Saturday, January 14, 2006

Oh, how I love being on top of you. I love the sensation of your cock and the feel of you as you first penetrate me and slowly slide inside me. I love the feel of the head as it presses into me. The feel of my pussy as I encase you, and squeeze tightly to you, feeling every vein. I massage and caress you with the muscles of my pussy. Squeezing then releasing you in rhythm to the beat of my heart. Feeling you as you twitch and throb, buried deep inside me. Holding you within me. Feeling you there, as our bodies press tightly together and we inhale each others breath with sensuous kisses. I love to nibble and bite your neck, tasting you. Inhaling the very essence of you while you are buried deep inside me. I love feeling the lust build inside me as passion overtakes me. The feel of your cock sliding slowly out of me as I lift myself off of you, only to plunge you right back into my depths. I relish in the feel of your cock as it stands stiff and erect. I slowly begin to thrust my pussy up and down it's length. Squeezing tightly as I feel you impaling me. Using you for my pleasure. Grinding my clit roughly against the base of your cock, pushing myself to orgasm. Feeling you filling me as my pussy convulses and contracts around you. Feeling the wetness as it flows from my pussy, soaking you. Kissing you deeply as the shivers subside. And yet always wanting more. I move up onto my feet. I position my pussy directly over your stiff shaft and plunge myself downward, forcing you into my depths once more. I become lost in the pleasure. The world fades from view. There is only pleasure as I thrust harder and faster. Pounding you into me. I piston pump you until my body becomes stiff, every muscle tightening as my pussy spasms around your cock. Hot juices flow from me. Intense sensations flow through me as you push me further into state of complete bliss. You take over and force me to cum more as you thrust upward, plunging your cock into me at an animals pace. Juices flow freely from me as sensations of lightning flow through me. Desire overtakes me. I must feel you cum. I tighten the muscles of my pussy as I regain control and thrust you deep inside me. Pumping you. Massaging you. Giving you what you need. Milking your cock as I squeeze you harder and pump faster. Looking down upon you as I thrust you onward, watching as your eyes roll slowing into the back of your head. Your mouth opens to moan in ecstasy as I encase your lips with mine, feeding on your pleasure. Feeling your body stiffen as your muscles contact. Watching you as you are helpless to stop it...I make you cum.

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