Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Pardon the shift from this mornings mood, but this was what the day inspired me to compose.

Seeing the Rainbow

Storm clouds are so powerful, they can quickly darken a sunny, blue skied day.
They can make the most beautiful of life seem very plain and very gray.
But once the storm has past and all the world is aglow with sunshine again,
The simplest of things seems even more beautiful, as droplets of light, reflect colors from within.
Everything looks bright and wonderful. Like life has been restored.
Causing you to wonder was there purpose to the storms.
Do we get so used to seeing things so beautiful that their beauty seems to fade?
That maybe without the help of storms and their darkening clouds of gray.
We would forget what a colorful, bright, cheery world that we live in.
We would forget to enjoy life's wonders and her beauty and all of her bouquet.


Spirit said...

The storm releases the light that shines down on the bouquet we often fail to see ...
A nice change. Well done!

DevilBlueDress said...

Storms and rainbows. Light and dark. Part of the world. Life.
Such an incredibly beautiful peace.

Would you send it to me? I would like to keep it in a collection of poems that I have - with true authorship if you would allow. That I will not identify on the blog. Incredible. Special. Thank you.

gia said...

Stormy weather is my favorite because of the energy. Those dark clouds ready to burst at any given moment, the crackle of thunder and the electricity. It makes me tingle and feel alive. But you can never forget the moments when it passes through and the rays of light begin to shimmer, finding a rainbow and the colors seem to brighten, to flourish. Reading this makes me appreciate them all the more. Thank you for sharing. :)