Monday, July 31, 2006

Bathing in Erotic Emotions

Have you ever been bathed in a woman?
Drenched, by her, to your very core?
The very essence of her, soaked into your skin
In a pool of lust, you have ripped from her core?

Have you ever been bathed in a woman?
Showered in her stream of lust?
Had desire splashed on your skin?
Taken more with every thrust?

Have you ever been bathed in a woman?
Lie naked in her pool of devotion?
Felt the love pouring from her very core,
Drenching you in the liquid, erotic emotion?
I left you today with wet panties.
I wanted so badly to soak my sheets with you tonight.
To feel the awesome feelings
Of lightning in my veins
While a river gushes below us
To feel your cock invading me
Holding me prisoner to the pleasure
Causing the world around me to blur
As instantly the lightning strikes
And a moan becomes a scream
A scream begging for more
Forever twisting, forever turning
They become your little toys
You suck them, you nibble them
You bite
The feelings are insane
Your cock never releasing my pussy
From your prison of erotic pleasure
As our bodies fuse and become one
And we drown in liquid treasure

Sunday, July 30, 2006

When we make love...

Lips meet.
Flavored is the kiss.
Flesh begins to sing,
At the very first touch.
Hands roam.
Passion felt in fingertips.
Moisture gathers with the lust.
Hard is your want.
Insatiable is the desire.
In one fluid motion,
We become one.
We ride the waves together.
Our bodies flowing into one another.
Swell after swell of desire crashes over us.
Our mouths drink in the lust.
Our bodies melt together as one.
Saturated in the fire.
Clinging tightly to one another.
Feeling the heat as one,
Until the last embers
Have ceased their glow.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Adam pointed out I seem to use the term "liquid lust" quite often. I was glad to see he didn't view it as overused. Most of what I write is about lust. The pure wants and needs of lust.

I view lust as a liquid.

A liquid that can drench you to your very core.

A liquid so powerful that if you are not careful...

You could ultimately drown in.

Liquid Desire

Lust is the liquid of desire.
The wetness of a kiss.
The moisture from the heat of another's breath.
The liquid taste of another's mouth.
The sweat beading on your skin
In the heat of passion,
There is no greater lust than liquid.
Two wet bodies, blazing with fire.
For without the liquidity of lust,
We are left with, dry desire.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Just a kiss.

Our lips meet.
So tender are the first greetings of our tongues.
Savoring the very flavor of you.
Licking gently into your mouth.
I explore you.
Taste your passions.
Consume your lust.
Your lips.
So full, so sweet.
I gently pull them into my mouth.
Savoring their flavor.
Sucking from them, my nourishment.
I taste the desire.
As the very favor of you,
Becomes the desire.
Our mouths feed on one another.
Savoring the flavor.
Our tongues dance to an unheard song.
A soft moan, a moan of simple want
Escapes our lips
As the kiss deepens.
The heat of breath.
The liquid lust of the desire.
We are intoxicated by the flavor.
Our bodies, feel the need.
The need
To have more.
The need
To become one.
All from just a kiss.
When you look at me,
Who is it that you see?
I am so many people,
And they all consist of me.

Do you see the adoring mother,
I strive each day to be?
The woman who would give her life,
To provide her child eternal safety.

Or do you see the child herself,
That still lives within my heart?
The little girl who is sometimes scared.
The girl who loves life, each and every part.

Or do you see the woman,
Who's heart is full of desire?
A woman who wants and needs.
A woman who emits fire.

For there are so many people,
That make up the person that I am,
I wonder when you look at me,
Do you see who I think I am?

Do you see my honesty?
Do you see the values I treasure?
Do you know that happiness and love,
Are things I think you cannot measure?

Do you know how much I love my mother?
Do you know what real friendship means to me?
When you look at me, I wonder,
Who is it that you see?

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

What words can I use, for none can describe,
An undefinable moment in time.
The feeling when we connect, when we become love.
A feeling beyond sublime.
The world becomes a sphere, of you and I.
There are no other sounds.
The breath of us, the liquid of lust.
My heart beat, as it pounds.
Surrounded in the perfection.
Nothing that this world lacks.
Heat felt in touch. Fire in your breath.
The desire beading on our backs.
The feeling continues.
Our bodies unselfishly giving to one another.
Riding the waves of passion,
In a world undefinable, unlike any other.
Connected in a world of love.
Connected in a world of lust.
Exhausted we collapse and fall into each other.
And fall back into a world, a world that is completely unjust.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Will you still love me when my life is boring?
Will you still love me when the dullness, set free?
When chaos no longer reigns in my world,
When all that is left is me?

Will your arms still want to hold me,
When I no longer need to be protected?
When all that is left is I,
Will our souls still be connected.

Will ours eyes still speak?
Will our lips still meet?
When the chaos is gone,
And all that is left is me?

