Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The taste of my cum, sweet on your lips,
As you slide up my body to kiss me.
My pussy on fire, as it quivers and shakes,
Convulsing around you, you slowly slide in me.
Our bodies pressed together tightly.
Mouths engaged. Your lips, I suck.
Between my legs your cock invades me,
I squirt you in rivers, as slowly we fuck
The flavor of your moans changes with desire.
I feel your cock swelling, twitching with heat.
In a moment, it happens, we shower each other,
Then collapse in a pool on the well soaked sheet.


Spirit said...

Great way to start off my day ...wonderful image ...intense

Ryder said...

Luscious. Drips with heat. Well done!

Nice to see spirit made it by!

DevilBlueDress said...

Beautifully written..
And I see some friends are here!

She Can Not Say said...


gia said...

Makes me think of a time shared with one. Brings back the sensations and emotions and.. everything. Very well done!