Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Drifting Off To Dreamland

Our naked bodies wrapped slickly together.
Our skin was still wet, glistening with desire.
Perfectly entwined, we lay together, as if meant to be
And I closed my eyes and let my day begin to expire.

Your arms wrapped around me and softly cradled my head.
I felt the light kisses of your lips on my shoulders
My soul was warmed by the comfort of the closeness
While my insides felt the heat of our lust that still smoldered

I was taken to a world where the colors are so bright
Sound is blurred and all sensations are felt to the extreme
Then held in the warmth and comfort of your loving arms
As my body and mind drifted off to the peaceful world of dream.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Making Love In Our Sleep

My mind was barely pulled from dreamland,
As my body became suddenly awake.
My hips involuntarily pressed against you,
Feeling the hardness of your midnight desire.
The wetness echoed into the silence of the sleep soaked room,
As you slowly pressed yourself into my warm depths.
Our bodies moved together in a familiar dance.
Reality and dreamland crossed paths so closely.
Our bodies effortlessly flowed into one another
As if in a dream, we became one, in the night.
Dreaming the same dream.
Making love in our sleep.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

I have time to write today.

Nothing seems to want to flow out.

I have started three poem and discarded them as quickly.

So instead I decided to write something else. Something equally as beautiful.

Warning: If you are here to get off...well today's post probably won't work for you.

I decided to write about my morning.

I woke up this morning in a warm bed in the house I grew up in. I stood up on my own two feet and inhaled the air around me without the help of machines. And then I smiled as my teenage son called down the hall when he heard me stirring and asked if I wanted him to make me coffee. Something he does quite often. I am not quite sure yet if he is just a real sweet kid or if he is afraid of his mother pre-coffee.

Chocolate Silk coffee in hand without having to make the effort to make it, I sat down at the my computer. My son bid me farewell as he rushed of with his friends to see the latest of the teenage tacky movies. Alone with time to write. Nothing flowed.

I can only think of how lucky I am today. I sit here by the bay window. It overlooks our back yard which sits on a riverbank. The sun reflecting off the water is beautiful. The way the beams of light flow through the branches of the Oak tree and filter through the Spanish moss, enticing to the eye. The sky above blue with wispy white clouds. The beauty of nature has always been my natural Prozac.

And I sat and thought as I drank my coffee in this majestic scene, life really is not that bad. I have four million problems that will face me when I finish my coffee and start my day but...
I woke up happy, able to stand on my own two feet. I breathed air into my lungs. I felt the love of a child. I am lucky enough to still have my mother where as many have lost theirs. I called her and wished her happy birthday. And when this last cup of coffee is finished I will tackle my day knowing...I ain't got it so bad after all.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Rhythm of Lust

They dance above you, just inches from your lips.

Two perfect nipples just begging to be touched.

Rosy, pink and standing erect,

They sway before your eyes.

The vision of them blurred at the touch of moist fire

As your cock becomes enveloped in the wetness.

Slowly I start to thrust myself onto you.

Dancing myself into your hips.

The rosy buds keep the beat of lust driven sex,

Grazing your lips as they sway in tune before you.

The dance goes on.

My hips grinding into yours, as the silent music blares

Your teeth suddenly catch one of the buds.

You feel your cock slide into rhythm.

You slowly build the tempo with the instrument in your mouth.

Nibbling it, sucking it, biting it, my moans reflecting the silent tune

My muscles tighten as we waltz into the lust

A mighty wave crashes over us at the final crescendo

Soaking us in rhythm as the music flows over your balls.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Worship them and she will cum

Pink nipples artfully trapped by your lips.

Prisoners to your teeth as you devour them.

Holding them before you, sucking them in unison.

My body feels the intensity shooting through it.

You stop to admire the crimson buds.

One hand cups my wet pussy.

Teeth again regain their captive.

Sucking on it, biting it, devouring it.

Your hand still cupping my pussy.

One finger barely strums my clit.

You feel my body tense with the cresting wave.

And with one sharp bite the river overflows.

Filling your hand.

Streaming through your fingers.

Onto the bed.

