Wednesday, August 02, 2006

2 AM

Our bodies entwine amidst the disheveled bedding.
I feel you nudge me.
My nipple pinched between sleepy fingers.
I feel you hard, pressed against me,
As I wake from the state of dream.

Our bodies flow together effortlessly.
So familiar is the touch of lust.
Sleep surrenders to desire in waves,
Crashing upon us with every thrust.

An explosion is felt deep within.
Felt by two, as one.
Clinging together wave after wave.
Melting again into one another,
We surrender to the sleep our bodies still crave.


Ryder said...

You craft your words together with eloquent style. That sated feeling, slipping into sleep, wrapped around a loved one is one of my favorites.
Your talent brings the memory of that back.
Thank you, Brandy, for sharing.

adam said...

Sweet dreams!


Spirit said...

Awwww in the darkness of the night ...a pleasure never forgotten

Brandy said...

Thank you gentlemen.

gia said...

I love the way you write.. the way you bring beauty and elegance and romance and tenderness to the raw, burning, animal lust we all feel inside. They turn us on, make us remember, allow us to feel each word.

To be awakened in the middle of the night like that, to the touches and sensations of two becoming one.. one of the best things ever. :)