Friday, August 18, 2006

Four feather pillows cradle my naked body.

My hair still damp from the hottest of showers.

Where my wet fingers, became yours.

I pinched and pulled at my nipples, so tender still from you.

I plunged them inside my wet cunt.

I came for you.

Insatiable, I now lay amidst the pillows, wanting more.

My tender nipples, pinched tightly in your favorite set of clamps.

My fingers strumming beautiful waves of the music of lust across my clit.

My body feeling the tension as it builds inside me.

I imagine you watching, your cock hard, in your hand.

Soft moans escape my lips, as the first drops of lust trickle through me.

I tug lightly on the silver chain, the clamps begin to pull.

A wave crashes through me, undulating my body

Pouring from me, the liquids of lust,

Gushing over my fingers as they continue to fuck me.

Cumming for you as you watch me.

Giving you all that you desire.

1 comment:

adam said...

I need a cold shower, after that!

Every moment, and the tracings of your fingertip, in words, stuck the companion picture, from my mind.

The picture created by your words, outdid the the painting.

This one, was a call to the imagination; a singular, and unique, construction, that didn't need illustration.

I love the drawings & paintings you've chosen..but this time, I was far more taken with the prose-poem itself.

There is confidence in your writing; in it's honesty.

It's been said, "every picture tells a story." What I'll remember, after reading this one, is the Story.

It's brilliant; transcendent.

Keep on, Brandy.