Monday, July 17, 2006

Pink petals warm and dewy,
Just begging to be touched.
Clean sheets below my fingers,
Begging to be clutched.
My sweet aroma calling you,
Begging you to taste.
I watch your eyes drink me in,
As you slide below my waist.
Your lips engulf my skin.
Teeth nibble at my flesh.
Mouth open wide, tongue inside,
Our lips together mesh.
My pussy sings into your mouth.
Eyes roll into my head.
The world goes black, there is no sound.
Legs held tight and widely spread.
You force me to endure the pleasure.
A scream escapes my lips.
Pleasure floods into your mouth.
You hold me captive by the hips.
You devour my sweet nectar.
Forever drinking, wanting more.
Legs spread wide, I am your yours.
Your willing little whore.


Ryder said...

Very strong images I am left with.
Well Done. And thanks fro dropping by.

Spirit said...

Very glad I found you ...your words are enticing ...

I would like to link to you ..
With your permission of course.

Brandy said...

I would love the link. And thank you for your kind words.

Spirit said...

Thank you ...up and running