Tuesday, February 27, 2007

"Play with it for me." you said,
As you guided my hand,
To my already drenched pussy.
One nipple sucked into your mouth,
The other twisted tightly between two fingers,
I moan, as your other hand joins mine.
Curving your fingers around my own,
You help me finger myself.
Hot words vibrate in my ear, as you whisper,
"Let's make it cum baby."
With your fingers pressing into mine
In the depths of my inner soul,
You show me where to press.
A scream escapes my lips,
As I feel my pussy clench tightly around our fingers.
An explosion rolled through my body
As the liquid poured from me,
Onto the sheets
Creating yet another pool, of liquid lust.

1 comment:

Ryder said...

This is such a pleasure, Both to experience, and to read. Nicely captured Brandy, very nicely captured.