Sunday, March 23, 2008

His hand was gripped tightly
Around the handle of the dildo.
I was bent over,
Ass in the air.
Awaiting the assault.
He plunged in deeply.
Stoked me slowly.
His rhythm was perfect.
The cock was gently rubbing my g-spot.
My body shook with orgasm.
He continued to fuck me.
My mind drifted through the waves of pleasure.
He continued to fuck me.
Orgasm after orgasm,
Rolled violently through my body,
As he continued to fuck me.
Making me cum more than I ever have,
Using my favorite toy alone.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

My lover MUST have ice in his drink.

I have no need.

I like most of my beverages at room temp.

He brought a bag of ice over last night,

To replenish his depleted supply.

These were different.

They were cylinder shaped,

A hole though the center.

He declared upon discovery,

"Oh my, what have we here, my love."

"It seems that I have purchased,

A whole bag of new toys for you."

Monday, March 17, 2008

He held me cradled in his arms.
He called me baby girl.
He whispered sweet, wonderful things into my ear,
As his fingers strummed perfect circles
On my quivering, wanting clit,
The torture became divine
As I came from his ministrations.
Wetting the silky panties,
That denied my wanting clit
The heated touch of his velvet skin.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Daddy Fantasy

I wanted to call him daddy last night.
Wasn't sure how he would react.

Turns out he's has the same naughty fantasy...

His fingers pushed deep inside me,
Twisting and turning,
Exploring me.
More fingers,
Expanding me.
Stretching me.
Examining me.
Soft words dripped from his lips.
When his ears absorbed my telling moans,
Knowing I was on the edge,
He softly whispered,
"That's it, baby girl, cum real nice for daddy."

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Take notice as to how she guides her to THAT spot.

It starts at about 1:27 on the video.

Trust me...there really is such a spot.

And once you find THAT spot,
You become addicted.

You want no other orgasm.
He wants no other orgasm from you.

And then...

You wash more towels and sheets
Than you ever have in your entire lifetime.

But you do it with a devious smile on your face.

If video does not play, click here!