Sunday, May 28, 2006

Your mouth is clamped onto me, ravenously feeding on my juices.
Your lips, they engulf me, as you are tenderly sucking me in.
Your teeth find my clit and devour it with raw and unbridled passion.
Your tongue deeply searches and causes the violent surge to begin.
My hips arch upward and press my wet pussy tightly to your face
As you swallow my desire, consuming every drop of my carnal lust.
A pillow smothers my screams, as the river drowns out your moans
With a heat so intense, the air around us seems to glow, as if ready to combust.
We lie together, spent on the bed, in the wetness of countless orgasms that has pooled beneath us. Our bodies intertwine. We kiss softly, feeling the last shivers flow through our lips. The last and final waves were flowing through my veins when your hands began to kneed into my thighs. Begging them open. I surrender to you, once again as our kiss deepens. Your body still wrapped tightly to me, our mouths lost in kiss, when your fingers begin to explore me. Sliding slowly and gently up and down the entire length of my wet and freshly fucked pussy. I warn you in the depths of our kiss that you will only cause me to want more. Fueled by these words, your tongue invades my mouth, capturing the moan that escapes it as your fingers delve deeper into my depths. My body writhes against you, our mouths entangle with lust, as you waste no time in fulfilling your goal. Cum gushes from me as bolts of lightning run through me, and you continue to drain more and more from me. Every moan is encased within our kiss. My juices squirt everywhere. Your cock is dripping when you take it firmly in your hand and stroke it softly into me. Feeling the wetness and the heat, needing more, you slide it deep into my pussy. Feeling it grasp onto you. Feeling it pulse and contract, you strum my clit at a viscous pace. The surge wells up within me. You feel every wave as it begins to crest. Your cock swells with a desperate need for release. Holding back, you wait for just the precise moment, and just as my vision begins to blur, the lighting comes crashing through my veins once again. My pussy explodes, cum gushes forth in a powerful surge, bathing you in my juices as your cock in turn showers me...Fulfilling fantasies. Pleasuring each other.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

As we are enjoying the mutual fulfillment of give and take.
The roles that each of us play, remain completely undefined.
With my legs spread wide, am I surrendering myself to you?
Or am I demanding the pleasure that causes me to go out of my mind?

Sunday, May 21, 2006

After you leave
Snuggled into the warmth of my disheveled bed
With the scent of you still perfuming the air.
I imagine your body, as the pillows I hold tightly
Become you, and in my mind you are still there.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

I am naked on the bed, waiting for you. Wanting you. Needing you. Your lips meet mine as we drink each other in. Our tongues entwine and urgency takes over the tenderness of our kiss. Your mouth trails from me and meets my neck with a tender little nibble that causes shivers down my spin. Your fingers finding my tight little nipples. You squeeze them tightly and start rolling them around as I writhe beneath you. Need wells up inside me. The need to be taken, the need to be helpless, the need to be pleasured beyond imagination as I give myself to you. Your fingers never leaving my nipples as you slide down my body with kisses. Licking me, tasting me. Just as my body begins to tense in pre orgasmic convulsions from the pinching of my nipples, I feel your hot breath on my pussy. So wet. So hot. So close to the first of a thousand climaxes, you place one soft kiss on my clit. My body surrenders to the oncoming wave as you squeeze tightly on my nipples and watch my pussy as it convulses before you. My body relaxes, the waves begin to subside, just as you take the very first taste of my juices. Your tongue begins licking my wet pussy in long, slow strokes. My nipples again your playthings as you tug and pinch them. Rolling them tightly in your fingers while you feast on my juices. Your tongue probing between my lips, tasting me deeply, feeling me tighten as the surge begins again. My body an instrument in your hands as you make me cum at will, sucking sharply on my clit, pulling it into your mouth. My body explodes as you clamp your mouth onto my pussy and drink me in. Screams of sheer ecstasy escape my mouth as my body trembles and shakes. Your mouth never leaves my pussy. Fingers probe me. One orgasm leads into the other as you command me to give you more. Helpless in your hands, my pussy responding to your every demand. More and more cum gushes from me as I feel your pulsing cock growing impatient against my leg. You begin to slap roughly at my clit and watch closely as yet another orgasm begins to build. At the moment the wave has hit full crest you plunge your cock deep into my convulsing pussy. You feel me as I orgasm, massaging your cock as the waves crash through my body. Instant need takes over you as you begin thrusting deeply into me. Long, forceful stokes. Thrusting the entire length of your cock in and out of me at an animals pace. The head of your cock slamming into my g-spot as it swells with need. My body helpless with orgasm, trembling below you as you spread my legs wide, watching as you plunge deeply into me in the last few stokes towards ecstasy. Our juices spray simultaneously, mixing with each other, wetting our bodies, as we finally collapse into one another's arms.

Friday, May 19, 2006

I see the look of need so unmistakable in your eyes. The heat radiating from them pierces into my soul and ignites the sparks of touchier. I begin to kiss your lips. Tasting them, sucking them into my mouth. I suck on your tongue. You envision your cock in my mouth. I feel your thoughts, urging me lower. I trail my tongue down your neck and slowly suck on your skin. Biting and nibbling at you, in all the precise spots. Your whole body tenses. Begging me lower. My lips trail over your chest. My tongue tastes of your stomach as your fingers slowly work their way into my hair. You gently guide my head lower. Your whole body shudders when my wet tongue grazes you for the first time, rendering you helpless. Lower I go. I lick you so lightly on your balls. The sensations cause you to shiver. Your whole body tenses with need. A need, to have your cock in my mouth. A need, to feel the back of my throat. But still, I make you wait. Licking the insides of your thighs. Tasting the entire length of your shaft. As I brush my wet lips over the head of your cock need takes you over. Grasping your hands with fists full of my hair you plunge yourself deeply into my hot, wet mouth. You quickly pull yourself from my lips as an immediate urge to cum overtakes you. You hold me at bay, my hair grasped in your hand, my lips open and ready for you when the need wells up again. My tongue extended, begging you back. Slowly you place my lips back to the head. Hot, wet and waiting my mouth becomes yours. Your slide yourself in and out slowly, savoring the heat as I suck you into the back of my throat. Your other hand slides gently around my throat, positioning me, as you surrender to the need. You fuck my face as if it were my wet pussy. You beg me to suck you harder. You feel my want, as strongly as you feel your own need. Your whole body falls into convulsions. Lightening courses through your veins.

.....And just the thought of knowing I will suck you until every last drop has been extracted from your body, is almost as intense as when I do so.
Completely Naked, Completely Comfortable

Our skin has been melted together by the heat of unbridled passion.
Our hearts have been entangled and bond together in the bliss of pure love.
Our souls have been bared naked in secrets shared only within the heart.
Along a wonderful journey, falling in love with the one I had always dreamed of.

Sunday, May 07, 2006


Showering in the rains of white hot passion,
Bathing in a pool of desire and lust.
Two bodies soaked with the blazing heat,
Demanding more and more with every thrust.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Having you naked in my arms
Your skin pressed right to mine
"I love you" breathed into my mouth
As our lips and tongues entwine
Euphoric feelings surge from within
Creating a world where there exists only two
Surroundings are of no matter to me
When the world becomes, just me and you