Missing you

My pussy moist from the erotic thoughts of you.
My nipples erect with desire.
My body unclothed.
My fingers wander into the wetness.
Spreading the glistening honey.
Coating me in the liquids of lust.
Searching between the silky folds.
Finding the perfection of a rosebud, begging to be plucked.
I encircle it, tracing it slowly.
I feel the ripples beginning to rush through my veins.
I lightly squeeze it, trapping it gently between my fingers.
My breath gasps hotly, forming a moan.
The ripples splash gently into me as the wave approaches.
My pussy screaming to be filled.
The wetness gathers in the emptiness.
I begin to roll the little bud between my clinched fingertips.
It slides through the moisture.
Creating just the right friction, to ignite the fire.
Muscles clenching, I satisfy the screaming emptiness.
Liquid flowing over, I fill the wet void, the lust dripping onto my hand.
A need takes over inside me as I thrust deeply into the tightness.
With waves thundering in my head, I fuck myself as you would.
My mind goes numb to my surroundings.
Only the pleasure exists.
Lighting crashes through me as the lust pours forth in waves.
My body flowing into the tide, coming to rest upon the shore
Completely sated, I lay here alone.
Fingers still feeling the clenches of the aftershock.
Missing you.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Four feather pillows cradle my naked body.

My hair still damp from the hottest of showers.

Where my wet fingers, became yours.

I pinched and pulled at my nipples, so tender still from you.

I plunged them inside my wet cunt.

I came for you.

Insatiable, I now lay amidst the pillows, wanting more.

My tender nipples, pinched tightly in your favorite set of clamps.

My fingers strumming beautiful waves of the music of lust across my clit.

My body feeling the tension as it builds inside me.

I imagine you watching, your cock hard, in your hand.

Soft moans escape my lips, as the first drops of lust trickle through me.

I tug lightly on the silver chain, the clamps begin to pull.

A wave crashes through me, undulating my body

Pouring from me, the liquids of lust,

Gushing over my fingers as they continue to fuck me.

Cumming for you as you watch me.

Giving you all that you desire.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Cum for me, my love.

I want to feel your body quake.

Cum for me, my darling.

I want to soothe your ache.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Naked before you.

My pussy presented to you.

Moist is the sensation as you slid between my folds.

Our moans of delight mingle into the air.

You pleasure only yourself.

Stroke after glorious stroke, you use my pussy.

Your greatest pleasure, my orgasm.

Your cock glides fluidly into the spot.

Thrust after thrust, you build the tension.

Knowing my every sensation.

Nipples sway and are caught.

Your fingers grip them tightly.

You squeeze them as my pussy squeezes you.

A sudden eruption of molten desire drenches you.

Saturating your fantasies, dripping from you, soaking the sheets.

My body is bent to your pleasures.

My hair is wrapped in your fists.

Skin slaps loudly in the wetness.

Ecstasy felt in each showering mist.

Monday, August 14, 2006

I feel you shiver in the morning mist
You skin glows in the early morning light
As the sun burst through the clouds in orange glow
My mouth tasting you, savoring your every flavor
Every sensation as glorious as the sunrise around us.
You begin to feel it deep within you
Glowing as brightly as the rising August sun
It explodes into vivid colors, saturating your vision
As I swallow amidst the climax of the morning
And like the rays of light overtaking the sky
Your body radiates the warmth of sheer delight
As I welcome you to your morning
Amidst the sunrise in the early morning light.
When I Feel Raindrops

I stood outside tonight and felt the raindrops on my skin,
Filtered through the leaves above, dripping from the evening rain,
And once again my fondest memory surfaced from within.

A memory of two lovers, wrapped up in loves embrace.
Taking quiet time together, making love beneath the trees.
In a world shared just by two, devoid of time and space.
And That is Love

It invades the air around you as you deeply breath it in.
Slowly it envelopes you, it permeates your every pore.
It becomes the very breath that you breath into your lungs.
It is love. The undefinable sense, felt deep within your core.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Your mouth is so close to my pussy I can feel your breath.

The heat of it teasing me.

I thrust upward involuntarily.

