Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Falling into a Dream

I love waking from sleep with you
Breathing in your scent
With my first conscience breath
Having your arms wrapped tightly around me
Sleepily kissing your lips
Your legs entwined with mine
Your cock pressing gently into my wetness
As you awake from your dreams
Our bodies flowing so naturally together
Making love slowly
As we awake from our sleep
And fall into a dream

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Your cock so sensitive
Swollen with lust
I feel you hard against me
Pressing gently into me
Gliding yourself between my legs
Searching for the moisture

Your lips are so soft
Kissing trails down my neck
Followed by lustful nibbles
And desire filled bites

Your fingers so adept
As they gently twist each nipple
Your arms wrapped tightly around me
Hold me close to you
As my hips involuntarily buck with desire

My ear is bathed in warmth
With the heat of your breath
Combined with the inferno
Of the dirty things
You hotly whisper to me

Your cock insistent
Pressing further into the heat of my wet folds
Needing to be sheathed
As badly as I need to be filled

A moan escapes my lips
As your cock reaches my core
Slowly pumping into me
All of your desires

Bent into you
My hips accept every thrust
As my pussy sucks you in

You have reached the crescendo
Your cock throbing with desire
Releases itself in powerful squirts
Pulling a moan from your lungs

Pressed tightly against me
I feel every wave with you
As they roll through your body
In powerful surges

And as the ripples slowly fade
And your chest is pressed against my back
I feel your heart beating
I hear what is says
In those short moments
More is expressed
Than any words I could ever verse

Friday, January 19, 2007

Your cock hard.

The head swollen.

Already leaking the sweetness of your lust.

The veins bulging against the taunt skin,

As the desire builds in your balls.

My tongue lightly tracing patterns on your inner thigh.

My head slowly raises.

My lips parted slightly.

Your hips involuntarily thrust towards the heat of my breath.

I reach forth with my tongue.

Tasting the sweetness of your cock beading with your desire.

A moan escapes your lips as the contact is made.

My hand lightly grips your balls.

My mouth, hot and wet, slips to the base of your cock.

Your body shudders with pleasure as I swallow you into my throat.

With my fingers gently caressing and massaging your balls,

I fuck your cock between my wet lips.

Your hips thrust forward.

Grasping my face.

Gently fucking my mouth.

Fulfilling your desires.

Until I am drinking you in.

Feeding on the liquids of your lust.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Softly Screaming, I Love You

With the softness of velvet
Our lips sweetly touch each other
We breath in each others breath
Like candy for our souls
Our tongues dance the dance of love
Tasting each others passions
So much is said in every kiss
Our hearts speak, when our lips touch
Nothing can hide in a kiss
All passions are revealed
All feelings unable to be put into words
Are screamed in volumes
In the softness of our kiss

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Giving myself to you, I lie cradled in your arms.
The flavor of your kisses smothering my lips.
Your hands kneading the softness of my breasts.
My nipples pinched and twisted between your fingers,
Between your kisses,
As I lie cradled in your arms.

Your body is tightly pressed against mine.
The softness of the little pink panties I have worn,
Caressing your fingertips as you explore me.
Feeling the wetness seeping through the sheer satin.
Your lips kissing my neck, nibbling at my desires,
As I lie cradled in your arms.

The warmth of impending orgasm begins pooling in my spine.
Your fingertips are stroking the hardness of my clit.
Flicking it as I squirm against you.
Your kisses trail up my neck, biting me.
Increasing my need, you toy your fingers between my wet folds,
As you breath a scolding hot breath into my ear,
For wetting my little pink panties, with my lust for you.
Pressing harder on my clit, you push me over the edge.
The waves of orgasm pass through me.
My body convulses with the waves.
Your lips envelope my every moan.
Your hand, tucked neatly below the pink satin triangle of my panties,
Is drenched in the liquid lusts of my desire for you,
As I lie cradled in your arms.

Slowly the waves of orgasm turn to the glorious ripples of pure bliss.
Your kisses of lust, to the sweet tenderness of love.
Holding me tightly you allow me just a moment of slow bliss,
Before you strum me lightly back into the realm of euphoria.
Whispering dirty things in my ear between kisses of lust.
Playing with my little pink panties,
As you make me cum over and over again,
As I lie cradled in your arms

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The velvet touch of your tender lips
Coupled with the bite of your desire
Sends shivers through my veins
Followed by a heat akin to fire

An urgent need begins to build
A need to have, to feel, to taste
A need surrendered to completely
With your hands around my waist

A single moan escapes my lips
And you breath it into your very lungs
As your cock slides deep inside me
To the rhythm of dancing tongues

Our bodies move together effortlessly
Kisses of love blended with pure lust
As we make love to one another
In crashing waves and pounding thrusts