Friday, July 28, 2006

Adam pointed out I seem to use the term "liquid lust" quite often. I was glad to see he didn't view it as overused. Most of what I write is about lust. The pure wants and needs of lust.

I view lust as a liquid.

A liquid that can drench you to your very core.

A liquid so powerful that if you are not careful...

You could ultimately drown in.

Liquid Desire

Lust is the liquid of desire.
The wetness of a kiss.
The moisture from the heat of another's breath.
The liquid taste of another's mouth.
The sweat beading on your skin
In the heat of passion,
There is no greater lust than liquid.
Two wet bodies, blazing with fire.
For without the liquidity of lust,
We are left with, dry desire.


Ryder said...

it is as liquid as it can be. It is -

as liquid as your writing. Use it, for it is what you feel.

Spirit said...

I agree ...the lust you create incredible ...leaves me ...wanting

adam said...

I'll never get tired of seeing those two words--"liquid lust."

They are a perfect usage, for the desire & passion, you depict in you poetry.

Keep that, always, in your heart & mind...

...because, it is something that is never over-used; and, something uniquely yours.


Brandy said...

Thank you gentlemen.