Monday, July 31, 2006

I left you today with wet panties.
I wanted so badly to soak my sheets with you tonight.
To feel the awesome feelings
Of lightning in my veins
While a river gushes below us
To feel your cock invading me
Holding me prisoner to the pleasure
Causing the world around me to blur
As instantly the lightning strikes
And a moan becomes a scream
A scream begging for more
Forever twisting, forever turning
They become your little toys
You suck them, you nibble them
You bite
The feelings are insane
Your cock never releasing my pussy
From your prison of erotic pleasure
As our bodies fuse and become one
And we drown in liquid treasure


Spirit said...

The lock I have on my office door such a welcome device that I have discovered your blog.

Ryder said...

It is always nice to be held prisoner.
equally it is nice to hold one in such a state. Your words always flow.

Polyman2 said...

...and all that's left
is the stains on the sheets...

adam said...

This one brought a knowing smile to my face.

The intensity of your words, and their openness, flowed beautifully;
effortlessly, towards, that "treasure."

Loved this one, Brandy.