Saturday, August 19, 2006

Worship them and she will cum

Pink nipples artfully trapped by your lips.

Prisoners to your teeth as you devour them.

Holding them before you, sucking them in unison.

My body feels the intensity shooting through it.

You stop to admire the crimson buds.

One hand cups my wet pussy.

Teeth again regain their captive.

Sucking on it, biting it, devouring it.

Your hand still cupping my pussy.

One finger barely strums my clit.

You feel my body tense with the cresting wave.

And with one sharp bite the river overflows.

Filling your hand.

Streaming through your fingers.

Onto the bed.


Lestat said...

Oh yes. That one gets me. I like that spot -- nipple in my mouth fingers between your legs...

adam said...

I long for moments like these.

You may blush all you want to, but reading your poetry, gives me hope for giving such pleasure...

...and, for a few short minutes, I am transported, and inspired, by the details, and subtle word-play, you exhibit.

xx, adam. p.s. : Thank you, for adding my blog to your links. [mute the music...and, enjoy.]

Sir Dirty Joke said...

I am definitely one of your "worshipers" sexy Brandy!

Ryder said...

A river that can only be captured in words by you. A lucky man holds that river, and I know he is lost with you as it streams..