Sunday, September 30, 2007

His fingers were buried deep inside me,
Exploring me, rubbing me.
We had ended up on the floor,
My body cradled into his lap.
His arm holding me tightly to him,
My head pressed into his shoulder,
His hot words being whispered in my ear.
My body shuddered with orgasm,
The burning fires rolled though me
Totally consumed me,
My body clung to his,
A moan of pure lust dripped from my lips
As desire dripped from my pussy,
Clenching your fingers, riding the wave.
In a desperate moan of passion,
I begged you not to move,
To stay buried inside me,
As the aftershocks rolled through me.
The heat of your breath on my ear consumed me,
As the words you whispered, defined my heaven.

"My love, I would stay like this all night,
If it will fulfill your every desire."

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Your fingers dripped with my hair,
As your hands guided my head.
Praising me as I sucked you.
Your good little girl.
My tongue so hot and wet.
You cock fucking my mouth as if it were your toy.
My throat constricted around the head.
My lips clamped onto the base.
You held me there as I nursed from you.
Drinking in the lust we have created.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

The moment our bodies entwine,
There is perfection.
Every kiss,
So natural and fluid.
Every motion,
A beautiful dance of love.
Waltzing together,
Until we spill softly,
Into each others arms,
And fall asleep in heaven.

With you
Is where I was meant to be.