Sunday, January 29, 2006

Let me be your plaything, baby
Let my pussy be your favorite toy
My legs spread wide before you
All just for you and your cock to enjoy
Let me be your rag doll, baby
Fuck me rough, fuck me hard
Bend me to your liking
As you fuck me with no regard
Let me be your fuck toy, darling
Use my pussy as you please your cock
Soak yourself in rivers of my cum
A gateway to heaven, only you can unlock
Take me as your possession
As I give myself to you completely
Selfish desires fulfilled by this
As I feel you cum for me, so sweetly

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Happy Birthday and Welcome to your Fantasy
He had only told her that they would be going away. He wouldn't say to where. It was to be her birthday present. He was taking her away. A sort of kidnapping. Picking her up and whisking her away to an unknown destination. He would only give her tidbits of information. It was about an hour and 20 minutes away. North, South, East or West she had not been given. She would need something to wear for dinner and the rest of her wardrobe was optional, as he told her he planned on "ravishing" her body the rest of the time that they would be there. She had inadvertently found out the room was $300 a night. She was so shocked and flattered at the same time. Only one place came to mind and she was quickly told her guess was wrong.
The week seem to drag by as she awaited the day of her birthday present to begin. She kept herself busy deciding what lingerie to wear for her ravishing. She loved that he enjoyed the playfulness of just the right lingerie in just the right setting. She loved to set the tone of the evening for the mood that she was in. The colors co-coordinating with each mood. The seductiveness of blue, the passion and fire of red. It was killing her not to know where they were going. She had no idea the mood that would fit it. Was it some place romantic. Was it something exotic. She hated not knowing. So with the aide of recently acquired birthday money she had chosen three new outfits that would fit the three basic moods that a "ravishing" as he called it would fall into. She had found a romantic little pink nighty that had just the perfect amount of black lace trimming. It was so sweet looking with it's pale pink shade and the desirable sheerness of the fabric. Yet it had a slight sexiness to it as the black lace outlined her cleavage. She also liked the way the back of it was trimmed in lace. It created such eye candy she thought as she bent over, looking in the mirror, imagining his view as he pounded her from behind. her second outfit was a little more daring. A crotch less, black, rose accented, lace, see through body stocking that hugged her every curve, leaving nothing to the imagination. She had added a black lace neck piece that had three black feathers trailing down from it, floating just above her breasts. She had chosen a pair of gold clamp on nipple rings to add a little flair to it. He loves her nipples. He tells her all the time that they might just be the "world most perfect nipple". So she knew that he would love the slight kinkiness of the addition of the nipple rings. She had also found a hot little red dress. It was lacy, form fitting and very, very, short. It barely covered her ass, which she knew that he would love. It had a deeply v'ed chest that was laced with red satin cord, and it screamed "play with me". She knew he loved to play with her. He enjoyed toys as much as she did. He loved to place her on the bed, legs spread out before him, her pussy open to him. He enjoys watching her as he makes her cum over and over. He loves to push her to the extreme limits of pleasure using his fingers, his tongue, and a variety of his favorite toys. She had bought two new toys she knew he would love to go with this little outfit. So now she was ready. Set for any mood that this mystery place could set.
He picked her up at exactly the minute he said he would. Her birthday present had now begun. She watched as they turned North on the interstate, he relished in her desire to know. He playfully teased her the entire way there, slowly revealing tidbits of information. He told her what city they would be going to, he told her that they would be staying in the "Argentina Room" and nothing more. He brain was racing. She knew of no hotel in any city near them that was fancy enough to have named rooms. It was killing her as they pulled off the interstate and began to travel down the roads of this town. As they pulled down a quiet little road and came to a stop sign, he revealed to her that they would be staying in a bed and breakfast that catered to the fantasy. As they pulled up the driveway to the "Queen Anne Style Victorian house her mouth dropped open. It was so beautiful, so fantasy like. "Happy Birthday Baby" he said as they got out of the car and soaked in the quaint surroundings. She grabbed him and kissed him, thanking him for the wonderful birthday present. He only grinned as he told her, "Just wait until you see the room." They walked up to the door, holding hands. Her eyes were overloaded with the array of fantasy like colors all around her. The house had been painted to resemble something out of a fairy tale. The sweetest shades of pastels adorned every post and every banister. There were porches everywhere, dresses with big, beautiful, inviting pillows. And it only got more beautiful as they entered. Everything was set in such an exquisite fantasy like tone. They were escorted into the dining room, so elegant, the living room, so incredible. The voice of the kind woman showing them their way, a blur of words to her ears as the sights of each room left her awe struck. And finally, he grasped tightly to her hand as the lady unlocked the door to her dream. A birthday present of private fantasy.
As they walked into the "Argentina Room" their senses were assaulted with beauty. The kind woman gave them a tour of their room. Welcoming them to their fantasy as she pointed out the four poster king size bed that lay below a gorgeous bay window. Silky scarves hung romantically from each post, in the exotic shades of purple and green. A Jacuzzi bath was right in the bedroom, next to the bed, tucked away in a romantic little corner. The walls surrounding it painted in the colors of an exotic sunset, candles lighting the bath. A fireplace on the wall at the end of the bed, glowed with a romantic fire. And finally a stone tiled shower, with 10 showerheads in the exquisite Argentinean bathroom, ended their tour. She sweetly invited them to afternoon tea at 4pm before she left. She only giggled as they locked the door behind her when she left. Her fantasy had just begun, she was not going to be needing any afternoon tea.
And so the ravishing had begun. They made love in every imaginable way. Every outfit she brought fit the occasion. It was hot, it was romantic and it was playful. They made love on the bed in front of the roaring fire. They made love in the shower. He made her cum so many times she couldn't count in a hot bubble bath filled with toys. They woke up early in each others arms and made love as the first rays of light streamed through the window above their bed, only to doze off again in each other arms. And they made love once more with the sent of a gourmet breakfast wafting in the air, only to be followed by a warm and loving nap, in the warmth of the afternoon sun, on a blanket by a lake.
A fantasy you would only expect to read about in a romance novel had been her birthday present, for she is lucky enough to have a man that you only expect to read about in a romance novel.
Thank you my love, for a birthday present I will never forget, and thank you for being my real life "Prince Charming".

