Friday, February 22, 2008

Nipples hard and overly sensitive,
The frigid air making them tight, hard.
The nerves screaming just below the surface,
Begging to be touched.
Begging to be pinched, pulled, bitten.
The warmth and strength of your body,
Radiates into me as you envelope me.
Your arms completely surround me.
You gently take a breast in each hand.
Your thumbs graze my flourishing buds,
Causing my body to shudder and push into yours,
Feeling your cock nestle gently between my cheeks.
Strong fingers grip tightly, taking possession.
The waves begin as small ripples.
Slowly as you twist and pull,
Begging my pleasure forth.
Until I am writhing in your arms.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Pink lace, moist with pleasure.

Fingers pressed into the material,
Pushing it into the wet folds.
Surrounding my clit in the delicate lace.

Moisture glistens on the intricate pattern.
Roses encased my sensitive bud.

Slowly the fingers rubbed the lace into me.
Tight circles that felt near torture.

An aching swelled deep inside.

Faster and harder the fingers worked,
As a pulsing fire engulfed me.

"Please", I begged, in ragged breath.

As two fingers found their way past the lace.
Dipping deep inside my liquid heat.

The moan I breathed was caught,
And breathed right back into me,
As I came all over your hand,
Wetting my pink lace panties.

And with your fingers still buried inside me,
You breathed the words, "Good girl."
Hot against my ear.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

My ass, held firmly in your hands.
My pussy, placed just where you desired.
I watched as you lost yourself in the pleasure.
I became a mere toy,
As you bounced me on your cock.
Lost in a private fantasy.
Swimming in the heat,
Splashing in the pleasure.
Taking what is yours.
Bathing us both,
In the liquids of lust.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The road was very long.
Twisting and turning through the mountains.
Headlights, mere fireflies in a darkness so overwhelming.
Mounds of earth protruding skyward,
Surrounded me.
And suddenly, I looked up.
The brightest sky I had ever seen,
Was being blocked by dirty glass.
Quickly, I deemed the situation an emergency,
And pulled over.
I jumped out into the darkness,
And let the sky overwhelm me.
More stars than I ever thought possible to inhabit one sky,
Twinkled before me.
I was in awe.
I felt very, very small.
I absorbed the moment,
Swore I'd never forget it,
And jumped back into the car.
Back onto the long dark road.
A mile down the road I realized,
My phone was no longer in my lap.
It did not anger me.
I could purchase a new one,
The view I had just witnessed,
Was well worth the price of admission.

You live in a beautiful state Percy.