Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Take me.

He curled his body up next to hers from behind. Her head cradled in his arm. He kissed and bit at her neck as he worked his way up to her ear. He whispered to her, in hot words, with the velvet tone of lust. His hand traveled down her back causing tingling sensations to run through her body. He grabbed tightly to her ass and bit gently on her neck as she surrendered herself to him. Her legs spread slightly wider for him as she arches her back. He whispers again, hot words in her ear. He lets his fingers slide lower between her legs. She is so wet. He knows how she loves to be taken. To be talked dirty to. He tells her how deliciously hot and wet her pussy is, in between kisses and nibbles on her ear. It only makes her wetter as his hot words turn her on. He slowly pushes his fingers in from behind. Into her tight hot hole. He feels her pussy contract around his fingers. She is so tight. More hot words whispered to her as she lifts herself higher for him. He probes his fingers deeper, searching, exploring her depths. His thumb toys with her swollen clit as her body tenses. He bites her gently on the neck as he begins to thrust his fingers in and out of her. He feels her tighten, he continues to thrust his fingers into her, harder and faster. He feels it building from within her. He whispers hotly to her as she begins to cum. His fingers are instantly drenched as she falls forward in a scream of ecstasy. Hot cum gushes from her pussy as her pushes her further into the realms of exstasy. He removes his fingers and slaps roughly on her clit as she spasms into another orgasm. He instantly inserts his fingers and begins to thrust deeply into her again. Pumping the hot juices from her. She is driven by the lust. She bucks her hips against him as she starts to cum again. Gushing hot liquid. Screams of ecstasy turn into long hot moans as she glides through the waves of her orgasm. He holds her tight against him, her head, cradled in his arm, whispering hot words to her as she slowly begins to come down. His fingers still buried deep inside her feel her body begin to relax. He kisses her lightly on her neck lightly biting her skin. She shivers as his tongue trails it's way across her radiating skin and she listens to his hot whispers of approval.

She loves to be taken.


Ryder said...

Like I said, Uhmmmm work yeah thats what I was going to do... Uhmmmmm try to work..

Beautifully done Brandy.

Lestat said...

Hot images. They leave trails across my mind and cause primitive urges to take over.