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Oh, how I love being on top of you. I love the sensation of your cock and the feel of you as you first penetrate me and slowly slide inside me. I love the feel of the head as it presses into me. The feel of my pussy as I encase you, and squeeze tightly to you, feeling every vein. I massage and caress you with the muscles of my pussy. Squeezing then releasing you in rhythm to the beat of my heart. Feeling you as you twitch and throb, buried deep inside me. Holding you within me. Feeling you there, as our bodies press tightly together and we inhale each others breath with sensuous kisses. I love to nibble and bite your neck, tasting you. Inhaling the very essence of you while you are buried deep inside me. I love feeling the lust build inside me as passion overtakes me. The feel of your cock sliding slowly out of me as I lift myself off of you, only to plunge you right back into my depths. I relish in the feel of your cock as it stands stiff and erect. I slowly begin to thrust my pussy up and down it's length. Squeezing tightly as I feel you impaling me. Using you for my pleasure. Grinding my clit roughly against the base of your cock, pushing myself to orgasm. Feeling you filling me as my pussy convulses and contracts around you. Feeling the wetness as it flows from my pussy, soaking you. Kissing you deeply as the shivers subside. And yet always wanting more. I move up onto my feet. I position my pussy directly over your stiff shaft and plunge myself downward, forcing you into my depths once more. I become lost in the pleasure. The world fades from view. There is only pleasure as I thrust harder and faster. Pounding you into me. I piston pump you until my body becomes stiff, every muscle tightening as my pussy spasms around your cock. Hot juices flow from me. Intense sensations flow through me as you push me further into state of complete bliss. You take over and force me to cum more as you thrust upward, plunging your cock into me at an animals pace. Juices flow freely from me as sensations of lightning flow through me. Desire overtakes me. I must feel you cum. I tighten the muscles of my pussy as I regain control and thrust you deep inside me. Pumping you. Massaging you. Giving you what you need. Milking your cock as I squeeze you harder and pump faster. Looking down upon you as I thrust you onward, watching as your eyes roll slowing into the back of your head. Your mouth opens to moan in ecstasy as I encase your lips with mine, feeding on your pleasure. Feeling your body stiffen as your muscles contact. Watching you as you are helpless to stop it...I make you cum.