Wednesday, April 27, 2005

You are such a feast for the eyes.
How is it that, you do not see?
Your eyes themselves twinkle in the sunlight,
In all the shades of the clear blue sea.
Those lips of yours, they are divine
I love their shape, their shade, their taste.
A mix of the lightest shades of crimson,
With the taste, and sweetness of sheer desire.
I love the incredible curve of your neck,
That sexy little spot where it meets your strong shoulders.
The taste of you there,
A flavor that fuels my deepest desires.
As I bite down, savoring the flavors, of passion on fire.
Your chest is exquisite, so strong and so hard.
Framed perfectly between two sculpted arms.
Muscles flowing so fluidly, every shape so define.
Your stomach. Nothing short of beautiful.
So sweet to taste, so responsive to my touch.
Need flows through my body,
As I run my fingers down your legs.
So strong, so powerful, so positively defined.
A strength I love, a power I feel with every thrust
When our bodies make love to one another.
From head to toe, inside and out.
A feast you are, for my every sense.
So a glutton I become, when given the chance.
Devouring, without regard to manners
For so often I am limited,
To surviving on mere samples.

Monday, April 25, 2005

So tender is that little spot right between your leg and your groin. I love to run my tongue across it and taste you as you shiver. First one side and then the other. The intensity of it makes your body shudder in delight. I slowly caress up and down the shaft of your beautiful cock with my fingertips. Slowly encircling the head, as my other hand lightly caresses your balls. A small droplet of cum begins to seep out. So sweet it is. I lightly lick the tip as you convulse beneath me, from the first velvety touches of my tongue. My lips part and envelope the head as I suck you into my mouth. The feeling of it in my mouth divine, as I suckle you. Relishing just the taste of you in my mouth. Another swipe of my tongue trails down the shaft. Licking you in all those oh so tender little places. From base to tip I lick you once more before I impale you into the back of my throat. Locking my lips tightly around the base I swallow, constricting my throat muscles around the head as you moan in ecstasy. Up and down I move my mouth, sucking with just the right pressure. Needing the release, you grasp the back of my head and slowly pump my hot, wet mouth. I suck in unison with every thrust to the base of my throat. I feel it building. Your cock rock hard and throbbing. You release my head and fall back as I grab your hips and plunge you deep into my face. You are so close. I suck as you start to cum. Hot and sweet, gushing down my throat as I grasp you, pulling you deeper into my mouth. You shake, you shudder. You moan my name, oh so sweetly as you collapse backward....Paralyzed by pleasure.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Harder and harder he thrust his hips, pushing himself deep inside her. Her body literally convulsing with pleasure. Sweat laced with desire covering both of them. The sweet scent of sex surrounding their every sense, as the tension begins to built. Her pussy squeezing so tightly, the pressure increasing with every hard, fast thrust of cock he was pounding into her. Her hair grasped tightly in his hand. Another hard spasm erupts from deep within her. He does not stop. He continues the assault on her sweet, hot pussy. Claiming every ounce of pleasure. Taking. Having. Never knowing when this chance will again come. Another spasm. She squeezes him so tightly. He stops, buried deep inside her. Feeling every wave with her, as they rush through her body in a violent surge. Grasping tightly to his body, biting hard on his neck, as she slowly comes down from the onslaught of extreme pleasure. Her pussy throbbing from inside, massaging his cock with every pulse of pleasure. He must have more. He needs more. He slowly pulls out, only to thrust back inside he with sheer power. Her pussy feeling the strength of his hard muscles. Loving the assault, needing the assault, she thrust upward to meet him. Mouths connect and devour the taste of desire. Her body starts to tremble as the waves begin to build once more. Her pussy so tight, he can take no more. Together they feel the internal explosion of lust and desire combined. Lips sucked into each others mouths. Chests heaving, hearts pounding together, as the waves of sheer desire slowly ebb away.
Back to perfect once again. As is well in the world for a short and glorious moment. Nothing else matters. Just two bodies, entangled together. Perfection.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

