Saturday, May 20, 2006

I am naked on the bed, waiting for you. Wanting you. Needing you. Your lips meet mine as we drink each other in. Our tongues entwine and urgency takes over the tenderness of our kiss. Your mouth trails from me and meets my neck with a tender little nibble that causes shivers down my spin. Your fingers finding my tight little nipples. You squeeze them tightly and start rolling them around as I writhe beneath you. Need wells up inside me. The need to be taken, the need to be helpless, the need to be pleasured beyond imagination as I give myself to you. Your fingers never leaving my nipples as you slide down my body with kisses. Licking me, tasting me. Just as my body begins to tense in pre orgasmic convulsions from the pinching of my nipples, I feel your hot breath on my pussy. So wet. So hot. So close to the first of a thousand climaxes, you place one soft kiss on my clit. My body surrenders to the oncoming wave as you squeeze tightly on my nipples and watch my pussy as it convulses before you. My body relaxes, the waves begin to subside, just as you take the very first taste of my juices. Your tongue begins licking my wet pussy in long, slow strokes. My nipples again your playthings as you tug and pinch them. Rolling them tightly in your fingers while you feast on my juices. Your tongue probing between my lips, tasting me deeply, feeling me tighten as the surge begins again. My body an instrument in your hands as you make me cum at will, sucking sharply on my clit, pulling it into your mouth. My body explodes as you clamp your mouth onto my pussy and drink me in. Screams of sheer ecstasy escape my mouth as my body trembles and shakes. Your mouth never leaves my pussy. Fingers probe me. One orgasm leads into the other as you command me to give you more. Helpless in your hands, my pussy responding to your every demand. More and more cum gushes from me as I feel your pulsing cock growing impatient against my leg. You begin to slap roughly at my clit and watch closely as yet another orgasm begins to build. At the moment the wave has hit full crest you plunge your cock deep into my convulsing pussy. You feel me as I orgasm, massaging your cock as the waves crash through my body. Instant need takes over you as you begin thrusting deeply into me. Long, forceful stokes. Thrusting the entire length of your cock in and out of me at an animals pace. The head of your cock slamming into my g-spot as it swells with need. My body helpless with orgasm, trembling below you as you spread my legs wide, watching as you plunge deeply into me in the last few stokes towards ecstasy. Our juices spray simultaneously, mixing with each other, wetting our bodies, as we finally collapse into one another's arms.

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