Monday, July 24, 2006


Reminders of the evening.
Souvenirs of the lust.
The tingling pain in my nipples.
Swollen. Red. Robust.
Screaming at the touch of fabric.
Loud rebellion as they are contained.
Pain. Pleasure. So closely entwined.
The fascination now explained.
Hours later they still provide,
Pleasure in my head.
The tingling pain in my nipples.
Slightly swollen, still bright red.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Cascading is the lust.
So powerful are the waves.
Caught up in a flowing river.
Desire is what she craves.
Hold me spread before you.
Take from me, what you've needed.
A slave to all your pleasures.
All your fantasies exceeded.
Blurred becomes the line between,
What is taken and what is given.
The flow of passion continues on.
Pain and pleasure driven.
The air is thick with moans.
Sheets absorb desire.
Never ending is my wetness.
Un extinguished is your fire.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

This poem is dedicated to all of my new found friends in the blogger world.

Your words feed my passion.
Your words feed my mind.

Welcome to our escape

Reality is the place we live in.
Fantasy, a place we choose to reside.
Unending bliss, encounters with sex.
On virtual pages we confide.
We share this world with others.
We fall in love with the dreams.
Explicit words sewn together,
Painting the erotic scenes.
Thriving is the duel passion,
Of words and blissful lust.
Thriving is the world of fantasy,
When reality is too unjust.
Molten Daydreams

The sweet taste of honey oozes from me.
Dripping from my swollen, pink and puffy lips.
Where my fingers have violated me completely.
Matching the synch of my upward thrusting hips.
In my dreams, your hands were my captures.
Searching my body for liquid treasure.
Spilling forth, in flowing, lust filled waves,
A molten heat of undefinable pleasure.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Feasting On Imagination

My mouth waters with delicious thoughts of you
The taste of your lips, the flavor of your sigh
The tingle of the salt that flavors your skin
My mind seasons my tongue in endless supply
An insatiable hunger, satisfied and quenched
By the wondrous feast your body provides
Mouth watering delights savored in imagination
Where along your skin, my tongue slowly glides

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Unquenchable Thirst

Gasping for air, unable to swallow
Drowning in a pool of liquid lust
The tide increasing, the flow unending
Spurting forth with every thrust
Our bodies drenched in a cascading desire
Rippled with lust, splashed in pleasure
Trying to quench an unquenchable thirst,
Bathing in a passion, beyond imaginable measure.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Pardon the shift from this mornings mood, but this was what the day inspired me to compose.

Seeing the Rainbow

Storm clouds are so powerful, they can quickly darken a sunny, blue skied day.
They can make the most beautiful of life seem very plain and very gray.
But once the storm has past and all the world is aglow with sunshine again,
The simplest of things seems even more beautiful, as droplets of light, reflect colors from within.
Everything looks bright and wonderful. Like life has been restored.
Causing you to wonder was there purpose to the storms.
Do we get so used to seeing things so beautiful that their beauty seems to fade?
That maybe without the help of storms and their darkening clouds of gray.
We would forget what a colorful, bright, cheery world that we live in.
We would forget to enjoy life's wonders and her beauty and all of her bouquet.
Feed Me

A hunger for you drives me.
It aches inside me to be fed.
Devouring you completely,
As you guide my eager head.

My mouth plunges downward.
As your cock twitches with desire.
Saliva dripping, balls pulls tight,
Feed me with your fire.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The taste of my cum, sweet on your lips,
As you slide up my body to kiss me.
My pussy on fire, as it quivers and shakes,
Convulsing around you, you slowly slide in me.
Our bodies pressed together tightly.
Mouths engaged. Your lips, I suck.
Between my legs your cock invades me,
I squirt you in rivers, as slowly we fuck
The flavor of your moans changes with desire.
I feel your cock swelling, twitching with heat.
In a moment, it happens, we shower each other,
Then collapse in a pool on the well soaked sheet.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Pink petals warm and dewy,
Just begging to be touched.
Clean sheets below my fingers,
Begging to be clutched.
My sweet aroma calling you,
Begging you to taste.
I watch your eyes drink me in,
As you slide below my waist.
Your lips engulf my skin.
Teeth nibble at my flesh.
Mouth open wide, tongue inside,
Our lips together mesh.
My pussy sings into your mouth.
Eyes roll into my head.
The world goes black, there is no sound.
Legs held tight and widely spread.
You force me to endure the pleasure.
A scream escapes my lips.
Pleasure floods into your mouth.
You hold me captive by the hips.
You devour my sweet nectar.
Forever drinking, wanting more.
Legs spread wide, I am your yours.
Your willing little whore.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Progressive Needs

The air around me changes,
When you enter into the room.
I feel the warmth of your heart.
Your skin emits it's own perfume.

Breathing you in I feel nourished,
Yet my body responds with need.
A need to feel your skin against me.
An insatiable hunger that I must feed.