I sit out here watching you. I can see you through the side of the blinds. You know I am watching you. You are so hot. I want you so badly. I start to get wet thinking about having you. No one is looking. They cannot see me. So absorbed in their games they are oblivious to me out here. I slowly start to put my hand down the front of my pants. God bless the elastic waistband, no buttons to undo, no zippers, just instant access to a dire need. I slowly run my fingers over my whole pussy. My God, how a few of your kisses can make me so wet. From the minute my lips touched yours tonight I have wanted you. Needed you. My fingers press harder as I play in the wetness of my own pussy. I see you. So hot. My body shivers slightly as I caress my clit. So hard it gets from my touch and the sight out you. I see you. You know I am watching. Harder I press as I spread my legs wider across the banister. Running tight little circles around my clit as I start to lightly moan. Oh God how wonderful it would be to have you. As the tension builds I release my clit and slide a finger deep inside me. Oooooh, I softly moan. I know they cannot hear me. More, I must have more. I stretch my legs further. Harder and faster I rub myself. My eyes stay fixed on you as the waves begin to build. Yes....yes...right there...Oh my God. The vision of you blurrs as my body starts to convulse. Wetness pours from me. I grip the banister tighter as the waves crash through me. My legs drop down. Barley able to hold myself up, I stumble back into the room. Grazing your arm as I pass you. The feel of your skin, unreal. I collapse in the chair in front of you. Heart raising, breath ragged as I recover. No one knows. Only you. You watch me from behind the chair. I can no longer see you, but I feel you eyes on me. You know I have just had you.

Monday, April 11, 2005

Do you think we ever really know true happiness
Or do we strive in vain to obtain the unattainable
Do we search out and exaggerate all of life's little imperfections
In our constant journey to live out the “happily ever after” fable

The feelings of guilt can sometimes become overwhelming
Asking ourselves are we being selfish to want so much
Do we really deserve to acheive the unattainable bliss
Or are we destined to live life, feeling wounded, carrying a crutch

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Blinded to reality
I remain a willing captive
In the world I have created
Sanity obtained by being adaptive

Happiness created daily
With an imagination that is inventive
The delicious smiles spread across my face
These feelings of desire, incredibly addictive

For in my world, you are mine
Precious love shared every day
These things so far from the bitterness of reality
So in my fantasy world, smiling, I choose to stay
Your body next to mine
I gaze upon you
You are so beautiful
Every inch of you
Sculpted to near perfection
I love the curve of your arms
So strong
I feel so safe when they hold me
The perfection of your chest
A solid place to rest my head
Your stomach
So sensitive to my touch
As you quiver under my fingers
Your legs
Exquisite are the feelings
Of them wrapped around my head
Your cock buried deep in my throat
Your body so tense
Every muscle feeling
The internal explosion of lust
The release it is divine
As your body collapses
And I gaze upon you
So beautiful you are
Your body next to mine

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Your body is cuddled up close to mine as I wake to the first rays of sunshine penetrating the room. You look so sweet lying there with your eyes closed, all worries forgotten for the few precious hours your mind takes to rest in sleep. I cannot help but touch you. The feel of your skin under my touch, exquisite. I start to lightly caress your body. Slowly running my fingers down the back of your neck. Lightly kissing you, just behind the ear. Whispering I love you, as you peacefully sleep. I snuggle you closer and lie my head on your chest as you start to stir. Your sleepy eyes begin to focus as they meet beautiful and full of life they become when you stretch your mouth into it's first smile of the day as you realize I am slowly making my way down your body. So sensitive you are in the morning. I lightly caress you stomach. Down lower my other hand it relishing in the feel of your inner thighs. Your body shudders under my touch. I feel your most sensitive parts, my tongue grazes lightly across that sweet little crevice where your legs meet your body. I lightly lick your balls as you squirm in delight. Up the shaft my tongue trails only seconds before I take you in my mouth. So sweet the taste of you. The sweet drops of honey I taste as you become mine, fuel me with desire. I must have you. I move up your body. Kissing your every inch until I have your lips in my mouth. Slowly I push downward as I take you inside me. Muscles squeeze, bodies quivering as I slowly move my way up and down. Having you. Together our bodies build for the release. There is heat, sweat, delicious moans. I feel you swell inside me as our bodies become tense. Let go. Release. We feel the moment together. Two bodies molded tightly in lust and love. Kissing...always kissing, until the last, of all shivers, have subsided. Oh, how I would give anything to start my day like this.