Needing to feel your kiss.

Our eyes meet, mine begging.

Another hot Breath.

A fire erupts inside me.

I must have you, I must feel you.

I thrust my hips forward as my hands imprison your head.

Your mouth opens, sucking me in.

Your tongue tasting my every fold.

You devour me, feasting on my desire.

No longer do I hold your head prisoner.

It is you now holding me, legs spread wide before you.

Your fingers plunge inside me. Searching.

Your tongue assaults my clit.

You feel the ripples beginning to flow, increasing your want.

Fingers pressed tightly, your teeth sink into my clit, invoking the mighty waves.

You feel it as it is runs through my skin.

You feel it as it runs through my veins.

Your mouth opens to me, as the mighty surge comes crashing forth.

And the lust becomes a liquid wave, drenching you, saturating your very soul.
I was lying on the bed clothed in black feathers and velvet.
The candlelight flickering across the room illuminated my skin.
My fingers were tracing wet circles around my glistening folds.
My back was arched, my legs spread open, inviting the sin.

I knew that you were coming, I heard you at the door.
I wanted you to see the pleasure, to watch this private dance.
I felt your eyes upon me, staring at the scene in awe.
Knowing your were watching, my eyes rolled back in trance.

I was lost in lurid thought as you watched my desire build.
The tempo increased on the dance fingers did across my clit.
White hot, liquid, lust, seeped from my core, dripping onto the sheets,
As soft moans whispered their escape through slightly parted lips.

You watched as my body tightened, bracing itself for the mighty release
All movement seized and the air was silent for an exotic moment in time.
A moan broke the silence, announcing the crashing of the mighty waves.
And knowing that you were watching, pushed me onward, into the sublime.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

It Happened Last Night

The candles fire flickered in the darkness,
Illuminating two bodies entwined in lust.
Skin glistened with the sweats of desire,
Riding the waves together, thrust upon thrust.
Arms entangled, chests heaving together.
Sharing every shiver, every moan, every quake.
Tasting every flavor that lusts mouth will provide,
Amidst tremors of desire, two bodies undulate.
Feeling every wave together, holding on to one another.
Liquid heat flows like molten lava, melding the lust.
Two bodies ride the waves together as one,
Soaked in desire, thrust after liquid thrust

Friday, August 11, 2006

Swimming in Lust

Come swim with me, my love.
Let us bathe in a pool of lust.
Let the ripples of desire splash upon our skin.
Baptizing us in the purest of all passions.
As we wade deeper into the depths of sin.
Let us feel the falls cascading over us.
Quenching our bodies of every thirst.
Come my love and swim with me,
In a pool of lust, completely submersed.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Beneath the August Moon

Every cloud was lined in a silvery dust
The sky was illuminated in a heavenly glow
The ripples on the water shimmered in the moonlight
For a few short hours all the world was aglow

My cheeks were damp with happiness
My heart was so full, content in love.
And an angel held me safely, wrapped in his arms,
As we bathed in the moonlight that shown from above.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

It Happened One Day In The Rain

The rain trickled all around them.
Their bodies entwined, quenching their desires.
The droplets of rain melted into their skin,
Mixing with the lust and the fire.
Creating an inferno of emotions.
The heat of lust, fusing with love.
With the raindrops falling all around them,
Two people fell in love.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I hear sadness in your voice.
I want to fix it.
I hear your heart breaking.
I want to mend it.
My arms want to hold you,
Wrap myself all around you.
Give you a safe place to cry.
Your head on my chest.
Your pillows, my breasts.
I'd try to caress all the pain away.
I'd hold you tightly,
Until your breath became rhythm,
And sang to me sweetly,
As dreams swept all of your cares away.
Protected through the night,
In my arms you would stay,
Until the light of early dawn,
When I'd help you face your new day.

