Sunday, May 28, 2006

We lie together, spent on the bed, in the wetness of countless orgasms that has pooled beneath us. Our bodies intertwine. We kiss softly, feeling the last shivers flow through our lips. The last and final waves were flowing through my veins when your hands began to kneed into my thighs. Begging them open. I surrender to you, once again as our kiss deepens. Your body still wrapped tightly to me, our mouths lost in kiss, when your fingers begin to explore me. Sliding slowly and gently up and down the entire length of my wet and freshly fucked pussy. I warn you in the depths of our kiss that you will only cause me to want more. Fueled by these words, your tongue invades my mouth, capturing the moan that escapes it as your fingers delve deeper into my depths. My body writhes against you, our mouths entangle with lust, as you waste no time in fulfilling your goal. Cum gushes from me as bolts of lightning run through me, and you continue to drain more and more from me. Every moan is encased within our kiss. My juices squirt everywhere. Your cock is dripping when you take it firmly in your hand and stroke it softly into me. Feeling the wetness and the heat, needing more, you slide it deep into my pussy. Feeling it grasp onto you. Feeling it pulse and contract, you strum my clit at a viscous pace. The surge wells up within me. You feel every wave as it begins to crest. Your cock swells with a desperate need for release. Holding back, you wait for just the precise moment, and just as my vision begins to blur, the lighting comes crashing through my veins once again. My pussy explodes, cum gushes forth in a powerful surge, bathing you in my juices as your cock in turn showers me...Fulfilling fantasies. Pleasuring each other.

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