Saturday, July 30, 2005

I love you...
Such a pure and simple statement
Three little words, not meant in question
Requiring no answer, no permanent commitment
Such a powerful phrase it is indeed
Comprised of just, three simple words
Brings forth an avalanche of emotion
To ears that these three words have heard
Fear is the first to come crashing in
As we feel our hearts go on the line
Vulnerable now to all the pain and hurt
Separate lives, now closely entwined
Then overwhelming feelings of joy
Wrap their arms around your heart
You feel the warmth and tenderness
As the waves of euphoria come crashing forth
The feelings of love, so simple and pure
Yet powerful enough, to leave you helpless to resist
So much more than three words verbalized
It is what is felt, since the first time you kissed.
A very good friend of mine and I have had many discussions on the subject of how to give a "proper" blow job. Although we have never had any sort of sex whatsoever, he jokes all the time that I should give his and all his friend's ladys a proper class on just how to do so. I figured I would work on my lesson plan tonight.

First of all, you do not simply suck a mans dick. You make love to him with your mouth. And you do not start with the dick. It is something that you work your way up to. It must be anticipated by both parties. Imagine him naked, lay before you on a bed. A buffet of erogenous zones just waiting to be feasted upon. Every man has his arousal points. The neck for instance. A small little bite, just enough to kinda hurt, but mostly feel good. Followed by soft, yet hot kisses, real kisses of the skin. Sucking in slightly to taste him, the unique flavor of his skin. Long , soft caresses down both his arms as you taste the exquisite flavor of his chest. A quick nibble of the ear lobe as you breathe the hottest, most seductive, I WANT YOU, breath in his ear. Your tongue travels down his chest as you fingertips are slightly tickling the skin on his legs from ankle to hip. Tenderly licking the crease in his skin where his pelvis meets his leg as your fingers are gently caressing his balls. You want him in your mouth at this point as badly as he wants to feel the hot wetness of your lips. You lightly lick the very tip, looking up at him. Watching him convulse as bolts of pleasure course like lightning through his veins from the hot , moist sensations of your tongue. Gently run your tongue around the entire crown. Feel it, taste it with your tongue. Run it down the entire underside of the shaft, stopping to suck the skin, tasting him at the very base, just above his balls. Hands are a must, but not on the cock. A hand job is a hand job, but a blow job is not. Hands are for caressing, touching, massaging and ticking all the sensitive areas of skin surrounding your main focus. Slowly you work your way back up his cock, sucking the skin into your mouth lightly as your lips part just enough to envelope the entire underside of his cock. All the way up. Feeling every vein with your tongue. Stopping just long enough to flick the very underside of the crown. Then sucking the entire head slowly between your lips. Don't go any further. Just suck the crown, lightly. Enough to taste it, feel it in your mouth. Mould your lips to it. Slowly suck more and more of him into your mouth as you move downward towards the base. Swallow. Feel your throat constrict around him as he writhes in pleasure below you. Hold him in your mouth, all of him. Them slowly begin to move. Up and down the shaft. Sucking, tasting, feeling, making love to him with your mouth. Hands still only caressing. Faster and harder the sucking becomes as the need to taste him, have him, starts to rush over you. Thrust him deep into your throat, swallowing with every thrust. Grasp him by the ass, force him farther into your mouth. Feel him begin to throb as the moment draws near, his body tensing, his breath ragged, his moans deep. Feel the heat as he fills you with him. Swallow as he is cumming, gently milk it from him. Feel him pulsating in your mouth, as the waves of euphoria crash through his body. Hold him there between your lips until the last of the shivers have left him. Hands still caressing, all the tender, electrified, spots. Prolonging the pleasure. When the last ripples of pleasure have ebbed from his body, slowly kiss your way back up. Again tasting, savoring the flavor of his now sweat tinged body. Licking, biting and sucking his neck as your work your way back up. Breathing the hottest of breath into his ear.

