Saturday, July 30, 2005

A very good friend of mine and I have had many discussions on the subject of how to give a "proper" blow job. Although we have never had any sort of sex whatsoever, he jokes all the time that I should give his and all his friend's ladys a proper class on just how to do so. I figured I would work on my lesson plan tonight.

First of all, you do not simply suck a mans dick. You make love to him with your mouth. And you do not start with the dick. It is something that you work your way up to. It must be anticipated by both parties. Imagine him naked, lay before you on a bed. A buffet of erogenous zones just waiting to be feasted upon. Every man has his arousal points. The neck for instance. A small little bite, just enough to kinda hurt, but mostly feel good. Followed by soft, yet hot kisses, real kisses of the skin. Sucking in slightly to taste him, the unique flavor of his skin. Long , soft caresses down both his arms as you taste the exquisite flavor of his chest. A quick nibble of the ear lobe as you breathe the hottest, most seductive, I WANT YOU, breath in his ear. Your tongue travels down his chest as you fingertips are slightly tickling the skin on his legs from ankle to hip. Tenderly licking the crease in his skin where his pelvis meets his leg as your fingers are gently caressing his balls. You want him in your mouth at this point as badly as he wants to feel the hot wetness of your lips. You lightly lick the very tip, looking up at him. Watching him convulse as bolts of pleasure course like lightning through his veins from the hot , moist sensations of your tongue. Gently run your tongue around the entire crown. Feel it, taste it with your tongue. Run it down the entire underside of the shaft, stopping to suck the skin, tasting him at the very base, just above his balls. Hands are a must, but not on the cock. A hand job is a hand job, but a blow job is not. Hands are for caressing, touching, massaging and ticking all the sensitive areas of skin surrounding your main focus. Slowly you work your way back up his cock, sucking the skin into your mouth lightly as your lips part just enough to envelope the entire underside of his cock. All the way up. Feeling every vein with your tongue. Stopping just long enough to flick the very underside of the crown. Then sucking the entire head slowly between your lips. Don't go any further. Just suck the crown, lightly. Enough to taste it, feel it in your mouth. Mould your lips to it. Slowly suck more and more of him into your mouth as you move downward towards the base. Swallow. Feel your throat constrict around him as he writhes in pleasure below you. Hold him in your mouth, all of him. Them slowly begin to move. Up and down the shaft. Sucking, tasting, feeling, making love to him with your mouth. Hands still only caressing. Faster and harder the sucking becomes as the need to taste him, have him, starts to rush over you. Thrust him deep into your throat, swallowing with every thrust. Grasp him by the ass, force him farther into your mouth. Feel him begin to throb as the moment draws near, his body tensing, his breath ragged, his moans deep. Feel the heat as he fills you with him. Swallow as he is cumming, gently milk it from him. Feel him pulsating in your mouth, as the waves of euphoria crash through his body. Hold him there between your lips until the last of the shivers have left him. Hands still caressing, all the tender, electrified, spots. Prolonging the pleasure. When the last ripples of pleasure have ebbed from his body, slowly kiss your way back up. Again tasting, savoring the flavor of his now sweat tinged body. Licking, biting and sucking his neck as your work your way back up. Breathing the hottest of breath into his ear.

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