Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The road was very long.
Twisting and turning through the mountains.
Headlights, mere fireflies in a darkness so overwhelming.
Mounds of earth protruding skyward,
Surrounded me.
And suddenly, I looked up.
The brightest sky I had ever seen,
Was being blocked by dirty glass.
Quickly, I deemed the situation an emergency,
And pulled over.
I jumped out into the darkness,
And let the sky overwhelm me.
More stars than I ever thought possible to inhabit one sky,
Twinkled before me.
I was in awe.
I felt very, very small.
I absorbed the moment,
Swore I'd never forget it,
And jumped back into the car.
Back onto the long dark road.
A mile down the road I realized,
My phone was no longer in my lap.
It did not anger me.
I could purchase a new one,
The view I had just witnessed,
Was well worth the price of admission.

You live in a beautiful state Percy.

1 comment:

Percy said...

my state was graced with your presence for a few hours...

we are blessed with your energy!