Thursday, July 13, 2006

Insatiable Beyond Belief

Completely yours to have and touch
Yours to violate
Legs spread wide, inviting touch
A lust beyond equate
Nipples tight and standing pert
Begging to be bitten
Wetness felt, you hear me purr
While stroking my sweet kitten
Teeth nibble, then bite down
Clamping tightly to my bud
Fingers probing ever deeper
Bringing on a mighty flood
A cock replaces fingers
Clips, adorned with silver chains
Hold tender little prisoners
While between my legs, it rains
A shock akin to lighting
Radiates from my very core
Legs spread wide, inviting you
Begging you for more
Insatiable beyond belief
In a pool of lust you wade
As pain akin to pleasure
Sparks a violent new cascade
Never stopping, wanting more
A night not deemed complete
Until I am lying, gasping, unable to swallow
Spent and drooling, on a well soaked sheet


Brandy said...

Hey Mike, I miss ya!

Stop being such a stranger.
I won't bite. I promise.

Anonymous said...

You don't bite anymore, that's the problem. Life is too busy.

Spirit said...

Amazing imagery here ...lingering lust ..