Friday, August 04, 2006

The Unknown Destination

Years ago our lives entwined.
Two paths merged into one.
Two travelers approached a journey,
Heading East into the sun.

Their destination completely unknown.
They cautiously took their first steps.
Unaware of what was lurking ahead.
Both willing to forgo the maps.

The journey soon became a ride.
Relishing in the thrill of exploration.
The fantasies of discovering wonderful new things.
Enjoying pleasures beyond expectation.

And somewhere along the journey,
Amid the heat of the summer's sun.
Two souls melted into one another.
And two travelers became one.

One, in the love of the journey.
One, in the awe of the exploration.
Two hearts content in what they've found.
For love, was the unknown destination.

1 comment:

adam said...

The old saying goes: "Happiness is the Journey, not the destination."

Merging with another, in love, along the same road, has been captured well by you here.

This unknown destination, is one I've known well.

Your words are a gift, Brandy. Love is out there, waiting.