Monday, August 07, 2006

I lit the candles above the bed. Their light shimmered throughout the room, illuminating you. I placed you amidst the pillows, stripped you of your clothing. My kisses were urgent. I wanted more. I trailed my lips down your chest, my tongue tasting your skin. My breath warming your cock as it pulsed with need. It begged to be in my mouth, to feel the wetness. I breathed harder on it. You moaned with urgent desire. Slowly I licked you. From base to tip I trailed my wet tongue, tasting the samples of your pleasure in my mouth. I lean forward and surround you with my breasts. Engulfing you in their warmth. A moan escapes you as I squeeze them around you tightly and pump your cock. My lips kiss gently on the head as my tongue laps at your flavor. You body explodes with need. You thrust upward needing to feel the wetness of my mouth, the tightness of my throat. I begin to suck. Taking all of you, feasting on you. Devouring you. Need wells up. You grasp my head, fingers full of hair, and take me. My mouth surrenders to your need, greedily sucking from you every drop of lust.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

You Watched

You watched as I searched with my fingers.

Diving deeply into the wetness of myself.

Fingers dancing, slow circles of lust.

You watched as I played with myself.
Sweet Slumber

Your arms pillow my head gently.
Your body blankets me, keeping me warm.
I do not feel confine or restriction,
As our bodies mold and conform.
I feel a gentle comfort envelope me,
Peaceful, content and free,
As I slip slowly into dreamland,
Your arms still holding me.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Velvet Petals of Lace

To appreciate a rose, you hold her with your heart.
To appreciate the rose, you love her every part.

The deepness of the green in her pointed leaves.
The sheer sharpness of her many thorns.
The sturdiness of her ridged stem standing straight
Every petal made of deep, red, delicate, lace.
The fragrance of her that surrounds you,
That engulfs your every sense.
The want, to look at her, to smell her,
To feel her delicate petals against your face.
To see the dew beading on her skin.

To love a rose, to appreciate a rose,
You must love her every part.
To love a rose, to appreciate a rose,
You must hold her with your heart.
A woman doesn't want to be needed. She knows she is needed. A woman wants to be wanted. And when you want her, you need her, as she does you. Need is the sexual part. A need to have you inside me. A need to feel your skin next to me. A need to taste you in my mouth, breath you into my lungs. Need is sexual. Need is human.

Want is all the rest...

Do you want to spend your life with me? Sit together with me at meals. Read the morning paper with me over grouchy pre-coffee conversation. Lounge on the sofa with me on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Do you want to crawl in bed with me and lay your head down next to mine and need me? Do you want to spend your life with me?

Friday, August 04, 2006

The Unknown Destination

Years ago our lives entwined.
Two paths merged into one.
Two travelers approached a journey,
Heading East into the sun.

Their destination completely unknown.
They cautiously took their first steps.
Unaware of what was lurking ahead.
Both willing to forgo the maps.

The journey soon became a ride.
Relishing in the thrill of exploration.
The fantasies of discovering wonderful new things.
Enjoying pleasures beyond expectation.

And somewhere along the journey,
Amid the heat of the summer's sun.
Two souls melted into one another.
And two travelers became one.

One, in the love of the journey.
One, in the awe of the exploration.
Two hearts content in what they've found.
For love, was the unknown destination.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

This room emits your scent.

The pillows aroma, that of you.

The scent of you is everywhere.

The bedclothes are perfumed in you.

The towel still damp, heaped on the floor.
The scent of your skin, showered and clean.

The sheets still bathed in the fragrance of desire
Leaving my mind reliving the erotic scene.

Our bodies entwined, wet with lust
We rode each wave as one.

The scent of it still lingers in the air,
Warmed by the light of the morning sun.

So alone I lay here, not wanting to wake,
Intoxicated by the romantic incense of air.

For this room emits the scents of you,
The fragrance of you is everywhere.
2 AM

Our bodies entwine amidst the disheveled bedding.
I feel you nudge me.
My nipple pinched between sleepy fingers.
I feel you hard, pressed against me,
As I wake from the state of dream.

Our bodies flow together effortlessly.
So familiar is the touch of lust.
Sleep surrenders to desire in waves,
Crashing upon us with every thrust.

An explosion is felt deep within.
Felt by two, as one.
Clinging together wave after wave.
Melting again into one another,
We surrender to the sleep our bodies still crave.