Friday, July 29, 2005

I hate to see the stress and sadness in your eyes. It makes me hurt for you. You seem like you have the whole weight of the world on your shoulders today and I feel helpless to make it better for you. I try to make you smile the best I can. I know that just rubbing all the tension out of your head and shoulders won't make whatever it is go away. There are so many things I'd love to do to help, but...I am forced to only think about them. They always claim it is the thought that counts so I figured I'd share with you what I am thinking about...
I imagine you coming home the way you looked today. So sad and as if the whole world was against you. I would immediately grab a hold of you and hug your body close to mine. I then would kiss your neck in my favorite spot, work my way up to your lips and inhale your breath into me as I tried to kiss all your cares away. I would slowly unbutton your shirt kissing your chest and stomach as I unclasped each button before I removed it from your tired shoulders. I would turn your body and head you toward the bedroom where I would gentle push you back onto the bed. I would take your shoes off and rub your tired feet. I would unclasp your pants and slide them out from underneath you and slowly down your legs as I kissed my way down to your ankles. I would leave your underwear on for a few minutes of course, just to look at you in them. You know how sexy I think you look in a pair of plain ol' underwear. After my eyes had their fill I would slowly slide them down your legs placing a second coat of kisses on them as I worked my way down. Of course I would stand there and just look at you for a few short moments until I could no longer control the hands that want so badly to touch your skin. I would then grab a bottle of some sort of stress relieving scent of massage oil I know I would have gotten just for you. I would rub every inch of your body front and back, from your head to your toes until no muscle was left untouched and you had dozed off to sleep. Away from the madness of the chaotic world and off in dreamland. I would leave you to your dreams as I went to prepare your dinner. I would tenderly wake you 10 or 15 minutes before dinner was ready so that you had a few minutes to wake up before having to eat. After dinner was finished I would whisk you off to a hot shower, where I would join you and insist on washing your body for you. From head to toe I would try to wash away all your cares. Rubbing again your tired back and shoulders. I would then take you back to bed and make love to you, in any and every way you desired, until your tired body could take no more and you drifted off to sleep in my arms. I would then lay there holding you. I wouldn't stop caressing you just because you had fallen asleep and could no longer feel it. I would tenderly caress your head and shoulders until I myself joined you in dreamland. Hoping that somewhere along the way that I had made whatever was eating you up inside, somehow a little easier to bear.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

It was 2 am, they were alone at the park. It was such a warm summer night. No one else was around. She wore the most summery dress she could find in her closet. Pink, with spaghetti straps, showing incredible amounts of leg. They both wanted more. They both needed more. The picnic table just seemed to call to them. Inviting them. She lay back on it and spread her legs over it's sides. Panties now long gone from the earlier round in the parking lot of the club. Her pussy so wet, so hot. Her clit, still swollen from the onslaught of pleasure he had provided her numerous times already that evening. But still wanting more. She licked her fingers and slowly traced circles around her clit. Watching him as he watched her. Needing to touch her, needing to feel the heat, the moisture, he starts to caress her slit. Instant currents of lightning flash through her body at the first touch of his flesh. She furiously rubs her clit as he begins to thrust his fingers inside her. Begging her to cum. Demanding her to cum for him. She squirts her hot liquid into his hand as he feels her tighten around his fingers, hears her moans of desire. Her body convulses, her pussy squeezing tighter with every quake rushing through her body. Feeling every wave with her. Watching her. Her body as it quivers and shakes. Her pussy swollen, enveloped in his hand. Her clit, so hard, so sensitive, so responsive to his touch as he taps it lightly dragging out the sensations of the orgasm exploding inside her. Slowly her pussy begins to relax. He pulls his finger out ever so slowly. Allowing her to release him, feeling every last ripple as it ebbs from her body. His cock rock hard now from this glorious scene laid out before him, he pulls her gently by her legs to the end of the table. He slides in with one fluid motion as he lifts her legs to his strong shoulders. Buried inside her to the base he holds himself there, feeling her pulsate, as the velvety walls of her pussy caress every vein of his cock. He begins to thrust, slowly. The head grazing her clit as he withdraws, balls pressed firmly against her hot ass as he buries himself again. In and out until her body tenses and starts to shake once again. The muscles in her legs tighten as her pussy squeezes him tightly. Hot liquid flows from her. Drenching his cock. His balls. He never stops thrusting. Taking her. Her pussy now tighter than any virgin he had ever felt. He feels it building as his cock begins to throb. She knows he is going to cum. She senses it, she feels it. She wants it. She begs him for it. He withdraws as she drops from the table to her knees just in time for the last and final strokes to be provided by her hot, wet mouth. Cock buried deep in her throat as she sucks and swallows with an intensity that causes his legs to weaken. Grasping him by the ass she holds him there. Deep in her throat until she Has taken from him everything. Hands traveling as she lightly caresses his balls. Feeling him quiver and shake as she lightly sucks the last remaining drops from him. Slowly she slides her mouth upward. Releasing all but the head. Tongue running slow, light circles around it as she kisses the last of the ripples of pleasure from his body. No longer able to stand he drops to the bench with her body collapsing into his lap. Arms wrap each other tightly as their lips meet in a kiss that is long...deep...and hot.