Tuesday, July 11, 2006

If you could have only seen...

Tonight if you had sat on the end of my bed
Oh the things you would have seen
Things were vibrating, batteries put to the test
Sexual acts that border-lined the obscene

Dirty thoughts of you raced through my mind
I felt your hot breath as you whispered in my ear
I felt your hands gripping my ass tightly
As you fucked me from the rear

With my face pressed in the pillows
I let out a lust filled scream
Your cock was plunging ever deeper
My pussy squirted you full stream

Always wanting more, I then lie on my back
With my legs spread open wide
Fingers ravished my well fucked slit
Then your cock was plunged inside

You fucked me rough, you fucked me hard
Your rubbed my clit until it glowed
Then once again you plunged me deep
And around your cock, a river flowed

You fucked me until my pussy quivered and shook
Until the sheets were soaked right through
Oh, my love, the things you would have only seen
Had you seen the sex, my mind, just had with you

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