Buried deep inside me.
Your lips taste the flavor of my desire in our kiss.
You fill your lungs with the breath of my orgasm.
The desire to cum overwhelms you.
My voice begs for the seed of your lust,
As it comes pumping wildly from your engorged cock.

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t_g_and said...

Absolutely delightful, as always.