Friday, May 19, 2006

I see the look of need so unmistakable in your eyes. The heat radiating from them pierces into my soul and ignites the sparks of touchier. I begin to kiss your lips. Tasting them, sucking them into my mouth. I suck on your tongue. You envision your cock in my mouth. I feel your thoughts, urging me lower. I trail my tongue down your neck and slowly suck on your skin. Biting and nibbling at you, in all the precise spots. Your whole body tenses. Begging me lower. My lips trail over your chest. My tongue tastes of your stomach as your fingers slowly work their way into my hair. You gently guide my head lower. Your whole body shudders when my wet tongue grazes you for the first time, rendering you helpless. Lower I go. I lick you so lightly on your balls. The sensations cause you to shiver. Your whole body tenses with need. A need, to have your cock in my mouth. A need, to feel the back of my throat. But still, I make you wait. Licking the insides of your thighs. Tasting the entire length of your shaft. As I brush my wet lips over the head of your cock need takes you over. Grasping your hands with fists full of my hair you plunge yourself deeply into my hot, wet mouth. You quickly pull yourself from my lips as an immediate urge to cum overtakes you. You hold me at bay, my hair grasped in your hand, my lips open and ready for you when the need wells up again. My tongue extended, begging you back. Slowly you place my lips back to the head. Hot, wet and waiting my mouth becomes yours. Your slide yourself in and out slowly, savoring the heat as I suck you into the back of my throat. Your other hand slides gently around my throat, positioning me, as you surrender to the need. You fuck my face as if it were my wet pussy. You beg me to suck you harder. You feel my want, as strongly as you feel your own need. Your whole body falls into convulsions. Lightening courses through your veins.

.....And just the thought of knowing I will suck you until every last drop has been extracted from your body, is almost as intense as when I do so.

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