Sunday, April 27, 2008

Another naughty little girl fantasy.

And this is what he said...

"You look so pretty baby."
"Turn around for me."
"Oh, that's nice, baby."
"Now lift it up."
"Oh my, what pretty panties, baby."
"Such a good girl."
"You know I like those, don't you baby?"
"Bend over, sweetheart."
"Very good, my love."
"Now pull them aside for me baby so I can see."
"No, don't take them off."
"Just pull them aside"
"Very good, baby."
"Oh, look how wet."
"Touch it for me, baby, touch it."
"That's right baby-girl, get your fingers all wet."
"Make sure those panties get wet too, baby."
"Good girl."
"Now fuck it for me."
"Fuck it with your fingers."
"Good baby."
"Look at how wet, baby."
"You want some cock now don't you baby?"
"Very nice."
"'Now hold still for me, my love."
'Let me fuck that sweet pussy for a little while."