Friday, March 31, 2006

Showered in Desire

In the precious moments just before you cum, I feel you pulse, I feel you swell.
The shaft it is so rigid as you fall into rhythm, causing exotic pleasures to expel.
I feel your body tense and shake as the trembles course like lightning through your veins.
Desire and passion spurt from deep within you, with the intensity of midsummer rains.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

At the Break of Day
The sun was beginning to shine making the morning dew sparkle across the field. My tongue was wet and warm as it glided up and down the length of your shaft. I love how incredibly sensitive you are in the morning. Your body shivered and shook with every wet stroke I made. I traced your balls with the very tip of my tongue, I licked you roughly at the base of your cock. I tasted every inch of you before I encased the swollen head of your cock between my hot, wet lips. I was instantly rewarded as your sweet cum filled my mouth, seconds before you controlled the flow and denied me the rest. With your body shaking below me, I licked you ever so lightly waiting for your cue to proceed. Gently you placed the head back at my lips. You were then, again mine. My mouth so wet from needing you, my tongue hot from anticipation, I sucked you in. Swallowing you to the very base as I tried to suck your balls in too. I wanted all of you in my mouth. I greedily sucked as I listened to your moans. Slightly loosening the grip my mouth had on you I began to slide my wet lips up and down your cock. Feeling every vein as they glided over my tongue. Forcing you further and further down my throat, then releasing you straight to the head. Over and over I fucked your cock with my mouth, sucking harder with each thrust into the back of my throat. Wanting so badly, what you were holding from me. I was soon rewarded richly, when you could no longer hold your control, and your body surrendered to me, and I savored your hot, sweet juices flowing generously down my throat.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

My fantasy world now lies vacant and unkept.
Words on pages are of no use to me anymore.
It pales in comparison to the reality of you.
And a happiness in life, I've come to adore.
My words seem so empty when trying to describe
A feeling I feel deep within the very core of me.
As your skin presses tightly, and molds into mine.
And you whisper in my ear, "I love you, my Brandy."
My body feels things, no lyric I ever wrote could describe.
Your breath hot on my neck, your body wrapped around mine.
The reality and beauty, of love, mixed with lust and desire.
No words could ever depict, the way you set my soul on fire.
I feel a love I never imagined existed and a want I can’t describe.
A happiness I only dreamed in dreams, is reality to me today.
Fantasies long forgotten in a world no longer visited
For what I feel inside my heart, no story, could ever, portray.