Saturday, August 12, 2006

It Happened Last Night

The candles fire flickered in the darkness,
Illuminating two bodies entwined in lust.
Skin glistened with the sweats of desire,
Riding the waves together, thrust upon thrust.
Arms entangled, chests heaving together.
Sharing every shiver, every moan, every quake.
Tasting every flavor that lusts mouth will provide,
Amidst tremors of desire, two bodies undulate.
Feeling every wave together, holding on to one another.
Liquid heat flows like molten lava, melding the lust.
Two bodies ride the waves together as one,
Soaked in desire, thrust after liquid thrust


Sir Dirty Joke said...

I like your dirty mind!

adam said...

I can see those two bodies, riding waves, together. Such moments, quickening the heart, the breath..

transfixed, again, by your variations on "lust."

Your lines whisper to me; keeping me within their passionate embrace.