Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Take me.

He curled his body up next to hers from behind. Her head cradled in his arm. He kissed and bit at her neck as he worked his way up to her ear. He whispered to her, in hot words, with the velvet tone of lust. His hand traveled down her back causing tingling sensations to run through her body. He grabbed tightly to her ass and bit gently on her neck as she surrendered herself to him. Her legs spread slightly wider for him as she arches her back. He whispers again, hot words in her ear. He lets his fingers slide lower between her legs. She is so wet. He knows how she loves to be taken. To be talked dirty to. He tells her how deliciously hot and wet her pussy is, in between kisses and nibbles on her ear. It only makes her wetter as his hot words turn her on. He slowly pushes his fingers in from behind. Into her tight hot hole. He feels her pussy contract around his fingers. She is so tight. More hot words whispered to her as she lifts herself higher for him. He probes his fingers deeper, searching, exploring her depths. His thumb toys with her swollen clit as her body tenses. He bites her gently on the neck as he begins to thrust his fingers in and out of her. He feels her tighten, he continues to thrust his fingers into her, harder and faster. He feels it building from within her. He whispers hotly to her as she begins to cum. His fingers are instantly drenched as she falls forward in a scream of ecstasy. Hot cum gushes from her pussy as her pushes her further into the realms of exstasy. He removes his fingers and slaps roughly on her clit as she spasms into another orgasm. He instantly inserts his fingers and begins to thrust deeply into her again. Pumping the hot juices from her. She is driven by the lust. She bucks her hips against him as she starts to cum again. Gushing hot liquid. Screams of ecstasy turn into long hot moans as she glides through the waves of her orgasm. He holds her tight against him, her head, cradled in his arm, whispering hot words to her as she slowly begins to come down. His fingers still buried deep inside her feel her body begin to relax. He kisses her lightly on her neck lightly biting her skin. She shivers as his tongue trails it's way across her radiating skin and she listens to his hot whispers of approval.

She loves to be taken.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

"Play with it for me." you said,
As you guided my hand,
To my already drenched pussy.
One nipple sucked into your mouth,
The other twisted tightly between two fingers,
I moan, as your other hand joins mine.
Curving your fingers around my own,
You help me finger myself.
Hot words vibrate in my ear, as you whisper,
"Let's make it cum baby."
With your fingers pressing into mine
In the depths of my inner soul,
You show me where to press.
A scream escapes my lips,
As I feel my pussy clench tightly around our fingers.
An explosion rolled through my body
As the liquid poured from me,
Onto the sheets
Creating yet another pool, of liquid lust.

Monday, February 26, 2007

I am laying here tonight,
With dirty thoughts tainting my mind.

I want your cock buried deep in my throat.
My head held gently between your hands,
As you fuck my hot, wet, lips.
I want to feel every vein,
As it glides across my tongue.
I want to feel the firmness of it,
Invading my mouth.
I want to feel it swell,
As you feed me the lust I crave tonight,
In a body rocking explosion,
That leaves you helpless and limp,
As I slowly lick you clean.

Artwork found here

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Thoughts by Candlelight

I keep a journal at my bedside
Written in the candlelight
Where words and phrases
That swim through my head
Are forever caught
In black and white

Some thoughts develop into a verse
Tucked tidily between the rhyming lines
And some stay tucked forever
Between the dusty pages
Holding tight to the thoughts
Sweet words have defined

Sunday, February 18, 2007

The nasty little fantasy
Of being a slave to your love
Finally coming true.
The naughtiness of it.
The taboo.
Being bound to the bed,
Open to you.
Feeling like a slut.
Loving every minute of it.
Listening to you,
As you moan your approval.
Using my pussy for your pleasure.
I am your slave.
I give to you.
My wet cunt,
Offered up like a whores.
Tied to the bed.
Gushing with desire.
As you talk dirty to me.
Demanding I give you more.
Telling me what a good girl I am,
For soaking your face.
Your nasty little words,
Fueling my fires.
Causing an inferno to erupt.
Feeling your balls,
Splashing my own wetness,
Into the crack of my ass,
As you pound your cock into me.
So hard, so swollen,
Leaking with your desire.
Your cock wants my pussy,
As badly as my pussy needs your cock.
A soft scream escapes your lips,
As you squirt your hot cum,
All over my body,
Bound to the bed,
Open to you,
I am a slave to your love.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Something completely new to me
All control relinquished willingly
Blindfolded and tied to the bed
My arms only granted a teasing length
Enough to almost touch
My legs spread wide
My pussy lie open and wet
Awaiting the assault
Clips and clamps, whips and feathers
Clutter the dresser next to the bed
Vibrators and cock rings add to the assortment
Of wonderful ways in which you will violate me
In darkness of the blindfold
I lay silently awaiting the first touch

Thursday, February 15, 2007


I did not want to switch to beta. I passed every time I logged in when given the option. I was no longer given that option. It was switch or don't log in, bitch! So Brandy is now beta, but only because she was forced!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Sometimes I am so naughty
I lit all the candles in the room
As dirty thoughts raced through my mind

You are here with me, silently watching

I dress in something pretty
Imagining your reaction
Tonight I am wearing pink
My nipples are pressed hard against the sheer fabric
I lightly strum them between my fingers
Quietly moaning at the pleasure it causes
I lay back on the bed
Exposing my pussy to you
So wet already
My fingers drift down my body
And begin to play in the moist heat

You are here with me, silently watching

My clit begs for attention
I slightly graze across it
Another moan escapes my lips
My fingers dig deeper into the wetness
Emerging once again to graze across my clit
Slowly one finger becomes two
Then three as I plunge them deep inside
Fucking myself for you
My head thrashes about the pillows
As the heat begins to pool in the small of my back
Slowly radiating outward
Awaiting the explosion
And with thoughts of you in my mind
I cum, hard and wet I cum

Wishing you were here with me
Silently watching