Flesh pressed together tightly,
Only increases the yearning.
A need to have you deep inside me.
A fire within me burning.

Bodies become one in an instant.
The final urge wells up inside.
The need to feel you cum.
The need to feel you satisfied

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Insatiable Beyond Belief

Completely yours to have and touch
Yours to violate
Legs spread wide, inviting touch
A lust beyond equate
Nipples tight and standing pert
Begging to be bitten
Wetness felt, you hear me purr
While stroking my sweet kitten
Teeth nibble, then bite down
Clamping tightly to my bud
Fingers probing ever deeper
Bringing on a mighty flood
A cock replaces fingers
Clips, adorned with silver chains
Hold tender little prisoners
While between my legs, it rains
A shock akin to lighting
Radiates from my very core
Legs spread wide, inviting you
Begging you for more
Insatiable beyond belief
In a pool of lust you wade
As pain akin to pleasure
Sparks a violent new cascade
Never stopping, wanting more
A night not deemed complete
Until I am lying, gasping, unable to swallow
Spent and drooling, on a well soaked sheet

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Long Day's End

The sun ultimately surrendered to the awaiting horizon
A blood red shade of crimson still smolders in the sky
The close of day has come upon me in an instant
As I drown in countless questions, of unanswered, why?

Darkness will soon consume the fading glow of twilight
As the quiet of the night takes me gently by the hand
Confronting past decisions, standing darkened by their shadows
Awaiting light of dawn, when a new day will take command

A day that is completely uncharted, no writing on it's pages
A day that is awaiting, my vivid brushstrokes made in ink
Mine to write the words upon. A new story in the making
Sunshine soon will break the horizon and I will be standing on the brink

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

If you could have only seen...

Tonight if you had sat on the end of my bed
Oh the things you would have seen
Things were vibrating, batteries put to the test
Sexual acts that border-lined the obscene

Dirty thoughts of you raced through my mind
I felt your hot breath as you whispered in my ear
I felt your hands gripping my ass tightly
As you fucked me from the rear

With my face pressed in the pillows
I let out a lust filled scream
Your cock was plunging ever deeper
My pussy squirted you full stream

Always wanting more, I then lie on my back
With my legs spread open wide
Fingers ravished my well fucked slit
Then your cock was plunged inside

You fucked me rough, you fucked me hard
Your rubbed my clit until it glowed
Then once again you plunged me deep
And around your cock, a river flowed

You fucked me until my pussy quivered and shook
Until the sheets were soaked right through
Oh, my love, the things you would have only seen
Had you seen the sex, my mind, just had with you

Monday, July 10, 2006

Mindful Worship

My mind is engulfed, surrounded by thoughts
Of dirty, nasty, kinky things.
The thoughts keep flowing through my mind
Oh, the pleasure that it brings
Vibrations felt, my pussy squirts.
Fingers roaming everywhere.
Teeth clenching nipples ever tighter
Your hands pulling at my hair
Clamps and pins and chains and lace
The things that we won't try
Forever seeking to give more pleasure
A louder moan, a deeper sigh
Completely addicted to the exotic feelings
Of the lust driven intoxication
Beyond imagination of any fantasy concocted
Such stimulating masturbation
Forever seeking the higher high
Two perverts on a quest
Nearly drowning in waves of lust
By worshiping the nipples, upon the breast.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Hearts Asunder, Feeling Whole.

Whether we are near or far,
Eyes both gazing at the same moon.
Whether separated by inches or miles,
Hearts both beating the same tune.
A closeness no distance could separate.
Bond together, sharing one soul.
Hearts entwined, have become one.
Feeling loved, feeling whole.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Experimenting With Taboo

The perfect set of dark pink nipples,
Standing tall, eraser size.
When attended to with proper touch
Will yield to you a luscious prize.

The slight twinge of pain as you bite
Sends shivers into her core.
Fingers squeezing ever tighter.
The river flowing, more and more.

Lightning flashes, the clamp bares down.
Such exquisite sensation.
Pouring forth in gushing waves,
A lust beyond imagination.

Teeth pull back, the chain grows taunt.
Flames erupt inside her head.
The river continues over flowing.
The wetness now has spread.

A constant sensation with no escape.
Her eyes beg you like a slave's.
Searing pleasure as the clamp slips free,
Surging forth in constant waves.

Collapsing down upon your chest
You feel them pressed against you.
Unheard of pleasure has been yours,
Experimenting with taboo.
If you want to see fireworks this 4th of July...invest in some nice nipple clamps!!!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

My idea of the perfect man...

A man that makes me laugh. A man who holds me when I cry. A man who kisses my soul, his mouth literally nourishes me. His arms around me make me feel safe from the world. His skin against mine creates a fire. The intensity of pure desire between us, would be undefinable with mere words. Knowing that my heart is safe with him. A man who would sing Brooks and Dunn songs to me and mean every word.

Yes... my friends, that would be perfect.